Top Six Popular Movies Like The Intern

The rundown incorporates related movies requested by similarity. The proposal motor caused the film to feel clever, great, reasonable, and semi-genuine. Coordinating with attributes are featured in strong. You can also follow up movies like the notebook if you are looking for movies to watch in your free time. 

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  1. The Devil Wears Prada (2006) 

Class: Comedy, Drama 

Nation: United States, France 

Term: 109 min. 

Story: The Devil Wears Prada is about a youthful columnist who moves to New York to work in the style business. Anyway, his supervisor is very requesting and brutal and would not allow him to succeed on the off chance that he didn’t fit the exquisite look of the privileged… 

Type: Funny, Realistic, Twist and Slick, Passionate … 

Crowd: Girls’ Night, romantic comedies, youngsters 

Plot: Fashion, vocation lady, city life, solid female character, chief and representative, working environment status, helpless soul, lady, business worker relations, work environment interest, right hand, news-casting … 

  1. Morning Glory (2010) 

Kind: Comedy, Drama, Romance 

Nation: America 

Span: 107 min. 

Story: A youthful and dedicated morning TV maker is recruited as a leader maker on a long-running morning show, yet presently falls flat in New York City. Anxious to air the show, she enlists previous news.

Type: Humorous, Realistic, Semi-Serious, Cozy, Entertaining … 

Crowd: Chick Flick, Girls Night, Teenage 

Plot: rating, hard-working attitude, compulsive worker, peer, media, relationship versus profession, showbiz, desire, craftsman and showbiz, unsupported friend, business worker relationship, glad completion… 

  1. Chef (2014) 

Classification: Adventure, Comedy, Drama 

Nation: America 

Term: 114 min. 

Story: When Chef Carl Casper suddenly leaves his place of employment at a café in Los Angeles in the wake of declining to bargain his innovative honesty for his controlling chief, he is left to sort out what’s next. Ending up in Miami, he collaborated with … 

Class: Touch, Street Movie, Feel Good, Semi-Serious, Comedy … 

Plot: Road Trip, Cooking and Food, Chef, Father-Son Relationship, Cooking, Kitchen, Food, Restaurant Owner, Parent-Child Relations, Ex-Husband Ex-Wife Relationship, Happy Ending, Staff … 

  1. The Terminal (2004) 

Class: Comedy, Drama, Romance 

Nation: America 

Length: 128 min. 

Story: Viktor Noworski is a man without a country; His plane detonated in his country as an overthrow, leaving it in dilapidation and now he is abandoned at Kennedy Airport, where he is holding an identification that nobody perceives. … 

Classification: Touch, Honest, Motivational, Interesting, Humorous … 

Plot: Airport, forlornness, outsider, voyager, culture conflict, falling head over heels in love, maverick, abandoned, not much’s, poor unfortunate soul, cheerful completion, sentiment … 

  1. The Hundred Feet Tour (2014) 

Classification: Comedy, Drama 

Nation: United States, India, United Arab Emirates 

Length: 122 min. 

Story: A story is revolved around an Indian family who meanders in France and opens a café across the road from a Michelin-featured French eatery. 

Style: Feeling great, contacting, wistful, semi-genuine, funny … 

Crowd: Girls’ Night, romantic comedies 

Plot: preparing and food, cafés, culture conflict, culinary expert, interracial relations, cooking, contention, settler, family relations, town, bias, uninhabited competition … 

  1. Something Gotta Give (2003) 

Sort: Comedy, Drama, Romance 

Nation: America 

Length: 128 min. 

Story: Harry Sanborn is a maturing music industry, his most recent prize sweetheart for young ladies like Marin. Things get somewhat peculiar when Harry has a coronary failure at Marin’s mom Erica’s home.

Style: Looks great, funny, heartfelt, light, sweet … 

Crowd: Date Night, Chick Flick, Girls Night 

Plot: Opponents draw in, age contrast, brilliant years, love triangle, sentiment, older, far-fetched couple, dramatist, love and sentiment, searching for affection, falling head over heels in love, guardians and kids … 

  1. Intouchables (2011) 

Classification: Biography, Comedy, Drama 

Nation: France 

Length: 112 min. 

Story: The genuine story of two men who ought to never be finished – a quadrilateral blue-blood who was harmed in a paragliding mishap and a youngster from the ventures. 

Style: Touching, feeling better, elevating, fair, motivating … 

Plot: fellowship, surprising kinship, life reasoning, companion, culture conflict, inability, way of life change, impaired, french, dejection, recovery, human connections … 

Sort: Adventure, Comedy, Drama 

Nation: America 

Term: 97 min. 

Story: Corporate tycoon Edward Cole and average technician Carter Chambers are various universes. At an intersection in their lives, they share a medical clinic room and find that they share two things practically speaking: a longing to hobnob that they surrendered… 

Classification: Inspiring, Passionate, Touching, Feeling Good, Kind … 
Plot: Travel, terminal sickness, old, sudden fellowship, follow your fantasies, kinship, experience, demise, human spirit, brilliant year, passing on, tycoon.

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