Top Tips to Survive the Great Outdoors in Winter

In the last couple of weeks, the weather has taken on a bit of a chill and that coupled with some heavy rain at times can mean only one thing. Winter is coming, and that means for many people, it’s time to put their sporting fun on the back burner until the spring. There really is no reason to let the onset of winter weather stop you from doing what you love, however. The great outdoors is still there and just waiting for you; all you need to do is make sure that you have the right gear to battle against the elements, and you are good to go. 

Check the weather

Before we look at some of the equipment that could help you to enjoy your sporting activity still this winter, our first top tip is about the weather. Every year there are reports in the news about people who were not prepared for the weather, got caught out and had to be rescued. Before you head out this winter, check the weather, not just for the next few hours but for the longer term; you can never be too careful. If there is a significant cold spell, rain or even snow on the horizon, then it might be wise to postpone until another day. 

Protect your vehicle

One thing the winter is sure to bring in addition to the wetter, colder weather is plenty of mud. If you are travelling in your car to the location where you will be taking part in your sporting activities, you will want to ensure that you do not bring the mud back with you. Take a look at a company like Booicore for some solutions to this problem. You may want to consider a dirtbag for stashing your dirty sports clothing in; of course, this will mean changing whilst at your venue and depending on the weather, this may not be possible. If this is not practical, you will need to travel home in your dirty or wet clothing, so their car seat covers will offer you the best solution. They will protect your car during the journey and can be removed when you get home for washing.

The right clothing

It is essential to invest in the right type of clothing for your winter sports. If you will be doing water sports, then this means investing in the right sort of wetsuit – one that has been designed to keep you warmer during the colder months. A change towel is also a good idea so that you can change from your wetsuit into some warmer clothing for travelling home. 

For non-water sports, it can be a good idea to consider layers for keeping warm. Several thin layers will be much better for you in the cold than one thicker layer, and if you do begin to get too hot, you can always remove a layer. Think about some form of covering for your head as this is where you can lose a lot of heat and some gloves. There are some excellent gloves on the market that have grips suitable for many sports. Good quality footwear and thick socks should help you to keep your feet warm and dry as well. A thin waterproof should be easy to carry with you and handy to pop on over your other layers if you get unexpectedly caught out in the rain. 


Finally, when you are packing for your winter sporting activities, it can be a good idea to pack some snacks for an energy burst and also a flask of something warm to drink. These may come in very handy after your sporting session.

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