Top Tips for A Good Drainage System

Top Tips for A Good Drainage System


Prevention is better than cure. Although this quote applies to the health system, but it is applicable for a sound drainage system as well.  If you keep your drain clean and use a few tips and tricks in check, you can get rid of heavy debris cleaning and hiring a professional for all the cleaning and of course the cost. Here are the tips for blocked drain Kent region:

Check Outfalls

Keep your drain cleaning Kent on point with this simple trick. First, check if your outfalls are running unobstructed and freely. There can be roots and garbage stuck in the drain. You can regularly use a blower or intense water pressure to keep the drain clean, keeping it from damaging the pipeline in the long run Also use CCTV Drainage Survey for good drainage system.

Check Water Course

Check the receiving or end of the drainage is working fine. If it is working fine, then there are chances of debris in somewhere in the middle. Blocked drain Kent region can become a grave issue if not taken care of properly. To check the exact debris location, there are drain cameras available that are cheaper can be kept in the house for regular checking, once you know the precise location you can clear it quickly.

Use a Washcloth for Pet Baths

Giving your pet a bath is already a challenging task, but making sure your drain does not clog after that is even a bigger task. Keep a washcloth or a makeup wipe on your gutter. Once you give your pet, a bath removes that washcloth or the wipe and throw it in the dustbin. If you have hair fall issues like me, you can use the same trick and trust me it works wonders. This will make your drain cleaning Kent easier than ever!

Garbage Disposal

Many people will say opt for heavy chemicals to clean than slime and all in your pipeline. But why use them when you can simply use ice and salt? Take a garbage disposal brush, some ice cubes and table salt. Grind table salt and ice cubes and add it in your drain and then after a few minutes add some lemon juice (just for smell). After a few seconds run cold water down the drain and clean with the brush. This will keep your drain clean for a long time.

Boiling Water

Do this once a week at least. Take boiling hot water and some baking soda. Keep the baking soda on the drain end and then pour boiling hot water into the drain. You can also add some lemon or vinegar first to the soda. However, when you add vinegar or lemon to the soda, there will be some bubbles (no need to be afraid of it), and then quickly pour boiling water. This will keep your drain free from blocked drain Kent region from any issue.


Keep your drain clean from any significant issues by applying these five simple tips. However, if you face some significant issues and these tricks don’t work, hire a professional Drain Cleaning Kent service for your problems.

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