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Do you know which search engine is easy to operate for most people? Yes, it’s GOOGLE and Google processes over 3.9 billion searches every single day. Being the largest search engine, Google is a crucial source of success for a law firm and practising attorneys. According to the National Law Review, 96% of people who take legal advice use a search engine and 74% of clients visit a law firm’s website to take action. And 70% of law firms get new cases through their website.

But it is not easy to rank high in google search results. If you are a lawyer, you need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for increasing your law firm website’s ranking at google. Not just that but SEO can increase website traffic and develop more leads for your law company. That’s why you should follow all SEO strategies to enhance your chances of ranking, as compared to local competitors.

The Google algorithm (set of rules) for SEO constantly changes as Google continues to update it.

But some strategies work incredibly for attaining organic traffic on your law firm SEO websites. 

I’m going to discuss some:

1. Keyword research for SEO: 

Keyword research Is the fundamental 

Strategy for SEO, reveals crucial information for your online business growth. Keyword research gives you information about what words people are searching for, competitive keywords, and helps you to focus on your content for organic visibility, traffic and ranking. 

While doing keyword research, the important thing to look for is competitiveness and traffic volume for target keywords. 

2. Content Marketing:

Content is the king in SEO tactics. You can’t create a user-friendly and attractive website for a law firm, without well-written valuable Content. Your website should have well-structured web pages and creative blog articles that attract your target audience and are optimized for search engines. For quality content keep on-page and off-page SEO in mind.

3. On-page and off-page SEO:

On-page SEO plays a great role in assisting Google to understand your website and quality content. When the user writes some query related to a law firm, the On-page SEO works to understand the question and deliver relevant information. 

For relevant and high-quality content on-page SEO optimizes 

  • URL’s
  • Format of content
  • HTML tags Like title, meta description and header
  • Images 

Whereas off-page SEO is the effort made outside of your website to improve ranking. It includes:

  • Guest posting
  • Building links
  • Social Marketing.


•Give great attention to the titles. Create fascinating and engaging titles to gap the target audience. 

•It’s better to use keywords in URLs. When a user searches some words and if it appears in a URL then the chances of ranking increase. 

4. Along with backlinks build relationships:

Backlinks are important for SEO. Backlinks provide a great impact on the ranking of your law firm website. When any site links with you it means they are giving signals to Google and voting for your page’s relevancy and quality content. Better is not to buy irrelevant links but make a relationship in a market and get relevant links.

5. Focus on user experience 

It’s quite frustrating if navigating the site is not easy and the site structure is chaotic. Users will run away from your websites due to dead links and error pages. Easily navigated and the well-friendly website attracts the audience. So give attention to a few things like

  • Safe browsing
  • HTTPS (website security)
  • Optimize from Mobile

These tactics will improve your ranking, reduce the bounce rate and generate good traffic.

6. Work on the site speed:

Simple technical things enhance the quality of your website. We all know that users demand fast websites-loading with great information. Optimizing speed performance has a great effect on law firm SEO websites. 

7. SEO consultant or agency:

Basic SEO is a common thing but for technical things, you may need an expert. The SEO consultant will take your website to a new level as they have in-depth knowledge and experience as well. 

What are the Benefits of SEO for Attorneys?

By applying the tactics of SEO for websites, you can get a variety of benefits. Includes:

  • Your law firm website gets more attention from the viewers.
  • SEO increase traffic
  • Your visibility will increase in local search.
  • You will get positive reviews for your business.
  • You can attract high-quality backlinks to your website. 
  • You will rank high compared to your competitors.
  • You will surely get profit in response.

There are many other benefits of applying SEO tactics. For improving digital marketing and getting clients’ attraction, you should give value to SEO.

Final words

If your law firm is looking to get organic traffic and a huge number of clients, I hope these strategies are really valuable to keep in mind. Law firm SEO will take you at a proficient level, not just that but will give you competitive benefits for the long run.

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