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Advantages of Roof Racks Sydney

Most of us can see the advantages of having a roof rack on the 4WD vehicle. The extra carry space they provide makes it possible to have anything from camping equipment to bikes and surfboards on the roof. This means more space inside the vehicle, and it means keeping large, unwieldy and wet belongings outside and away from the passengers.

Looking for the Right Roof Racks Sydney

So how do we choose a roof rack?

It helps if we know what we want to carry, how we intend to use the rack. This notion is less important these days as a modern, well-designed custom roof rack will tend to be quite versatile. But it helps to know what you want in advance.

Roof racks will have a combination of crossbars and bars that run from front to back of the vehicle. Some 4WDs have the front to back bars as a standard fitting. This makes it easy to add some crossbars for a basic roof rack. Alternately, a custom roof rack can be clamped to these front to back bars.

For some general purposes a pair of crossbars on the roof will suffice as a basic roof rack. But do not expect to carry a heavy load on this type of installation. They will only be able to carry a moderate weight at best.

Sooner or latter you will find you need to carry a large load on the rood rack. And you will find that a serious, robust roof rack design is essential.

Points to Consider with Roof Racks Sydney

  • A roof rack will raise the height of the vehicle. As 4WDs are already larger than most cars this height increase is adding to a something that the driver is already aware of. The unloaded roof rack should not be more than 120mm higher than the vehicle. It will be much higher when loaded.
  • Centre of Gravity. This is easily overlooked, but a weight on the roof raises the centre of gravity of the vehicle. This affects the stability and handling of the vehicle.
  • Drag. The roof rack will cause some drag, causing the car to consume more fuel. A well-designed roof rack will minimise this issue.
  • Weight limits. A 4WD vehicle will be able to carry about 100kg on the roof, but this includes the weight of the roof rack itself. So a lighter roof rack, usually aluminium, allows more luggage weight.
  • Tie down points. Anything you carry will need to be secured to the roof rack. It helps if there are many points that can be used for securing ropes.

Roof Racks Sydney

Our roof racks allow the maximum luggage load for your vehicle. Custom made, they are durable and long-lasting. Not sure who is selling Tracklander roof racks and accessories in your local area? Simply call us on 1300 303 680 or send us an email at:

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