Top Winter Floral Arrangement Ideas

Top Winter Floral Arrangement Ideas

Winter is one of those seasons that can feel endlessly long. The slog from blizzard to the marvels of spring need not be a long one. Perk up your winter with some much needed floral arrangements. Flowers add color, texture and scent. Winter is the ideal time to bring flowers into any room. Even if you’ve never done this before, you can learn to make your own floral arrangements. This is a good way to explore how flowers interact and how you can take advantage of it. You can also have flowers delivered to your home to cheer away the winter blahs.

Decorate the Mirrors

Mirrors are a fabulous thing to add to any home. Mirrors are particularly useful during the winter. They help direct light where it is most needed to chase away the gloom. Add pizzazz to your home with a decorated mirror. Decorate the edges of the mirror with lots of winter greenery. Look to rows of bay leaves that can be placed on top of a bare series of wires. Bay leaves are a soft green that brings out the mirror’s details. Let some of the bare branches show in the arrangement for added color and contrast.

Garland the Fireplace

Fireplaces make the ideal place to turn into a showpiece for your home during the winter. You’ll want to draw attention to this part of your home during the winter. This is the time to go for something that is bold and catches the eye. Long, flowing greenery in the form of pine trees can serve as the base of the decoration plan. Then it’s time to bring in lots of details and tie them to the holiday season. Make use of fruit with lots of color such as oranges and lemons tied to the branches at varied intervals.

All White

White is not just one shade. It’s many shades. Show this off with an arrangement that demonstrates the power of white. Celebrate this season of ice and snow with flowers that are all about how much fun you can have with a single color. Think about shades like creamy white and intense vanilla. Flowers can mimic this look with ease. Roses and other flowers can be seen in your local shop just waiting for you to create something of your own. Get a large crystal vase and go for the big floral arrangement in the middle of your dining room.

Holiday Themed

Winter is a time for holiday celebrations. You can make your own variant and take some joy in holiday cheer and fun. Look for the kinds of flowers that instantly say this is the holiday season when you see them. Start with a base of mistletoe to make you smile. Add something stark with long branches in deep brown. Holly and red berries are another nice way to bring it to the next level. Tie the entire thing together with a bright red ribbon with lots of gold trim in a bow on the side.

Silver and Gold

Silver and gold are two of the top colors you’ll see in many modern winter arrangements. These are easy to have on your own. Start with a base. Take one of your holiday boxes and spray paint it silver. Make that the base for the rest of your plans. Add in lots of low lying greens like magnolia leaves. They make a good base from which you can pull up the rest of the arrangement. Spray paint a few berries in gold and then place them on top for a nice and glowing wintry centerpiece.

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