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Travel Companion-Portable Speaker

Sometimes, we will have leisure time. When we are free, besides having a good rest, we should go out for a walk. We should feel different scenery. On the journey, we must be accompanied by music. Although all vehicles now have onboard speakers, we need to listen to music after getting off the bus. Therefore, carrying a portable speaker is the best choice.

As a portable speaker, the volume must not be too large. Because too large a volume is not convenient to carry. A small size is necessary. The size of portable speakers on the market has become smaller and smaller. Most speakers may be only the size of palms.

As an outdoor portable speaker, the endurance must be sufficient. What we value is their portability and convenience. If you are worried about the endurance of the sound box, a portable sound box will bring you convenience. Today’s portable speakers have long endurance. We can use it for several hours at a time. For example, HONOR’s Mini Speaker benefits from a strong battery. We can use it for 4 hours after being charged. This long endurance is enough in most scenes.

Small portable speakers must small. They should have a pleasing appearance. If traveling, many people like to hang small portable speakers on their bags. It is to show their taste. Most portable speakers are not limited to black, white, and gray color. These are the colors of traditional family speakers. To the tastes of young people, people have introduced various colors. For example, pink is rarely matched with sound boxes. It has appeared in recent years. Not only girls like this color, but more and more boys also will choose this color.

The most important thing for a speaker is the sound quality. Although portable speakers have a small volume, they cannot have too many defects in sound quality. HONOR Mini speaker is only 54 mm × 54 mm × 55 mm (H × W × D) in volume. It does not lose any products of the same price in sound quality. It has deep bass, smooth midrange, and transparent treble. No matter what range, it can play well. A HONOR Mini speaker may be a good partner on your journey.

A good portable speaker can be your companion on your journey. It makes your journey full of color.

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