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Top Ten Most Significant Travel Destinations in Nigeria



Travel Destinations in Nigeria

Nigeria has 36 states, and we know each of them for something in particular. In each state, some locations regularly attract tens of thousands of tourists yearly.

These are the most significant travel destinations in Nigeria. Places where tourists come to sample culture and tradition for several reasons. It could be for art, business, leisure, or education. Or just to have a feel of what it means to be Nigerian.

It doesn’t really matter what place you pick because Nigeria already has an abundance of incredible tourism.

A contribution of 5.1% to the National GDP, does not seem like much, but it translates to about 20 billion Naira. That is 20 billion Naira a year from people visiting the most significant travel destinations in Nigeria to them.

So, of all the cool places to visit in Nigeria, which ones are the best? Below are the top 10 most significant travel destinations in Nigeria.

Badagry, Lagos

Lagos State holds a lot of historical value to the Yoruba people of Nigeria. But Badagry is a unique case.

Badagry is a backwater town on the outskirts of Lagos. It is so far inland that it would have been classified as another state altogether were it pointing in the right direction. It is also the site of some of the most brutal acts of negligence towards the Yoruba slaves back then.

There are many statues at Badagry that depict the most notable events of the Nigerian slave trade. It is not only one significant travel destination in Nigeria but of the whole black community.

Obudu Cross River

The town of Obudu may seem like just another small town in the Southern part of Nigeria. The thing you would not know is that Obudu is actually one of the coolest places you could ever visit in your travels.

Obudu is not a sizable place, but many people who live there appreciate the Efik culture and practice it daily. Everything from the way they dress to their food is absolutely awe-inspiring.

It also houses the famous cattle ranch in Nigeria, complete with its own resort and everything. What is there not to like?

Obudu is one of the few places in Nigeria to use cable transport because it is a very mountainous region. In the cable cars, you get to experience a god-like view of the beautiful green land below.    

Oshogbo, Osun

The state of Osun is named after an important goddess to the people of Yoruba land. A considerable number of its inhabitants are still practising indigenous worshippers.

Many things that defined Nigeria were actively canceled after British colonization, and traditional worship was one of them. They forced the indigenes to adopt Christianity, which is now the most practiced Nigerian belief system.

The people of Oshogbo have somehow kept their own beliefs alive through art and passed down tradition. Such sights as this are exquisite to see.

Island Territory, Lagos

Many people in Lagos know what the Island territory of Lagos State is for. It is where people from all over go to have a good time.

It is full of restaurants, arcades, beaches, malls, clubs, resorts, galleries, and many other fun places.

The island is the wealthy capital of Lagos State. It has every kind of place you could ever dream of, so whatever your needs are, you are never found wanting.

That reason alone makes it one of the most significant travel destinations in Nigeria and Lagos.

Port Harcourt, Rivers

Port Harcourt has a great feel to it. The urban life is top shelf, and the people are quite hospitable.

In Port Harcourt, every place has its own name and what it is known for. And there are many places to choose from. Zoos, amusement parks, you name it.

There are also many stadiums and beaches that you could visit just to lay back and have fun.

Ado Ekiti, Ekiti

Anyone that knows Ekiti State knows that the place is very hilly. Ado Ekiti is the capital city of Ekiti state. It really sums up the Ekiti State experience with its grassy hills and cold weather.

Most of Nigeria is actually hot in the summer. But the high elevation of regions like Ado Ekiti above sea level makes them cold.

If you crave serenity and brilliant weather, Ado Ekiti (with its natural resorts and beautiful views) should be a pleasure. 

Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory is just as the name implies. The primary reason this area holds importance to Nigerians is that it houses the president and his family.

Abuja is already a unique tourist attraction with great locations, food (you really should try the Kilishi meat), and lifestyle.

That the head of state lives there makes it one of the most significant travel destinations in Nigeria.

Benin, Edo

Benin is a charming city located in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria. It houses some of the grandest monuments in Nigeria, like the statue of Emotan and the Benin moat.

There are also many great places like wild-life reserves and old houses to visit if you crave an excursion. 

You could go and take a look at Oba’s palace to have a taste of the culture and history there. Everything in Benin is sure to be an adventure.

Ile-Ife, Osun

Here is another great Osun state city with a great history behind it and attractions to boot. Ile-Ife is purportedly where the first Yoruba gods landed when they came to earth from the skies.

It is regarded as a holy place by many Yoruba people. And a lot of indigenous worshippers go there often for strength and renewal.

While at Ile-Ife, you could also take a tour of one of the oldest standing higher institutions and be amazed by its rich past.

Aba, Abia

Every Nigerian knows about Aba made products. They are those cheap knock-offs of known originals that people buy to suit their budgets.

Who would not want to visit the homeland of cheap quality clothing?

If you need more to go on, Aba actually contains many attractive locations that would make you drool. But you would be staying for the crisp sub-urban way of life.

Safe Travels!

Nigeria sure has some great places. Everything here is a sublime mix of culture and tradition. It has birthed some of the most influential people, dead and alive, who have affected the world one way or another.

Everyday Nigerians are also interesting characters. When you visit, you get a taste of their numerous customs. These are so immersive that you almost feel like a part of them.

The many delicacies are rather scrumptious, and the locations are magnificent, so why not give some of these places a go?

So if you’re thinking of a travel destination where you can have fun and learn, then these places are a must-visit. 

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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Journey to Sobriety



Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Journey to Sobriety

If you’re not where you’d love to be in your career or life, never let yourself believe you cannot change everything for the better.  There is no essence of allowing your future to be limited by your current situation.  You want to make your life and that of your family better, and it cannot happen if you keep getting back to the same old habits.

Well, that’s why you decided to fight off your alcohol or drug addiction problem in the first place.  After all, it is the only way to steer yourself towards a more fulfilled and happy life. The problem sets in when you have to stay sober for the rest of your life.  With plenty of chances to make mistakes, you may throw yourself back to your old ways of life.

The good news is you can overcome these hurdles and change your life for the better. That said, here are three common mistakes you must avoid at all costs in your journey to sobriety.

Taking the Solo Route

When trying to stay sober after a drug or alcohol addiction, perhaps the hardest decision is accepting you have a problem. Sure, you may not want to have new friends right after coming out of a sober living Orange County home, and that is understandable. But that doesn’t imply you should stay confined in your home and deal with problems on your own.

Isolating yourself after overcoming a drug addiction complicates things even further. The more you isolate yourself, the higher your chances of developing mental health complications, or even getting back to your old habits. At the very least, join social groups and interact with people who have followed the same path to recovery.

Dating Too Early

Once you overcome your substance abuse problem and work on your sobriety, you need to avoid relationships in your first year. Unfortunately, it is still common to come across individuals who jump right back into dating.  What they fail to realize is that they might be digging their own grave.

Remember, taking care of yourself in early sobriety is already a mammoth task and adding someone into the equation only leads to disaster.  Worse, heartbreak can be all the more tempting, and before you know it, you’re taking alcohol or drugs. That’s why you should try as much as possible to avoid getting into a new relationship earlier on.

Forgetting the Rest of Your Life

Although there is nothing wrong with staying at a sober living Orange County Ca home long enough, you still have a life to live. Whereas some people can get sucked into their new way of life easily, others live and breathe sobriety.  Doing this will never help you with anything since your life is at a standstill.

To be safe, try partaking in constructive things that make you happy. The secret lies in figuring the hobbies and passions that blend perfectly with your journey to sobriety. It is only then that you can strike the perfect balance between staying sober and the rest of your life.

In Conclusion

Recovery from addiction is a bumpy road, and everyone makes mistakes.  Be sure to learn from your mistakes and those made by other recovering addicts for things to turn out the way you expect.  Keep in mind recovery doesn’t end with treatment, and you have a role to play.

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Why And How Will You Move To Asia These Days?




Asia is today, rather than any other continent, the last tropical destination for many Westerners. It stands for spicy food, lively clothes, busy markets, crowded roads, and old temples. There are connections with Eastern mysticism, faith, mythology, philosophy, and art in Asia that have come in different forms into Western popular culture in Asia. Here are the tips to consider before moving to Asia:

Tip #1: Before you go

Visitors to Asia often don’t realize that their excellent jobs, internships, and international studies are adapted before leaving the country. No Asian country even closely resembles the Western countries in its way of life, customs, and attitude, while ex-pats’ support and local assistance also differ. Therefore, adjusting to the Asian way of life requires time, effort, and perseverance. Before you start your career in Asia, read a bit about your retirements, volunteers,, internships, or research in the countries you’re most interested in. Perhaps you would make more sense on a long-term trip to your favorite countries. “Travel is fatal to segregation, Mark Twain once wrote famously.

Tip #2: How are you going to do?

The big obstacle for most people in Asia is to select a destination that meets the main aim of traveling abroad:

You’re probably looking for a town with a good university or several language schools, nightlife and plenty to see and do. You are certainly interested as a retired resident in a peaceful and picturesque spot with a low price, a comfortable way of life, and good health services. If you are looking for Asia jobs, visa regulations, work culture, salary, benefits, and the quality of and cost of urban life, you probably have the highest priority.

Tip #3: Discovering Destination

In one of the many Asian countries, several factors determine the destination. You want a careful check in Asia if you search for jobs (see our article Working in Asia).

For the adventurous contractor and the individual who encourages him to develop a lifestyle company, I recalled all the reasons for moving in this field.

We’re now looking at ten reasons why I believe it is good to start a lifestyle company in Asia. 

1) Cheap food and beverages

It appears to be a typical reply to why you should come, but it is essential to remember this.

Staying in the USA is expensive. It’s much more costly if you’re in the UK and Australia. Food and beverage are just one of the users of our daily lives in the world.

2) Enhanced touch.

I assure you, though, that meeting new people in Asia is more comfortable than at home. It tends to be contra intuitive.

Several thousand tourist bars can be visited in Asia, and people can be reached on one side. It’s what you’ll ever go through most quickly Move To Vietnam.

3) It’s an adventure every day

I recall how I saw an elephant walking down the street on my first day in Thailand.

In Vietnam, I was about 24 hours and already saw a man on his motorcycle with a washing machine, a snack-filled container along the street; I almost killed trying, at least a dozen times, to cross the road.

4) At no rate of talent. 

Many people in Location Rebel start outsourcing and hire remote employees when they start their business. I found it is necessary to work with small teams if you can meet them in person. During my time with the Tropical MBA in the Philippines, I worked for three weeks with our remote team, and there has been considerable change in both work and relationships.

5) You’re pushing your thoughts backward.

A blind routine is a negative thing. The performance of your company is an intentional routine. It can be easy, especially during a day’s work, to go through life’s movements before you know that you are so stuck that it is almost impossible to adjust.

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Interesting Facts About Planning a Trip to India



trip to india

India is such a vast, diverse, wonderful, and colorful country that it’s no wonder people plan a trip to India every year. It’s a land of rich history, natural beauty, amazing culture, exotic cuisine, fascinating architecture, world-class hotels, and much more. For a variety of tourists, visiting India during a vacation is the best way to discover a land that has so much to offer for any type of visitor. The country is definitely a traveler’s paradise. Here are some tips on planning a trip to India that will both be enjoyable and affordable.

One great idea for those traveling in a group is to take a four-day tour of India that begins in the holy city of Varanasi and covers places like Amarnath, Kedarnath, Dalhousie, and Kulu. India is really its own large, vibrant state, and each city provides insight into luxury gold and other travel essentials for your trip to India. For some, traveling to India on a budget is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. These ideal days of travel start with Varanasi, the birthplace of Lord Vishnu, and end with the tranquil beaches of South and Central India. In between, a range of spectacularly beautiful states in India such as Goa, Kerala, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka, Delhi, etc., will provide an excellent opportunity to see India in all of its rich colors: green, blue, red, yellow, orange, black, white, and even exotic Orient.

What else do you need to know about trip to India?

One of the most exciting ways to enjoy the charm of India during your travels is to take part in some intrepid travel adventures. The most famous among them is the Himalayan region of India, where nature has bestowed upon the land a panoramic view of mountains and villages all this is included in the Cheapest Kashmir Tour Packages. Being a country with high peaks, there are times when the weather is so unpredictable that you might be forced to plan a trip to India accordingly. If you have decided to go trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas, make sure you do it during the winter. It is an exhilarating experience and you can expect to meet people who are willing to share the experience with you, as trekking here in the winter season is extremely adventurous.

One of the best places to spend your holidays in India would be in the state of Kerala in the southern part of India. Though there are other parts of India as well where tourists can spend a lovely time, Kerala is one of the most preferred holiday destinations. Its idyllic climate is a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, and the backwaters are an ideal place for travelers who want to relax and rejuvenate after the bustling life of the cities.

Another thing that you should keep in mind when planning a holiday in India is that you should not focus on the Taj Mahal. This is because it is a man-made construct, and while some travelers may be happy to see the monument, others will find it an object of interest only. The construction of the Taj Mahal was supposed to be done by the Mughals, but later it was handed over to the Indians. One of the reasons for the construction of this monument was to enhance the image of the Muslims in India since it had been built hundreds of years ago. Hence, travelers who intend to travel in the south of India should not keep the Taj Mahal in their itinerary, as it will spoil the entire culture shock.

When traveling in the east, you should plan a trip to Agra, which is known for the Taj Mahal. This beautiful city is also highly recommended by the Indian government for tourist purposes. Besides, Agra is considered to be the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi, who is one of the icons of the peaceful resistance movement. It is also worth mentioning that, this place was once the capital of Rajasthan, and hence, it holds a lot of historical importance for the visitors. Once you reach the erstwhile capital, you can catch a glimpse of the palaces and monuments that were constructed during the period of rule by the Mughal kings.

Also Read: Top 6 Travel Industry Jobs You Should Try For

If you want to plan a trip to India and want to experience some adventure, you should plan a trip to Kerala. Kerala is considered to be one of the best states in India, in terms of natural beauty. This state offers you some of the most picturesque backwaters as well as some of the exotic beaches. Therefore, if you plan a trip to India and want to visit Kerala, you should definitely include this state in your itinerary. In fact, the tourism industry of Kerala is booming, largely due to the backwater and hill stations that are being developed by the various Indian Tour operators and travel agents.

Now that you know what you should do if you plan a trip to India, you should start planning your itinerary. You can contact any travel agent who is specialized in planning itineraries for tours of India to give you a brief idea about what you should pack when traveling in this beautiful country. Furthermore, if you are traveling on a budget, you should definitely plan a trip to Kashmir and explore all the many tourist attractions that India has to offer you. There are many people who have explored this beautiful country on a limited budget and have declared that they would never go back to their hometown again.

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Tips for Moving abroad from Japan




A large number of Japanese people especially young people are very interested in going to another country to study or work. Some of them move overseas to live with their partners who are originally from that country.

Moving overseas from Japan can be the biggest adventure in one’s life whether it’s due to work requirements, in search of better standard of living or to study abroad. To make sure that this adventure proves to be an excellent lifetime experience, there are some things that you need to get done before you board the plane to your ultimate destination:

1. Build upon your savings

Moving to another country from Japan would empty your savings, so you better save as much as you can beforehand. Make a list of all the costs during the process of packing, travelling and settling into the new place. These include but are not limited to visa processing, travel tickers, shipping expenses, housing costs and some emergency funds as well. These expenses will exhaust your finances as they will cost a fortune.

It is also advisable to have enough money to finance your living expenses for the first seven to nine months of having moved abroad. Being broke in a foreign country among foreign people can subject one to serious mental pressure.

2. Complete your paperwork

Make a list of the documents that you need to carry along with you as they might be required by the country you’re moving into for various reasons. Having an important document missing can land you into a lot of trouble.

Make copies of every document you fill out during the permanent resident application process. Also keep separate copies of your personal documents in each luggage bag. Clear your dues if any before you leave the home country. Obtain required health clearances documents and any other necessary paperwork.

3. Do your homework on shipping and storage

Shipping your existing possessions from Japan to your new destination requires a fortune as the international shipping costs are sky-rocketing these days. At times, the shipping expenses can have you bear more financial burden than the cost of buying new things from the scratch. The shipping costs also include the cost of shipping your items from your home to the shipper’s warehouse or the port of origin, customs clearance as well as shipping them to the destination port and then to your new home once they have arrived at your destination country. It would be best if you get shipping quotes from several different international moving companies in Japan to compare their prices and services. 

4. Take care of your health needs

Every country has different health systems and regulations in place and it is always wise to make health arrangements prior to your travel.

Carry vaccination records all way from your infancy to your adulthood with you. Get any boosters and new vaccinations that your host country requires before you go. Do your homework on the foreign country’s health systems, hospitals and emergency health digits in case you meet an emergency there.

You can hop on the plane now and set off for your new adventure!

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Tips for Hiring a Taxi For Airport



On several occasions you have to have found it quite hard to organize and avail a cab in accordance with your requirement and relaxation. It now under a challenge once you move from 1 city/country to a different and locate the very suitable taxi service, after a dull journey. Whenever you’re travelling to an unfamiliar location, it’s much more challenging to find one that you have absolute trust on. Today, with all the rise of the amount of flights, there’s also a massive growth of cab services. A couple of companies, however, are supplying to the mark solutions, but it isn’t guaranteed you will always find a great one. Though you have many choices so as to employ a handy cab such as seeing online portal sites, yellow pages or local small business directory or you may ask friends, family, relatives or alternative recognizable people. However, there are a number of other essential things you ought to also consider.

Choose a reputed company
To start with, once you’re likely to pick a best one, just be certain you opt for a well-respected and renowned business that’s been in the company for a little while. A trusted firm consistently cares for the own name and reputation and so it provides value to its clients. Anyway, a god standing of a provider frequently ensures it is a superior excellent cab supplier. If you want to hire transfers Heathrow airport, you can visit our site.

Cost efficient taxi
Many providers ask a hefty cost from you but offer a very little if any support whatsoever out of you.  So price efficiency becomes quite significant in this circumstance. So you have to make certain you ought to go to get a cost efficient taxi service, which offers value for the money.

Quality of service
The grade of support being supplied is of paramount significance because regardless of to what extent that the business claims about its own service delivery, you’re the end user. The grade of support of any cab business is also dependent on the way that your chauffeur greets and welcomes you, makes you comfy and requires you to a destination nicely the inside time.  So ensure the cab company has a trained and skillful chauffeur, who must be exceedingly good in their own driving abilities.

Condition of taxi
It’s important that you should have a comprehensive expression of the cab which you’re likely to undergo. Just ensure that the cab that you’re going to hire will be in proper functioning condition. It needs to be supplied with all of the components like great AC, GPS, audio system, comfy seats and a beautiful inside.

Check the reviews
Before you will take the last decision of selecting the cab, it’s always suggested that you employ the cab only after taking notice of its own testimonials and fair feedbacks supplied by the prior clients. It’s because these feedbacks and reviews are more inclined to be true, making certain you are likely to pick the most out of many choices.

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