Trying To Sell Your Furniture? How To Get the Best Price

The need to sell your furniture can result from several situations, including downsizing to a smaller home, getting rid of furniture sitting in storage, or sprucing up your home. Whatever your reason, here is how you can sell your furniture at a great price.

Take Great Pictures

To sell your furniture for a great price, you need to take great pictures for your furniture sale listing. To do this, ensure that you have good lighting and take pictures of your furniture from different angles. Poorly lit pictures can make your furniture look dull and unappealing, while good lighting can make your furniture look bright and attractive. Showcasing your furniture from different angles is also important as it helps potential buyers see all aspects of the furniture.

Only Show What You Are Selling

When looking to sell furniture, only show pictures of the pieces you want to sell. Do not confuse potential buyers by showing them a full dining room set if you are only selling the chairs. Ensure that your pictures clearly display which items are for sale. 

Keep Your Descriptions Simple

Simple descriptions can help you sell furniture. You do not need to blabber about how much you loved the piece or how your family spent hours on it watching TV. Only cover the basics, including the year you bought the furniture, the brand of the furniture, whether any pets were allowed on the furniture and how much wear and tear the furniture has.

If you are honest and straightforward about your offer, buyers may feel more comfortable purchasing furniture from you.

Tell the Story Behind Your Furniture

You can make your listing rich with details by letting potential buyers know the color, material, style, and dimensions of your furniture.

Was your furniture made by a popular brand or a local craft maker with a keen eye for detail? Include these details in your listing as some buyers prefer one manufacturer over the other.

Is your furniture a treasured family heirloom or a high-value piece? Attach pictures that show proof of authenticity, like your purchase receipt or the furniture’s label.

Telling your furniture’s story can increase its perceived value so that you can sell it for a great price.

Be Honest About Your Furniture’s Condition

You cannot sell furniture by lying about its condition because once the buyer sees the furniture’s true condition, you will not make a sale.

It is normal for furniture to suffer wear and tear. Be open enough to share pictures and details of any dents, stains, scratches, or tears. Buyers want to know what they are getting beforehand, and your honesty will help them do just that.

Check the Competition

Before you sell furniture, you need to find out how much similar pieces are priced. You can do this by visiting local furniture stores, local thrift stores, looking at classified ads in local newspapers, or looking online at auctions.

Once you determine the price of similar pieces, you can set the price of your furniture at par with or slightly below the competition.

Before you Sell Furniture, Ensure that You Set a Fair Price

If you bought the furniture you are selling; you know how much it is worth. Unlike cars, furniture does not depreciate when you load into a container or truck and transport it to your home. However, most buyers are not willing to cough up large sums of money for used furniture, so be flexible enough to set the price slightly lower than what you initially paid.

Be Ready To Negotiate

You have just set a price that you think is fair; however, the first offer you get is $30 less. What should you do? If you still have a few weeks before you move or your home renovation project begins, you can wait to see if you can get an offer that is closer to your asking price. But, if your goal is to do away with the furniture as soon as possible, $30 less than what you want is not that big of a deal.

Sell Your Furniture With Ease

When trying to sell your furniture, it is important to take great pictures of the pieces you are selling and keep your descriptions simple and rich in detail. You also need to be honest about your furniture’s condition, set your price around how similar items have been priced, and be willing to negotiate because while you want the best price for your furniture, the buyer is looking for a good deal. Selling your furniture does not have to be a challenge, and with these tips, you can ease through the process.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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