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Top wedding restricts Amidst COVID+-19



Wedding hall restrictions and other major issues related to weddings became a huge headache for people aiming to have their weddings in 2020. The biggest problem with this was, that people failed to understand the rules and regulations provided by the government for weddings during coronavirus.

1. Minimum 3 feet distance

Maintaining social distance is one of the key aspects of weddings during covid. Make sure that your guests at the venue along with you and the staff members, caterers follow the guideline of maintaining a minimum of 3 feet distance between each other inside the marriage hall.

It is also advised that at this time, it is best to avoid group pictures. Even if you want to, maintaining physical distance with one another is a good idea in the wedding hall. Without keeping this minimum distance, the chance of major contamination is at great stake.

2. Limited Number of Guests

Planning a bengali wedding is quite challenging in this pandemic. You need to make sure that you don’t waste your dream day and also worth remembering keeping in mind the guidelines and safety procedures to follow.

The first thing you can do is while planning about the number of guests attending your wedding hall, book a larger venue as they allow more space and have a limited number of guests not more than 50. A larger venue will help them move around without overcrowding. This will reduce the risk of contamination.

3. Regular Sanitization

It is mandatory that you invest as much as possible in sanitisers. Install sanitisers at the entry gate, inside the venue as well as at the exit gate for the guests. Make sure every part of the venue is sanitised regularly starting from lobbies, corridors, handrails, chairs, tables, elevators, reception counters so and so on.

Apart from having proper safety measures, individual guests should be provided with small sachets or bottles of hand sanitizers for keeping everything untouched and safer for all guests in the wedding hall.

4. Temperature Check

Whoever arrives at the venue including your guests, staff members or anybody, make sure that they go through the thermal screening process. Only allow those attendees who have a normal body temperature. Symptomatic attendees must not be allowed inside the venue at any cost.

Thermal temperature check is extremely important because it deals with the major identification of asymptomatic and symptomatic guests in the wedding hall. Hence maintaining this helps in the better of all the guest’s security.

5. Arogya Setu Application

Also, make sure everybody at the venue have Arogya Setu Application downloaded in their phone. This will help you to see whether if your attendees reside in a hotspot area or symptomatic or not. Those who are high at risk, make sure they get all the additional support.

This application is directly going to guide all the attendees about the rules and regulations related to attending any sort of social gathering that has the possibility of crowding. Which includes the facility of self-declaration and a great of valuable information necessary for weddings during coronavirus.

These necessary actions are the ones that people are told to follow with a strict hand and too without any fail. Wedding hall and even homes are checked and sanitized properly if news arrives about COVID-19 infection. So, by following these regulations we are going to act responsibly in society.

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How To Become A Vegan: 7 Steps To Healthy Eating?



It is challenging in the beginning for anyone to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Quitting meat from your daily diet requires much more effort. It’s not just a change of eating habits; it’s changing the lifestyle after all.

In this article, you will learn what foods cause common cancers and how to become a vegan to stay healthy for years to come.

A Plant-Based Diet for Cancer

The protein in cow’s milk is 87% casein. Indian scientists experimented on two groups of rats. Both groups were given the same amount of aflatoxin (a cancer-causing substance). At the same time, the diet in one group of animals contained 20% protein, which is comparable to the usual level of its consumption in Western countries. In the second group, the diet contained only 5% protein.

Absolutely all animals in the first group got sick with liver cancer, in the second not a single rat got sick. What does this mean? Eating can neutralize the effects of even potent carcinogens and help reduce the risk of cancer. 

Besides, a simple adjustment of the number of animal proteins in the diet of rats allowed control over the growth of an existing tumor. At the same time, as experiments have shown, an increase in the consumption of plant proteins does not affect the course of the disease.

Easy Steps to Become a Vegan

Avoid animal products (meat, milk, cheese, and eggs). Give up sugar and starchy foods completely. The easiest substitutes for sugar are whole fruits and dried fruits.

Step 1: Determine What Motivates You

A vegan diet improves a person’s health; there is no doubt about it. But going vegan requires internal motivation. For those who regularly eat meat, it is difficult for them to go vegan all of sudden. But if you have set your mind, you can achieve anything.

When you start changing your diet, it is important to decide why you are doing it. If you have clear personal reasons and you are positive about change, you will succeed. A positive attitude is more motivating than negative thoughts generated by fear or suffering.

Step 2: Get the Right Knowledge About Healthy Eating

There are three main groups that all foods can be divided into whole foods, processed plants, and animal products. And the most useful is the first group. Most whole plants are rich in fiber, iron, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, and other elements. Such a diet which is composed of these elements prevents and treats a wide range of health problems, including cancer.

Step 3: Break Away From Addictions

Those who have any addiction habits need to get rid of them for becoming a pure vegan. However, for those who just got out of alcohol treatment centers, eating meat regularly would be the last thing you should do. Because when a person quit using drugs or alcohol, his weights start to increase.

But if he becomes a vegan or a vegetarian; it will help not only to lose weight but also to regain health. Veganism helps a person to look younger and the skin looks fresher as these foods are enriched with vitamins and minerals. 

So, in the third step, you need to be careful about your past addiction habits. If you feel tempted to eat meat and not able to control the desire, then there are chances that you might return to your other previous addictions as well. Just like the old days. 

Step 4: Get the Support Of Loved Ones

To succeed in transitioning to a vegetarian diet, you need to satisfy your need for belonging: find support from the people you hold dear. It is extremely important and often prejudges success or failure. 

For example, it is extremely difficult for one of the spouses to radically change the diet if the other half does not help him. Explain to your loved ones why you decided to change the diet and why it is so important to you. Ask them to support or even get involved. As together there are more chances of success than doing it solely.

Step 5: Get Rid Of Junk Food

Take a day off to transform your kitchen. First, eat well so that you don’t get tempted by hunger in the process. Go through the cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer. Take out all the bad foods from there: butter in any form, margarine, candy, cookies, ice cream, white rice, chocolate, cream, milk, cheese, sour cream, meat, semi-finished products, and eggs. 

Get rid of foods with a clear added sugar as well. Avoid sports drinks, fruit juices, and soda. Once you get rid of these foods, only then you can focus on eating healthy food.

Step 6: Set Up A Two-Week Experiment

Once you have completed all the points above, you are ready for a two-week experiment. Make it through this time and you will experience all the benefits of being vegan. If you manage to allocate even more time, this is even better, because it will become convenient for you to eat in a new way. 

The difficulties of the transition period will disappear, and you will notice many more advantages. The health benefits are the best source of motivation, and it will come from working to improve your lifestyle.

Step 7: Shop For Healthy Foods And Find Vegan Recipes

After removing harmful products from the kitchen, you need to fill it with healthy food. Purchase these products: oatmeal, whole grain pasta, brown rice, whole grains (traditional, no additives), deli slices, beans, dates, potatoes, nuts, and any root vegetables like ginger, garlic, and onions. Prepare healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Summing Up

Switching the diet completely to vegetables is not easy, therefore, be kind to yourself. If the process is becoming hard for you, take little steps for changing your eating habits like choosing one vegan day per week or swap the easiest foods first. Good health is integral to happiness. And nutrition should be the foundation of your efforts.

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Staycations in Singapore? Yes You Should! Here’s Why!




Whatever an ideal staycation might look like for you, a staycation is always a great idea. So, let’s talk about it then. Why should you go for a staycation then? If it’s close to home, doesn’t that mean we’re missing out on the thrill of coming to new places that’s at least an hour or a few hours flight away? Let’s see if we can convince you to try out staycation. Here are the top benefits of having staycation.

Less stress-packing

If there is ever a vacation that requires no packing, that is close to an ideal vacation. It takes a lot of time to pack and unpack for a trip, so staycations are great because there’s almost no stress involved in packing. Being short and nearby means that you will only need the essentials and you can always buy what you need in places around the city. You don’t have to worry about not being able to have what you need at all. You won’t need a list, you won’t need a big suitcase. You just need a small bag and several pieces of clothing, that’s probably it.

You feel less pressure to visit all the sightseeing spot

Here’s a downside of being a tourist: there is this pressure to visit and take proper photos at all the touristy and sightseeing spots. Have you ever felt that way? When you go on a vacation that’s halfway around the world from where you are living, or maybe it’s a 10-hour flight away from your home, of course you wouldn’t want to miss out.

When you go for a staycation, this pressure doesn’t exist. Since you are going to the same city in which you live, you can always visit the places you want to go next time. You don’t have to stress over missing a train schedule because it messes up your whole itinerary. All you need to do is relax and chill.

More environmentally friendly

Did you know that an airplane releases a lot of carbon dioxide to our atmosphere every time it flies? Imagine the environmental impact that you bring by being on that plane. Staycations eliminate all of that. You don’t have to fly, you can even just walk to your destination. If you have to drive or use public transport, the distance is so short that you won’t bring that big of a negative impact to the environment. Another great benefit to having a staycation!

Support the local economy

One of the great things about staycations is that you get to be a part of a bigger cause. Just like protecting the environment, supporting the local economy as a citizen is a noble thing to do. Again, visiting other cities and countries are exciting and fun to do, but staycations allow you to have a break an enjoy vacation, but at the same time contribute to the local economy. When you support local hotels and businesses, you also support the growth of your city. And when your city grows and flourishes, your life also flourish. Later on, you will get to also enjoy the benefits of your city. What’s better is that there are staycation deals in Singapore that you might want to check out! So you can save some money too if you decided to go for a staycation trip in!

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Different Styles Of Aprons




Different Styles Of Aprons

Some people look confused when they have to select something from many options in front of them. They don’t make a quick selection. That happens due to the unawareness of the variety of that thing which they have to buy. The same thing happens for people when they have to choose an apron for them. Aprons protect yourself from spills and stains but, they also give you a professional look. Here we will discuss different styles and types of aprons use in various places.

Bib Apron

The bib apron is the most imperative apron, also known as the (“French chef’s apron” or a “barbecue apron). Bib apron gives extensive torso coverage to your body, having a hoop around the collar and straps around the waist. Mainly this apron is used by chefs in the kitchen. Due to the full-body, coverage it is preferred mostly. It protects the body from spills and stains. Besides, you can also use it to clean or dry your hands. These aprons are available in different fabrics and different styles.

4-Way Aprons

This type of apron is different from all other aprons. The 4-way apron has four layers, one behind the other. If one layer gets dirty, you don’t need to change the whole apron. Just switch it around the next clean layer. It saves a lot of time as you don’t need to wash it when it gets spoiled every time. It doesn’t cover the upper body as the bib apron covers the whole body. Chefs and back of house kitchen staff must use this apron. The 4-way apron is available in different styles and different colors in the market like funny aprons styles, colorful aprons, cute aprons.

Bistro Aprons

Just like 4-way and waist aprons, the bistro Aprons don’t cover the upper part of your body. Bistro aprons are long downward helps to protect your lower part of the body. They have side pockets to keep things (pens, guest checks, bills) close at hand. These aprons used by the front of the house staff as their long length protect pants from stains during messy jobs like wiping down tables. You can buy these aprons in different colors and designs according to your taste.

Dishwasher Apron

Washing a large volume of dishes and cups is such a messy deal. While washing plates and cups to protect your body or clothes to get wet, you must use a dishwasher apron. The significant thing about a dishwasher apron is that it is made of water resistant material. These aprons are also available in cut-resistant, heat-resistant, fire-resistant. Dishwasher aprons have been mostly shaped full length to protect your body get wet.

Cobbler Aprons

Cobbler Aprons are also called smock aprons, cobbler aprons offer both front and back inclusion. The side ties are flexible so you can make the cover more cozy or free. They’re incredible for keeping representatives shirts clean underneath, but they end around the abdomen or mid-thigh. These aprons have been used by the staff of bakeries, schools, hospitals, housekeeping.

Disposable Aprons

Don’t want to repeat an apron? if you feel unconformable with repeating one apron, you can use a disposable apron. You don’t need to wash the disposable apron, just change it when you want. These aprons are made of low-Density Polyethylene. They are available at low prices as compared to other aprons. Disposable aprons are mostly used by dishwashers, bussers, those cleaning with severe chemicals. You can buy these aprons easily from the market.

Waist Apron

This apron doesn’t cover the torso. It is long just above the knee that allows the natural movement of your legs. The waist apron has pockets to keep pens, guest checks, beverage straws close at hand. You can buy these aprons from the market in any layout and slain bestow to your need.

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Tips For Organizing The Best Bachelor Party




A bachelor party is one of the most special events in any man’s life. It is the day that you finally bid farewell to bachelorhood. As such, it is important that you’re making it memorable. In most cultures, it is the best man that will be responsible for organizing the bachelor party. All the groom will need to do is to show up. Pulling together a successful bachelor party will be an uphill task. If you’re tasked with organizing the party, there will be a need for creativity and originality. There are so many themes and ideas worth exploring. That is why we’ve come with this guide to ensure that you’re organizing an unforgettable bachelor party for your friend.

Who is Coming?

This will be the first thing you’ll need to determine when organizing a bachelor party. Ideally, you’d want to keep it small and simple. This will mean inviting close friends to the groom. Even if the element of surprise will be gone, it is better that you’re working with the groom directly so that there are no surprises.

The Best Time to Organize a Bachelor Party

You’re probably wondering when it is the best time to organize a bachelor party. The bachelor party is usually described as the “last night of freedom” The reason is self-explanatory.  Most people will want to organize it a day before the wedding but that is not always recommended. Ideally, it should be done a week before the wedding. This is because there is a high likelihood that there will be a high intake of alcohol.

You don’t want the groom to be nursing a hangover on the wedding day. You’d also want to enjoy the day and not feel rushed. You can check out this blog on ideas of what you should be doing for the bachelor party. The weekend before the wedding will be more than enough time to ensure that everyone is having a good time.

Best Place to Organize a Bachelor Party

It doesn’t always have to be a strip club. You can switch things up and have the ladies come to your hotel room. Better still, you could rent a limo and club hop the whole night while having a blast in the luxury vehicles. Some of the locations worth considering will include:

·        Luxury house rentals

·        Travel trip

·        Going out clubbing

·        Renting an apartment

Go to The Hills

Hunting has been a man’s thing since time immemorial. You can decide to have a different and unique bachelor party by running to the hills. If it is something that the whole group will be interested in, then there is no reason why you’d not want to explore it as an option. You could make things more interesting by combining it with a camping trip. The crew would need to go easy on the booze if the party is to be memorable.

Go to The Beach

Water is not only relaxing but also exciting. You might be living a few hours drive from a water body. It could be a simple getaway for the boys. You could be a group that thoroughly enjoys fishing. In that case, you can rent a boat for the weekend and go on a fishing expedition one last time when the groom is still a bachelor. For sailing to be a success, teamwork will be necessary. This fosters stronger bonds among friends.

Home Party

If you’d like to keep things simple, a home party would be ideal. You still get to do the things you do when the women are not around. You can decide to watch sports or play video games while taking beers. You can order food and self-catering services so that the party is brought to you.

Discussing Money

Money is not always a fun subject but it will need to be discussed. There is always the dilemma of whether or not the groom should be involved in the discussions.  Before you can start planning those expensive getaways with the boys, it is crucial that you’re asking how much they’d be willing to spend. For starters, you should keep a clear recording of all the costs involved in the preparation of the wedding. Apart from the initial costs, you’ll also need a spending budget for the weekend if you’ll be getting out of town.

To sum it up, organizing a bachelor party doesn’t have to be a challenging endeavor provided you’re aware of how to go about. Make sure that the groom is involved in the decision-making process.

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Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Car Window




One of the best ways to care for your car window is to have it tinted by a top-notch company like Tint World. Perhaps you think tinting is only done to make your car look more attractive. Well, that is far from the truth. Indeed, tinting makes your glass look more attractive, but it does more than that. There are several other reasons why you should consider tinting your car windows, and you’ll learn that here, as you read down the lines of this article. 

The following are the reasons why you should tint your car window:


What do you notice when you see a car with tinted glass? You can’t see the interior of the car. When a vehicle is tinted, only the person inside can see what’s outside. Since the people outside don’t know who and what’s inside the car, it provides privacy for those in the vehicle. This is a significant reason why celebrities and politicians drive around in tinted glasses. This way, they can hide in plain sight. More so, if you are transporting valuables in your car like expensive jewelry, phones, computers, cash, and more, a tinted window will protect you and what you’re transporting from the sight of the people around, hence, enhancing your security. 

Heat Protection 

If you’ve ever stepped into a car that was left in the sun for long, you’ll understand why you need heat protection. The car will be hot, especially now that the heat levels have risen due to climate change. It’ll continue to be hot until the AC is turned on. Window tinting can help to protect your car from being heated. It prevents solar radiation from getting into the car, making the car interior cooler than its environment. More so, even when your car AC is on, there are times when the sun will still find its way through your untinted window and make you feel uncomfortable. This will be avoided if you Tint your car window. Sun radiation getting into your car can also make the upholstery of your car fade and deteriorate quickly. Tinting your window can also save you from this. 

Health Benefits 

Tinted glass does more than keeping the sun away from getting into the car. It also has health benefits. For instance, exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause skin cancer. About 53% of skin cancers are found on the left part of the body, which is the driver’s side. Thus, increased exposure to ultraviolet rays can increase your chances of getting cancer. If you drive long hours in the sun, your chances of developing skin cancer are higher. This is where the tinted glass comes to play. A high quality tinted glass will protect you from ultraviolet exposure by keeping the sun away from getting into your car. With no such exposure, your chances of developing skin cancer are low. 

For Safety Reasons 

No matter how much caution you take, sometimes, the unexpected happens. When a  car accident occurs, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your fault. You may take all the precautions to prevent an accident, but what about other drivers on the road? If they’re not as cautious as you are, there may be a collision, and accidents will occur. In the course of a crash, glasses can shatter and injure those in the car. You might be using your seatbelt, which keeps you firmly in the car and protects you from hitting your head or other parts of your body. But, what about the shattered glass? Your seatbelt cannot protect you from that. However, the tinted glass will be held together and will not get into the car to injure those in it. Therefore, if you care for your safety, you may want to Tint your glass. 

It Makes Your Car More Energy Efficient

The logic here is simple. The more heat that gets into your car, the more you want to use your AC. And the more you use your AC, the more gas you burn. However, if your car’s window is tinted, the car’s interior will be cooler; hence, you use less AC and less gas. That will also save you the time you ought to spend visiting the gas station often and also save you the money you would have spent on gas purchases. 

These are some of the legitimate reasons why you should tint your car window.

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