Treatments to Help You Get That Perfect Summer Body

It’s never too early to start preparing for the summer. This mentality is super important because so many of us put off getting our bodies ready for all those fun summer activities, that by the time the season arrives, we are nowhere near our goal. With that in mind, modern cosmetic treatments have a few solutions in helping you get your body prepared for the summer. Plastic surgery practices all around the country, such as Manhattan’s Skingenity plastic surgery, have helped countless clients get their bodies ready to hit the beach.

What makes these treatments so special is that they work quite well and bring out results that visibly improve various features and accentuate all the right curves and contours. Whether it is fat freezing some extra layers off your hips or Sculptra for buttocks enhancement; these are some of the most advanced cosmetic treatments on the market and will get you the perfect summer body. 

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One of the best ways to burn away fat and make your body leaner is through regular exercise and proper dieting. These are the ingredients to not only a great figure but also a healthy lifestyle that will keep you looking fresh for years to come. Fat freezing is a very versatile cosmetic treatment that is capable of reducing fat in a wide range of areas of the body.

From love handles to the layers of fat on the back, fat freezing melts fat away through a non-invasive procedure that does not pierce the skin at any point. What makes the treatment work are the special applicators which are placed on designated areas of the body. They are special metal pads that can be controlled to produce temperatures cold enough to activate apoptosis within the fat cells.

Apoptosis is a naturally programmed sequence in fat cells which dictates that they should self-destruct when they come into contact with cold temperatures for long enough. It takes 30 to 40 minutes of exposure to 11 degrees Fahrenheit or -11 degrees Celsius for apoptosis to begin. Once it starts, the fat cells slowly shrivel up and die out one by one as they get absorbed into the body. With each fat cell that dies, that area of the body becomes leaner and visibly sculpted. Clinical studies have shown Coolsculpting to be effective with minimal side effects and no downtime and can be found by visiting this website

It will take a total of 6 months for the treatment to fully work and sculpt the body to perfection. And while this does seem like a long time, you will be pleased to know that the change is gradual but very much apparent. Every time you look in the mirror you will notice that your body has gone through some changes and the treatment has worked. 

Whether you freeze love handles or take a little fat off your waist, this treatment can work wonders and has proven to be a very effective way of fat reduction.

Sculptra Injections

While having a sculpted figure is always great, how about some curves? Curvy figures have been all the rage these recent years. You will see many celebrities with those gorgeous curves that give their body so much character. But don’t be fixated on looking like your favorite movie star. Curves have nothing to do with being famous; it’s all a matter of having a figure that you consider to be perfect.

Sculptra injections can help you in this regard. Thanks to a special compound that is injected into key areas of the posterior, the treatment can add some much-needed volume to flat buttocks. This added volume does not look artificial or unnatural. In fact, thanks to the advanced compound and as well as the careful technique of the practitioner, the buttocks will look completely natural after the treatment. Click here to see what the results look like after Scuptra butt lift and to determine whether you are a candidate for this procedure.  

Not only that, but Sculptra is also famous for lasting a very long time. The results of the treatment will serve you for years to come, with most patients seeing a maintenance of volume up to three years after the initial treatment. This means once you get treated with Sculptra you won’t have to get treated again for a very long time. No having to reschedule important meetings or events to go to the clinic. Just a few injections and a procedure that takes no longer than an hour and you’re set for up to 2 years.

Cooltone Muscle Toning

Don’t confuse this treatment with Coolsculpting. While the latter works by reducing fat cells through fat freezing, Cooltone enhances the look of muscles, making them stronger and more toned. 

Muscles are typically trained through physical exercise, dieting, and living a generally healthy lifestyle. This is by far the most natural and effective way to get excellent results, but it can take months of arduous work to achieve. It would be great if all of us could spare the time to dedicate to our wellbeing and fitness, but not everyone has this opportunity, unfortunately.

Enter Cooltone which offers an effective shortcut to those looking for an easier way out in their journey to reach that toned and muscular physique. Using magnetic muscle contraction technology, the Cooltone applicators cause the muscles to rapidly contract. This is equal to doing a thousand reps of an exercise in a fraction of the time it would take to do them naturally. 

Essentially, you are causing the muscles to contract without having to do any of the physical labor. This gives them the same amount of exercise that would take you weeks of work to achieve. As a result, the muscles will look a lot more toned and will even get stronger. 

If you are looking to impress this summer, Cooltone is the perfect treatment for those who want to have that muscular figure. Again, exercise and healthy living are still kings of getting the perfect physique. But there is nothing wrong with taking a shortcut. That’s what cosmetic treatments are for: helping you get closer to your desired body image without having to go through all the time-consuming work.