Top Things to Know About Dental Implants

Top Things to Know About Dental Implants

Tooth loss is an unfortunate occurrence that affects many people. Initially, dentures were used as a solution to replace the missing teeth. Nonetheless, dentures can cause pain and discomfort. Fortunately, there are dental implants nowadays, and they are a suitable alternative. Some of the things that you should know about dental implants include:

1.    Dental Implants Help to Preserve the Health of the Remaining Teeth

A fixed bridge is usually used to replace the missing teeth, and the healthy teeth will remain in place. The only issue is that this solution requires healthy teeth to be altered by filing to ensure they have attained the proper size and fit into the crowns, which act as anchors. The main issue is that healthy teeth will become weak, and they will be prone to decay. When you choose dental implants, the healthy teeth won’t be tampered with, and you’ll have fully-functional and longer-lasting replacements for the missing teeth.

2.    The Success Rate is High

The success rate of dental implants is impressive, and it ranges from 95 to 98 percent. There is some variance depending on the dental health of the patient undergoing the procedure and whether the dentist is skilled enough to conduct the surgery. Dental implants have been present for more than three decades, and their track record is proven. Thousands of studies also support the effectiveness of dental implants.

3.    They Prevent the Loss of Bones

Dental implants can preserve the health of the jawbone, unlike bridges. After losing a tooth, the jawbone will be affected since it is not receiving the necessary stimulation. The dental implants can act as a replacement to the roots of the missing teeth offering the stimulation required to prevent further deterioration.

4.    They’re Affordable

Dental implants are less expensive; however, you may have to cater to the entire procedure in installments depending on your financial might. Some of the main factors to keep in mind include the one-time costs associated with the implants. Fortunately, no replacement is required in the future. You can also try out other options such as bridges or dentures; however, they’re not one-time fixes, and they’ll need further attention. It means that when people choose implants, they’ll save a significant sum of money in the long run.

5.    Eating is Easier when you have Dental Implants.

Dental implants are preferable since they make eating easier as compared to when you have dentures. You can go ahead and eat anything that you want with the implants, ranging from crunchy carrots or any other food item you like. The implants ensure you’ll regain your love for eating.

Before you get a dental implant, here are some of the things that you should know:

I.    The Amount of Bone Matters

The dental implants are in the form of a screw attached to the jaw bone, which acts as the anchor. When you lose a tooth, the jaw bone starts to shrink. The longer you miss a tooth, the more the bone will shrink. It will collapse, and the body will reabsorb it since it has lost its purpose. After some time, the dental implant may fail because of the amount of bone matters. Fortunately, an x-ray can be conducted to determine how much bone is present.

II.    General Health

There are instances whereby dental implants are ruled out since the patient has immune diseases or uncontrolled diabetes. If you have such ailments, you should discuss the issue with a dentist. Also, you may be allergic to materials such as titanium. The physician can use zirconium as a replacement in such an instance.


If you have a missing tooth, you can consult a professional dentist, and they’ll advise on the way forward. They may recommend dental implants depending on a variety of factors.

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