Top wedding restricts Amidst COVID+-19

Wedding hall restrictions and other major issues related to weddings became a huge headache for people aiming to have their weddings in 2020. The biggest problem with this was, that people failed to understand the rules and regulations provided by the government for weddings during coronavirus.

1. Minimum 3 feet distance

Maintaining social distance is one of the key aspects of weddings during covid. Make sure that your guests at the venue along with you and the staff members, caterers follow the guideline of maintaining a minimum of 3 feet distance between each other inside the marriage hall.

It is also advised that at this time, it is best to avoid group pictures. Even if you want to, maintaining physical distance with one another is a good idea in the wedding hall. Without keeping this minimum distance, the chance of major contamination is at great stake.

2. Limited Number of Guests

Planning a bengali wedding is quite challenging in this pandemic. You need to make sure that you don’t waste your dream day and also worth remembering keeping in mind the guidelines and safety procedures to follow.

The first thing you can do is while planning about the number of guests attending your wedding hall, book a larger venue as they allow more space and have a limited number of guests not more than 50. A larger venue will help them move around without overcrowding. This will reduce the risk of contamination.

3. Regular Sanitization

It is mandatory that you invest as much as possible in sanitisers. Install sanitisers at the entry gate, inside the venue as well as at the exit gate for the guests. Make sure every part of the venue is sanitised regularly starting from lobbies, corridors, handrails, chairs, tables, elevators, reception counters so and so on.

Apart from having proper safety measures, individual guests should be provided with small sachets or bottles of hand sanitizers for keeping everything untouched and safer for all guests in the wedding hall.

4. Temperature Check

Whoever arrives at the venue including your guests, staff members or anybody, make sure that they go through the thermal screening process. Only allow those attendees who have a normal body temperature. Symptomatic attendees must not be allowed inside the venue at any cost.

Thermal temperature check is extremely important because it deals with the major identification of asymptomatic and symptomatic guests in the wedding hall. Hence maintaining this helps in the better of all the guest’s security.

5. Arogya Setu Application

Also, make sure everybody at the venue have Arogya Setu Application downloaded in their phone. This will help you to see whether if your attendees reside in a hotspot area or symptomatic or not. Those who are high at risk, make sure they get all the additional support.

This application is directly going to guide all the attendees about the rules and regulations related to attending any sort of social gathering that has the possibility of crowding. Which includes the facility of self-declaration and a great of valuable information necessary for weddings during coronavirus.

These necessary actions are the ones that people are told to follow with a strict hand and too without any fail. Wedding hall and even homes are checked and sanitized properly if news arrives about COVID-19 infection. So, by following these regulations we are going to act responsibly in society.

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