Treatment of Aortic Valve Insufficiency

Despite the rapid progress of medicine, the number of elderly patients with cardiovascular diseases is increasing. In addition, heart diseases are increasingly common in people of young age. This requires doctors and scientists to develop more modern ways to restore heart function.

Many patients prefer foreign clinics for the treatment of aortic valve insufficiency. The reason for this choice is the higher quality of medical treatment in the hospitals of developed countries. Thousands of patients are treated annually in such countries as Germany, Turkey, and Israel.


As a rule, many factors that increase the risks of cardiovascular disease development are connected with incorrect lifestyle and can be modified. About 60% of heart disease cases are diagnosed in patients with:

  • Smoking – smokers have twice as many risks of having a heart attack as non-smokers. 
  • A sedentary lifestyle, like physical activity, is among the most effective measures of preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Obesity – weight gain by 20% above the normal doubles the risk of heart disease development. 
  • Alcohol – excessive consumption of alcohol has a negative impact on both the heart and overall health.

The Sooner you correct your lifestyle, the lower the risks of cardiovascular and other diseases will be.

About the Disease

Aortic valve insufficiency is a pathology resulting in a pumping function disorder of the left heart ventricle. It leads to the inability to deliver a sufficient amount of blood to all tissues of the body. As a result, hypoxia of tissues and stagnation of blood develops. Patients most often complain about fatigue after minimal physical activity.

Aortic valve insufficiency is usually caused by diseases that affect the heart valves. The most common causes of disease are acute rheumatic fever, infectious endocarditis, and congenital heart disease. This pathology requires medical treatment. If it is not provided, the patient’s health can worsen severely.


As a rule, aortic valve insufficiency develops slowly, and your heart can compensate for it. Patients have no symptoms for many years and do not even suspect that they have heart problems.

However, when aortic valve failure comes to an advanced stage, the following symptoms appear:

  • Tiredness, especially when working hard.
  • Dyspnea on exercise, or even at rest.
  • Frequent chest pains.
  • Rapid heart rate, arrhythmia.
  • Swelling of lower extremities.

If you have noticed symptoms of this disease, it is recommended to undergo a cardiological check-up.


Currently, there are several types of treatment, i.e. conservative and surgical ones. Both methods are used depending on the stage of the disease.

Conservative treatment includes regular visits to a cardiologist, taking drugs, as well as lifestyle modification. This type of treatment is prescribed only if the disease is at its early stages.

Surgical treatment is usually performed at advanced stages when there is a severe aortic valve regurgitation. The first option is aortic valve replacement with an artificial prosthesis. The second option is the restoration of the patient’s own aortic valve, if possible.

The treatment method is selected individually for each patient, taking into account the severity of the disease.

Treatment Abroad During the Lockdown 

One of the innovations in foreign clinics during the COVID-19 lockdown is online medical consultations. Now anyone can have a remote consultation with the best world cardiologists. After the remote consultation, a patient will receive a possibility to travel abroad for treatment. Invitation from the hospital and justification of medical reasons for traveling abroad is sufficient for receiving travel permission.

Anyway, you can get information about preliminary drug treatment without leaving home. An experienced doctor will prescribe the necessary examinations. After confirming the diagnosis, you will receive medical recommendations online.

Treatment Abroad

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