Trendy Leather Bands for Apple Watch: Leather Loop, Modern Buckle, and More

A leather band is usually considered as a formal accessory, but modern bands are stylish pieces that can be used to provide both a formal and informal look to your watch. From Apple Watch leather buckle to leather cuffs, there are plenty of options in the modern market. Learn which is apt for what kinds of occasions and where to buy them at a low price!

If you are bored with your Apple Watch’s rubber strap, here is the good news: You can replace it with stylish, attractive, and comfortable bands. There are plenty of band options, ranging from solo loops to leather bands and Milanese loop. If you want a band to get a formal look, invest in a black leather Apple Watch band.

Apart from that, you can get a leather band for an informal appearance. Unlike traditional leather watch straps, modern leather watch bands in Australia for the Apple Watch are stylish accessories that feature attractive designs and come in plenty of colours to elevate your watch-wearing experience.

Here are some trendy leather bands to buy for a formal and informal look:

●    Modern Buckle

As the name suggests, it is a contemporary interpretation of the standard leather buckle. A modern buckle is both decent and stylish. Made of quality leather, a top-notch strap comes with smooth top-grain leather that offers a refined texture to the piece. In addition, it features a Vectran weave inner layer for extra strength. To secure the watch efficiently around the wrist, there is a two-piece magnetic closure, which makes it easy to wear/remove and adjust the watch.

You can buy a modern buckle in plenty of classic and bold colours. Pick one considering an occasion and your choice.

●    Leather Loop

Those looking for something unique in a leather band should go with this option. It is a beautiful, durable, and cost-effective leather loop that helps you achieve a fit and trim look around your wrist. A leather loop is made of soft leather and goes through a milling and tumbling process, which provides the loop its iconic pebbled texture. The band’s leather is equipped with magnets to secure the watch around the wrist.

This leather Apple Watch band in Australia can cost as low as AUD 59 at a good third-party store. In addition, you can choose your loop from plenty of colour options.

●    Single Tour Leather

If you are searching for an iconic statement piece, buy a single tour leather band. Made of smooth leather, the strap features visible stitching, which provides an equestrian feel. Also, there is a simple and widely-used closure to secure the watch.

Similar to other Apple Watch bands, a single tour leather strap is available in many exciting colours. You can choose classic options like black and white for a formal look, while bold colours such as capucine and bambou for a chic appearance.

●    Tapered Leather Buckle

It is one of the most popular leather watch bands in Australia for its dramatic two-tone look. Crafted from calf leather, it is slightly tapered and features colour-matched edge stitching. Also, the buckle features a stainless-steel square buckle to quickly wear and remove the watch.

At a reputed third-party supplier, you can buy a tapered leather buckled in several colours, size options, and a perfect fit.

Conclusion The Apple Watch band world is gigantic yet fascinating. You can get leather bands for both formal and informal occasions. Whether buying an Apple Watch leather buckle or a tapered leather buckle, pick a colour that suits your personality and the occasion.

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