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Top Ten Most Significant Travel Destinations in Nigeria

Nigeria has 36 states, and we know each of them for something in particular. In each state, some locations regularly attract tens of thousands of tourists yearly.

These are the most significant travel destinations in Nigeria. Places where tourists come to sample culture and tradition for several reasons. It could be for art, business, leisure, or education. Or just to have a feel of what it means to be Nigerian.

It doesn’t really matter what place you pick because Nigeria already has an abundance of incredible tourism.

A contribution of 5.1% to the National GDP, does not seem like much, but it translates to about 20 billion Naira. That is 20 billion Naira a year from people visiting the most significant travel destinations in Nigeria to them.

So, of all the cool places to visit in Nigeria, which ones are the best? Below are the top 10 most significant travel destinations in Nigeria.

Badagry, Lagos

Lagos State holds a lot of historical value to the Yoruba people of Nigeria. But Badagry is a unique case.

Badagry is a backwater town on the outskirts of Lagos. It is so far inland that it would have been classified as another state altogether were it pointing in the right direction. It is also the site of some of the most brutal acts of negligence towards the Yoruba slaves back then.

There are many statues at Badagry that depict the most notable events of the Nigerian slave trade. It is not only one significant travel destination in Nigeria but of the whole black community.

Obudu Cross River

The town of Obudu may seem like just another small town in the Southern part of Nigeria. The thing you would not know is that Obudu is actually one of the coolest places you could ever visit in your travels.

Obudu is not a sizable place, but many people who live there appreciate the Efik culture and practice it daily. Everything from the way they dress to their food is absolutely awe-inspiring.

It also houses the famous cattle ranch in Nigeria, complete with its own resort and everything. What is there not to like?

Obudu is one of the few places in Nigeria to use cable transport because it is a very mountainous region. In the cable cars, you get to experience a god-like view of the beautiful green land below.    

Oshogbo, Osun

The state of Osun is named after an important goddess to the people of Yoruba land. A considerable number of its inhabitants are still practising indigenous worshippers.

Many things that defined Nigeria were actively canceled after British colonization, and traditional worship was one of them. They forced the indigenes to adopt Christianity, which is now the most practiced Nigerian belief system.

The people of Oshogbo have somehow kept their own beliefs alive through art and passed down tradition. Such sights as this are exquisite to see.

Island Territory, Lagos

Many people in Lagos know what the Island territory of Lagos State is for. It is where people from all over go to have a good time.

It is full of restaurants, arcades, beaches, malls, clubs, resorts, galleries, and many other fun places.

The island is the wealthy capital of Lagos State. It has every kind of place you could ever dream of, so whatever your needs are, you are never found wanting.

That reason alone makes it one of the most significant travel destinations in Nigeria and Lagos.

Port Harcourt, Rivers

Port Harcourt has a great feel to it. The urban life is top shelf, and the people are quite hospitable.

In Port Harcourt, every place has its own name and what it is known for. And there are many places to choose from. Zoos, amusement parks, you name it.

There are also many stadiums and beaches that you could visit just to lay back and have fun.

Ado Ekiti, Ekiti

Anyone that knows Ekiti State knows that the place is very hilly. Ado Ekiti is the capital city of Ekiti state. It really sums up the Ekiti State experience with its grassy hills and cold weather.

Most of Nigeria is actually hot in the summer. But the high elevation of regions like Ado Ekiti above sea level makes them cold.

If you crave serenity and brilliant weather, Ado Ekiti (with its natural resorts and beautiful views) should be a pleasure. 

Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory is just as the name implies. The primary reason this area holds importance to Nigerians is that it houses the president and his family.

Abuja is already a unique tourist attraction with great locations, food (you really should try the Kilishi meat), and lifestyle.

That the head of state lives there makes it one of the most significant travel destinations in Nigeria.

Benin, Edo

Benin is a charming city located in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria. It houses some of the grandest monuments in Nigeria, like the statue of Emotan and the Benin moat.

There are also many great places like wild-life reserves and old houses to visit if you crave an excursion. 

You could go and take a look at Oba’s palace to have a taste of the culture and history there. Everything in Benin is sure to be an adventure.

Ile-Ife, Osun

Here is another great Osun state city with a great history behind it and attractions to boot. Ile-Ife is purportedly where the first Yoruba gods landed when they came to earth from the skies.

It is regarded as a holy place by many Yoruba people. And a lot of indigenous worshippers go there often for strength and renewal.

While at Ile-Ife, you could also take a tour of one of the oldest standing higher institutions and be amazed by its rich past.

Aba, Abia

Every Nigerian knows about Aba made products. They are those cheap knock-offs of known originals that people buy to suit their budgets.

Who would not want to visit the homeland of cheap quality clothing?

If you need more to go on, Aba actually contains many attractive locations that would make you drool. But you would be staying for the crisp sub-urban way of life.

Safe Travels!

Nigeria sure has some great places. Everything here is a sublime mix of culture and tradition. It has birthed some of the most influential people, dead and alive, who have affected the world one way or another.

Everyday Nigerians are also interesting characters. When you visit, you get a taste of their numerous customs. These are so immersive that you almost feel like a part of them.

The many delicacies are rather scrumptious, and the locations are magnificent, so why not give some of these places a go?

So if you’re thinking of a travel destination where you can have fun and learn, then these places are a must-visit. 

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