Tradie Tool Care

Tradie Tool Care: Why You Should Maintain Your Tools and How You Should Do It

As a tradie, you need your tools every single day. If you’ve ever experienced a tool or equipment malfunction, then you know how not having the right tool can set you back. While some tools are commonly available from the hardware store, others are more expensive.

If you don’t take care of your tools on a regular basis, they may become unusable faster. Proper care and maintenance help you increase the durability and longevity of your tool. Not only will your tool stay efficient longer, but it’ll also deliver better performance during use.

How do you maintain your Tradie tools? 

Not all tradie tools are maintained the same way. The tools a gardener needs, for example, are handled in a different manner than an electrician’s tools. Most tools, however, have common maintenance routines. Here are tips on how tradies can keep their tradie tools in good working condition:

1) Frequency of Use 

If you use a tool more often, then you’ll need to maintain them more often as well. Any tool with a dull blade can lead to a workplace injury. You can consider monitoring the status of your tools and wiping them down with a clean cloth after use each day.

Your tools should also be cleaned properly at least once a month.

2) Cleaning Your Tools 

Regularly cleaning your tools can help your devices last longer. You can’t clean all your tools the same way, as different kinds of tools have different requirements. Here’s how you can clean the different tools in your tradie toolkit:

Hand Tools 

To clean your hand tools, you can begin by gently washing them with soap and water. Once you’ve removed them from the water, allow the tools to dry out completely. Once the tools are dry, use a dry piece of cloth to clean the tools once again.

If you notice any rust or corrosion on your tools, you can use brushes made of fine steel wool to remove them. After removing the rust, consider applying some mineral spirits to remove grime as well.

Then, apply a protective coating on your tools, especially the metal ones, to prevent rust from reappearing. Wipe the tools again, and finally apply a coating of machine oil over any metal tools.

If you have wooden tools, however, then you don’t need to worry about rust or machine oil. Instead, you can use a piece of cloth that’s been sprayed with linseed oil to clean your tools. Your cloth should feel damp but not wet. This coating helps your wooden tools ward off against issues such as mold, moisture, etc.

Power Tools 

Whenever you need to clean your power tools, the first step is to unplug your tools. Failing to do this can lead to accidents or injury. After unplugging your power tools, you can begin cleaning by using an air compressor. The sir compressor is used to remove dust from the power tools.

Then, you need to wipe down your power tools with a clean cloth. Finally, ensure that metal parts are lubricated. Metal parts that run against each other tend to wear and tear each other down. This can lead to the parts degrading and becoming inefficient. Lubricating your power tools regularly can prevent this from him.

Your power tools will also come with a manufacturer’s instructions guide. This guide will tell you whether there are any specifications regarding cleaning and maintaining your power tools.

Garden Tools 

Garden tools can be effectively cleaned simply with soap and water. Once the tools are clean, they should be dried. When dry, a coat of oil should be applied. The kind of oil you use is important, as machine oil or chemical oils could negatively affect your garden and soil.

Instead, consider using linseed oil. You can opt to mix sand in a large bucket, say five-gallon, with linseed oil. For this mixture, you’ll need around 2/3 quarts of linseed oil for the mixture. Immerse the tools in this mixture, and then wipe dry. Always hang your garden tools, as leaving them on the ground can lead to a moisture buildup. This especially affects concrete floors.

Accessories (Toolbox, Bags, Storage) 

You also need to clean your toolbox at least once a month. Cleaning it carefully and leaving behind items like silica packs can keep your toolbox safe.

For your storage area, organization is key. Consider putting away your tools right after you use them. Your bags, belts, especially leather, will have specific cleaning requirements as well. Leather equipment needs to be turned inside out. Then a soft-bristled brush should be used to remove all dirt and dust carefully. Finally, use a leather conditioner to add s protective layer to your equipment.


Aside from regularly cleaning and maintaining your tradie tools, you also need to inspect them on a regular basis. By taking good care of your tradie tools, you ensure that they become reliable and dependable. You can also consider public liability insurance as a way to protect your tradie business. If you want to learn more, click here.

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