Top Things to Do with Your Kids During the Lockdown

Keeping them safe doesn’t account for the boredom and lack of enjoyment that the kids are going to feel. Ultimately, your child will want to engage in something fun whether they’re stuck inside or have nothing outdoors. This is where the average parent thinks about all the things they can do to entertain their kids while ensuring productivity. After all, you don’t want them to waste any more time than they have to.

You can rest assured that most of the things you read in this article are going to hone your kid’s organizational and intuitive skills. Moreover, as a by-product of things such as skill development, engaging with and in arts and crafts, educational games, winter camps etc. These activities will also have a reinforcing and rewarding factor that will encourage and motivate kids. As a result, they can better cope with their emotional and psychological issues.

So, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do with your kids during the lockdown:


One of the most important skills one can have in life is knowing how to organize. We suggest that before you start trying things out individually, set up a list of things first. Then, try to assess which of these will be best suitable for your kid(s). You’ll also need to figure out how they will interact, engage and learn with it. Try making a schedule to regulate their routines and get them in shape. Make sure to incorporate a hefty amount of exercise including chores. Timing is of the essence as you can either have them wake early or get used to sleeping in.

As a parent, your kids will trust you and listen to what you have to say. Especially if you relate it all to how it will make life easier for them.

After doing the above, you’ll have successfully become an organized parent yourself. So, as a person who learns from experience, you’ll be an efficient teacher. Once you recognize and appreciate the positive effects this will have on your life, imparting the lesson will be easier.  

Skill Learning

Skills can range from musical instruments to graphic designing, writing Lockdown, cooking, etc. Anything that can be capitalized in the gig economy is now to be considered an essential skill. Bringing in financial and psychological benefits, engaging in skill learning is a self-rewarding activity.

This can also be used to turn that screen-time parents always worry about to your advantage. Kids are always asking for money and you need to teach them the concept of earning. For even younger kids, skills such as musical instruments can also be entertaining and fun. Whereas, others such as cooking can also turn into professional career choices or life-long hobbies. In either case, it’s a win-win.

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Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are also skills and can also be professionally pursued if the learner desires. However, it’s crucial that they decide what they want to do. In the beginning, try introducing them to various forms of art. You won’t have to buy professional equipment so beginners’ kits will do. Painting, drawing, sketching, playing music, graphics and illustrations, poetry, narration, prose, etc. There’s no end to the kind of things that can be classified as art.

Ultimately, the goal is to have them discover their passion and express themselves. By indulging in art, they will experience a renewed cultural understanding that will hone their imagination and creativity in the process.

Educational Games

Educational games can include anything from modern VR and RPG history-based games to chess, scrabble, etc. Video games that are based on history often impart lessons in a very entertaining manner. However, there are other non-screen, competitive educational games that you can try.

The idea behind competitive educational games such as word maker is to challenge a kid’s intelligence and emotional quotient and compel them to think.

Since it’s competitive, kids often want to challenge their parents or siblings.

However, rather than having to pick up board pieces after a fight, teach them about sportsmanship. Parents who openly discuss failures and mistakes with their children end up teaching them valuable lessons. These include humility, humanity and compassion as kids learn to humanize their parents and themselves. Individuals who understand these core values go a long way in becoming productive, caring and efficient members of society.

Inevitably, games can also hone these skills and make sure your kid remains entertained and keeps learning.


Parents often try to cope with their paranoia by telling their kids how frustrated they are because of them. If telling them the problem doesn’t help, come up with various solutions to try together. We’re all trying to stay safe and happy through this, and that’s why we need to do it together. 

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