Top Tips for Storing Your Holiday Decorations

Top Tips for Storing Your Holiday Decorations

Christmas is denoted by the decorations we put up. We get treated to a month of trees, lights, and all manner of decorations. Once the season is over, all these decorations go into storage. They will be there for 11 months until the next season. As such, it is important to keep your decorations safe.

For many people, they haul these decorations in the attic or garage. While it gets them out of the way, it is not the most conducive storage place. These areas get exposed to varying temperatures that may affect the quality of your Christmas decorations. Here are a few tips on how to store your holiday decorations. They will ensure the decorations stay in good shape all year long. As much as we would like to have Christmas decorations up each year, everything has to come to an end.

Wrap your Tree in Shrinkwrap

Storing the tree without properly wrapping it might cause discoloration. You can wrap it in the shrinkwrap then cover it with a cloth. The cloth will protect it from dust or any moisture throughout the year. Once this is done, you can store it in the garage or attic without a worry. When the time comes to put it up, just fluff up the leaves, and you are good to go.

Use Ziploc Bags

One reason decorations get spoilt is because they get mixed up. Clear Ziplock bags can be used to separate the decoration by color, size, and shape. It makes removing them easier, and they store up neatly. Accessing them is easy, and you reduce the damage that might occur when you throw them in a box.

Wrap The Lights Around Cardboard

Many times your lights get damaged because the cables get twisted while in storage. You might also spoil them when they wind up on each other and become difficult to unwind. By wrapping them around cardboard, you can prevent the wires from getting cut. You can also add a note to show you how you wound them together, so you do not have issues putting them up again.

Hang Your Wreaths

The best way to store your wreaths is by hanging them up. You can put them on your hangers or get a clothing rack. If you have many wreaths, then the clothing rack is recommended. This is convenient because it helps save up on storage space.

Keep Wooden Ornaments Dry

Wooden ornaments tend to get spoilt very fast. It is essential that you keep them off the ground and away from moisture. If you can get airtight plastic containers to keep them in, then do so. It will prevent them from getting spoilt.

Use Your Space Wisely

Christmas decorations take up a lot of space. To ensure you avoid this, put them away in an orderly way. You can use up egg trays or even party cups to store the ornaments. It will make the decorations take up less space. You do not want Christmas decorations getting in your way throughout the year. Having them stored and compact makes organizing everything else easier.

Get a Storage Unit

For some people, Christmas decorations are minimal, and others go all out on it. If you are the kind of person with decorations all around the house, then your garage or attic might not be convenient. The decorations will take up way too much space in the house. You will have no space to put anything else. Storage units will save you the trouble of having all these things in your way. You can put your things in it and put them up as the Christmas season approaches.


As much as we would like to have Christmas decorations up each year, everything has to come to an end. By storing your decorations well, they will be of service to you much longer. Remember, proper planning will always save you time and money.

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