Top Vehicle Safety Features for Your Teens

Top Vehicle Safety Features for Your Teens

 Driving is a handy skill for all teens; it enhances their confidence and freedom. Sadly, teen driver deaths keep rising, which is mostly results from distracted driving and the lack of adequate safety features in cars. According to (Centers of Disease Control) CDC, about one-third of teen deaths result from road accidents. And teens are likely to crash compared to adult drivers. All isn’t lost, though! You can enhance your teen’s safety by installing modern safety features on your vehicle. Want to learn more? Check out the top auto safety features for teen drivers:

1. Crash imminent braking

Nowadays, most car manufacturers incorporate additional automated brake systems to help drivers prevent the intensity of an accident. These brakes brake the car automatically when the crash sensors at the front signal an impact. This dynamic barking system applies supplemental braking when the teen driver isn’t slowing the vehicle fast enough.

Moreover, these brakes help divers automatically increase brake pressure. This happens when the driver’s brake pressure is inadequate to stop the car before an accident. The brakes not only prevent accidents but also reduce the damages resulting from a collision.

2. Tire pressure monitoring

 Flat tires can blow out and lead to accidents. Tire pressure monitoring system is one of the common yet essential vehicle safety features for teenage drivers. With a tire pressure monitoring sensor, you can track the pressure on all the tires. Also, you’ll receive an alert when your tire pressures go below the desired levels. This feature enhances the car’s stability on the road and enhances driver safety.

3. Airbags

 Airbags are occupant restraint systems that inflate and deflate really quick during a crash. They offer cushioning to the driver and passengers during a collision. This guards the driver and passengers from the main impact points such as the steering wheel, vehicle sides and the dash. Although all vehicles feature airbags, check whether they have been recalled when buying a new car. This ensures the safety of your teen driver and other occupants in the car during a crash.

5. Facial recognition software

 Facial recognition systems are the newest addition in modern vehicles. The system can recognize the driver using their face and helps monitor the driver’s awareness and focus while driving. What’s more, the system can identify changes in the driver’s attention levels and signal this by use of alarms and dashboard lights. This helps the driver stay focused or park aside in case of distractions.

6. Lane departure warning

Lane departure warning is a handy feature for distracted teen drivers. It uses cameras and lasers to keep track of all the lane markings on the road. Once you begin veering off your lane, the system will detect this and signal you with lights and alarms. In some vehicles, you’ll also notice vibrating seats and a vibrating steering wheel. This way, you avoid any accidents that could result from changing or merging lanes.

A quick wrap up

Car features play a critical role in driver safety. Some can signal the driver in case of flat tires, while others will employ automatic brakes before a collision. If you’re planning to buy a car for your teen, acquire one with the most advanced tech features to ensure safety while driving.

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