Transforming Lives Through Jesus Christ—The Journey Of James Levesque

James envisions transforming people’s lives from being nonbelievers to becoming a pastor through his experience.

Focusing on spiritual development is one of the most important aspects of living a satisfying life, if not the most. If you focus on the incorrect aim, purpose, ambition, or desire, you can quickly divert from what is genuinely essential in life. Today’s society calls out for our attention. Things around us frequently shout and demand our attention that we miss out on what is truly essential. This isn’t to argue that what you focus on isn’t necessary; it just means that there are more significant matters in life, such as spiritual ones.

Giving Meaning To Life.

We might become so preoccupied with our own lives or problems in the world that we lose out on what God wants us to do spiritually.

We make Jesus apparent in our life by living and serving in such a manner that others can see Him when they contact us. Indeed, there is a strong link between Christ-likeness and mission: mission requires Christ-likeness, and mission without Christ-likeness is worthless.

God works in and through us, and it is only because He works in us that He can work through us.

Christ is incarnated in our life when He resides in us—in our thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, words, and relationships. Our connection with Him will expand as we regularly approach Him, follow Him, learn from Him, and copy Him in action and attitude.

Transforming Lives Through Jesus.

Transforming lives through Jesus Christ has been a passion of James for many years. He recalls his first days as a believer and how excited he was to see God change people’s lives. Little did he know that God would use him in such a fantastic way.

For James, his spiritual path has been more unexpected than anticipated. This “spiritual path” has developed and taken shape. Some people are forced or called into ministry. James feels as if he went on a drive and ended up on a road that was never on the map in the first place. This life as a pastor and seminary lecturer looks no less than a surprise to him, much like the fresh sights one gets while driving up a mountain highway on the road few people drive. The green sign reads, “Scenic Overlook Ahead.” Wow. Take a look at it. This is how James ended up as a lead pastor.

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