Top Websites to Compare Hotel Prices

A large number of websites are available that claim to offer cheap hotel prices. Many websites and companies stay in limelight through their promotions but when you are planning for a trip and you want to make a reservation, you like to compare hotels. Some websites now are playing a great role in facilitating the people who want to spend sensibly. Though you may get the data from any website these days, checking on the actual sites is important. 

Top Websites to Compare Hotel Prices:

All websites do not share every detail about their offers and deals with a third party. So, it’s important to check for yourself and compare by visiting that particular site. Here are the top websites that make your work easy.


You will find top weekend hotel deals here. It is a metasearch engine that helps you in scanning and comparing prices. Not only this, but you can also check the guest reviews. This is something that gives you confidence and you can think if someone has enjoyed form here, you can also take advantage of this good service. The aim is to provide the best option at the lowest price. Travils has collaborated with different websites all over the world. Some online agencies are also a part of this collaboration. Whether it is an independent hotel or accommodation chains, you can find and compare them here easily. The best part is the transparency as you will not find any hidden fee here. You won’t get irritated by ads here. One more special thing is the blog where you can have real insight. You can find travel tips about your favorite destination and plan according to it. 


This site has filters for easy and clean searches. You can also compare rates. You can find different results based on your search. If you are looking for something at a reasonable price, you need to check through the price filter. This site has the best hotel apps. You can download them to take full benefit. 


This site mainly focuses on Asia. By opening the website, you will find many Eastern destinations. But like any other good travel and tour comparing website, it didn’t restrict itself to Asia only. Now, you will find The U.S. in the filter too. You will have a good search experience as it will show you the best hotel sites at remarkably good prices.


This easy navigating site is offering a lot to compare and plan. Its excellent features include ‘’Name Your Own Price’’ and ‘’Express Deal’’. You can offer the price that you would like to spend and the hotel can accept that too. But you will not get a refund if you change your mind and do not want to avail this opportunity. The second option also shows the opportunity in your budget but the name of the hotel remains hidden. 


It offers a wide range of deals and you check the reviews as well. It covers all major booking sites. The search results help you showing the lowest price first and guide you by showing the source too. So, you know which hotel you are booking.

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