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Top SEO agency in Singapore- things to consider before hiring.



When you want to increase your website rankings or online visitors of your website, you will need to search for the top SEO agency in Singapore so that you will get the best quality assistance for your business needs. This is an extremely important process because the right selection of the SEO agency will make it easier for your customers to get access to your business website. There might be a large number of SEO agencies, but you should be careful with the selection of the agency as it should help in generating more leads and sales for your business. You should hire an agency that will deliver the right kind of results which can be accomplished with the implementation of comprehensive SEO strategies.

There are different things that you will need to keep in mind at the time of hiring the top SEO agency in Singapore and the most important thing is to look for the experience of the agency. You need to look for an agency with dedicated work in the past so that your business will succeed and you will get the desired quality services for meeting the needs of your business website. The agency also needs to have the reputation for helping businesses gain higher exposure and visibility that is needed for ensuring that your website will become more popular than the other business websites. The budget of your business is also an important consideration that you will need to pay attention to because it will determine the charges for the SEO services you will have to spend for getting the desired results. Along with the search engine optimization services, the agency that you hire should also offer other related services so that your business website will get higher exposure and visibility. When choosing a SEO agency, you will need to hire SEO experts who have the reputation of communicating effectively so that you will understand the needs of the business and follow the right procedures for high quality SEO services. Always hire a SEO agency with considerable company size along with all the required resources that are needed for ensuring that your business will get the desired quality services.

Checking the track record of the SEO agency is also important so that you will get to know the quality of services that you can expect from the professionals of the company. Going through the testimonials and feedback is also important before hiring the agency so that you will get the quality of services that you are looking for without facing any regrets or issues later. Never go for an agency that is charging extremely low prices because it might offer you inferior quality of services but look for someone who is reasonable so that your requirements will be fulfilled. Since, SEO is an investment for your business, you should be careful with regards to the selection of the agency so that you will get higher returns on your investment. The right kind of services is extremely important for ensuring that your business will move ahead for reaching greater heights and you will make the best amount of profits in the long run.

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Whatsapp Text Bomber can cause whatsapp to crash



You’ve probably seen the news: A text message circulates and can cause WhatsApp to crash.

In recent years, WhatsApp and other messaging applications have been targeted by bad actors to destroy them and harass customers.  The messaging application’s network is now making a new attempt.

Depending on where you looked, how scared you were.

As far as we know, this is the worst that can happen, and you should be able to delete the offending message after a restart so it no longer disrupts your work.

The Latest WhatsApp text bombmerapk, for example, is even publicly available, so you can download it for your own, uh, experiments, and it looks pretty simple at first glance:

However, as we noted in the figure above, the message is actually much larger than 100 kilobytes because it is filled with characters that tell you how to display the text, not what text to display.

In this case, there are thousands of pairs of symbolic characters in an order that says From now on, write from left to right, as you normally do in English, and immediately after that : Change your mind, now go from right to left, in Hebrew.

And this is what happens when a file tells every application that it is loaded to save the switch direction, even if nothing is displayed between each change of direction.

Markers just one jump to the left and one step to the right are sandwiched between the emoji like Unicode characters with a laugh and a shout and a final quote:

One might think that the direction of the text does not need its own special symbol if one assumes that the direction setting always applies to all documents.

But many languages that write from right to left, such as. B. Arabic and Hebrew, generally write numbers in Indian numerals, just as we do in English when we write a sentence as if there were 63,360 inches in a mile.

Therefore, text in these languages should generally be typed to the right, then go forward and move the numbers to the left of the text you just printed, then go back, move the numbers and move the text from right to left.

Similarly, word processing programs need to know how to make the cursor jump across a line when the edit point moves between different directions of the text in the file.

There are also many non-printable characters that are commonly used in Unicode text, such as B. which are used to join several characters together in the compound form in which they are normally displayed.

The combination of symbols in different forms often seems strange to English speakers. Note, however, that in English it was customary to write the word THE with the letters TH joined together in a form that somewhat resembled the modern Y, but this was not the case. Today we give an impression of antiquity when writing things like Ye Olde Gift Shoppe, but the word that sounds like Ye today is actually an alternate spelling of (and is pronounced the, not thou, for that matter).

So it’s not as easy to display old text messages as reading them byte by byte and displaying them one by one – as Apple recently discovered when a single Telugu character made up of multiple sub-components could somehow crash iOS.

What should I do?

  • Don’t panic– Reports of phone destruction are exaggerated.
  • Restart the phone if necessary.
  • Delete all joke messages.
  • Watch out for the WhatsAppupdate – they will definitely be working on it if it hasn’t been fixed already.
  • Don’t bomb your friends via SMS – it sounds like a joke, but it’s not funny.

Just think of the last point.

Cybersecurity jokes are worth a dime: it’s easy to send fake virus pop-ups to your friends; have fun sending annoying Weather Active Danger text messages booby traps; put stupid calendar entries in a colleague’s calendar while his computer is unlocked and his back is turned.

But please don’t do this.

Cybersecurity is a fight enough without trying to use it as a source of boring or embarrassing jokes…. …By the way, many of these pranks are illegal, so don’t expect any sympathy if you get caught!

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Hello Sunshine: 3 Things You Should Know About Solar Panels



3 Things You Should Know About Solar Panels

The average homeowner spends more than $104 on electricity every month. That’s more than $1,200 per year just to power your electronics and appliances.

Luckily, it’s possible to lower your energy bills once and for all without breaking the bank by installing solar panels on your property.

If you’re just starting to consider going solar, you need to understand a few key things about both the panels themselves and the installation process. Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Right Solar Panels Can Protect your Roof

In most instances, solar panels get mounted directly over your home’s roof. This means your roof needs to be in good shape before you can get the panels installed. However, if the materials are in good condition and don’t need tons of repairs, installing panels can help make them last even longer.

The panels cover your roofing materials and shield them from the harsh weather and elements as long as they’re in place. This means your roof will be less vulnerable to high winds and hailstorms over the life of your solar panels.

When installed by experienced solar energy providers, you’ll likely experience fewer roofing issues and repairs over time.

2. The Number of Panels You Need Depends on Your Goals

Even a single panel can help lower your monthly energy bills. However, installing more panels will make it easier for your home to generate more electricity, further offsetting the amount of power you use from your electric company.

That said, the more panels you install, the more the installation will cost.

Think about your goals before you decide on the right number of panels for your home. If you’re trying to eliminate your electric bill, discuss your options with your solar panel installation expert. If you simply want to reduce your bill even by a small amount, let your solar installation company know.

This will help them figure out the right arrangement for your home and your needs.

3. It’s Always Best to Shop Around

Different installation companies will charge different rates for the panels and the installation itself. This means it’s always best to shop around and compare rates from several companies in the area.

Just make sure not to base your decision solely on price alone. You want to get the highest quality panels installed by the most experienced provider whenever possible.

Adding Solar Panels Is a Smart Investment

If you’re ready to start saving money on your home’s electric bills each month without upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, installing solar panels is always a good option. Now that you know a few key facts, you’re ready to start looking for an installation company that you can trust.

As long as you do your research, shop around, and choose a company that will install the best system for your needs, you’ll be in good shape.

Adding solar panels is just one way to make your home more efficient. Check out our latest posts for more tips to help you lower your home’s carbon footprint.

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Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset: What does It Serve for?




Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

A bluetooth motorcycle headset responds to two fundamental needs: it allows us to use all the functions of the smartphone without making stops and works as an intercom to communicate with travel companions.

A bluetooth headset for the motorcycle must be easy to use and minimize the use of the hands, allowing safe riding. In fact, its purpose is to make the journey more enjoyable, more fun and to be a valid support for all the km we are about to do on a motorcycle!

Based on our habits on the bike, we can orient the choice towards one model rather than another.

Depending on our lifestyle, it’s wise to consider purchasing different types of motorcycle bluetooth headset. For example, if we do the same commute every day from home to work, perhaps we would like to listen to music to relax, when we use the motorbike to face long journeys and explore unknown areas it will be useful to take advantage of the directions of the navigator, and even if we usually travel with a passenger and with other motorcyclists, the audio quality of the intercom must be excellent even at a certain distance between the members of the group.

If we are expert motorcyclists, we would probably be comfortable with all the more advanced functions without neglecting any!

The headset will make our journey even easier to choose a model that is suitable for us and does not distract us from riding. Important one right?

Let’s see in detail the main functions of the bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth motorcycle headset and connectivity

The headset connected to the smartphone is mainly used to answer and make phone calls without forcing us to stop, perhaps in unsafe conditions, or slowing down a group via Siri or similar assistants.

A business call or an emergency at home will no longer be a problem and will not interrupt our journey. Usually the answer to calls is automatic so as to avoid the use of hands and some are equipped with voice commands, even more comfortable while driving.

Also from the smartphone or other bluetooth devices we can listen to mp3 music or radio channels to hear music, news, weather forecasts and traffic situations.

Finally, for a safe and pleasant journey, we can listen to the indications of the satellite navigator by connecting the headset to the navigator device or using any apps on our smartphone.

Bluetooth motorcycle headset: intercom function

The bluetooth motorcycle headset has revolutionized the way we travel.

The intercom between driver and passenger is already available via cable, but the bluetooth system adds convenience to a well-tested system. In addition, some bluetooth headsets provided to communicate with the passenger are excellent to be used even between two motorcycles that are close together. In addition to this, the real innovation of bluetooth is the connection between a group of bikes. In fact, some models can connect up to 6 bikes at the same time.

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Modern Technology Factors for Business Sector Support During COVID-19 Outbreak




Modern technology is getting advance in use for every sector of life and we can better see the effective changes caused by modern IT gadgets. No doubt, modern IT gadgets are always been supported for every sector of life. Especially, these gadgets have brought up the perfect changes in the business sector respectively. Everything has settled down impressively and we can better utilize this factor for the real-time effects for the life of the business. Currently, everyone is facing a serious problem caused by COVID-19 and it has also destroyed everything around us through its negative impacts. It has also imposed a strict lockdown situation all over the world and everything has stopped running in the market. Business strategies are disturbed a lot and people find the best solutions to get the past days advantages from the market.

Do you know the worth of the traditional events for the business sector? Traditional events are the best and effective solution we can see all around which has provided us the right and informative solution for boosting up the professional industry globally. These events are also considered the right option for every type of business all over the world. The cancelation of these events is due to social distancing and it is the most important solution for everyone to follow these days. Without following this thing, you might get affected by a serious virus attack and you can better destroy your health which is not a good sign by all means. Modern technology has also provided us the best solutions in the shape of a thermal scanner which is widely appreciated around the world. Do you know what is the specialty of this gadget? Here we will describe to you its technical specs in detail and you will also get know here how this solution is widely appreciated around the world these days as well. Several other reliable options you can see in the list have provided effective support to the modern industry to fight against coronavirus disease respectively. 

Modern IT Gadgets for Helping Professional Industry During COVID-19 Outbreak:

Read all these points carefully to get to know in detail about professional IT gadgets which have provided their brilliant support to the business industry respectively. 

1. Photo Booth

Do you have any idea about the photo booth? It is a brilliant option which has provided the perfect replacement for traditional events. Now, you are free to organize virtual events at your desired place without any hassle. It will never harm you and you might find this option reliable and smart in many other ways as well. You can better get in touch with your online attendees of the event by organizing these events respectively. Moreover, you can better get in touch with other marketers online by using this brilliant option. No doubt, the photo booth option is quite smart and useful for every business around the world. It has delivered the right solution for everyone to organize the virtual event by keeping a specific distance respectively. 

The best solution we will suggest to you here is to organize a virtual event in which invite your attendees online. The perfect solution we will suggest to you here is to spread the news of virtual event by sharing in different groups respectively. Interested people will get in touch with you in the event and you will see your event success rate through mosaic screen respectively. 

2. Temperature Check Tablet

Temperature Check Tablet or ScanTekk Kiosk is another brilliant solution we have these days which can better provide you the result of corona affected people through its intelligence. Normally, we do not care a lot about affected people and we invite them to the workplace respectively. The best solution is to hand the temperature check tablet outside the workplace and it will give you the perfect solution to scan people before entering the premises. It will never allow the affected people in the premises and you will completely find this option useful and smart by all means. Everything will get set in a perfect and you will also find your workplace secure from any type of serious infection. 

Many businesses find this option useful and smart and they have considered this solution the best for all. No doubt, ScanTekk Kiosk has reinvited the professional industry to its actual work and it will also guard the workplace effectively by all means. The use of this intelligent gadget is being normal at every commercial place because it has an option for scanning 1000 people in an hour with 99% accurate results. Here we will share with you the technical specs of the thermal scanner in detail and you will perfectly find this option useful and smart by all means. 

Technical Specs of Thermal Scanner:

  • Quad Core 1.8GHZ ARM Processor SoC
  • 4GB RAM
  • Quad Core T760 GPU
  • 8GB Internal Storage
  • 8” Touchscreen with 800*1280 Resolution
  • RFID Reader
  • Wi-Fi
  • RJ45 Ethernet
  • Web Management Interface
  • Serial COM for connection to access gates
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Manufacturing Locally, Sustainable at Large





With the progression in the fashion industry, there is a possibility for anyone to do anything. It is the ultimate time to embrace creativity for profit whilst initiating change. With what feels like an industry with endless opportunities, it feels somewhat impossible to create, profit, but also maintain sustainability and be environmentally conscious.

The fashion industry has ingrained the ideology that creating for a profit and sustainability cannot work together. The ability to sell globally unites creatives and increases the probability of making a profit. The progression to global online sales empowers many creatives around the world, making an accessible platform for the arts. There is a lot of positives to the global online sales which has blessed the fashion industry. However, with online sales comes creating content, advertising and marketing. These activities can exceed the time the product creation takes.

Although the online world is forever thriving, the success of a business comes down to the sales of the products. Sales are solely impacted by the quality, design of the brand, the materials they use and the brands ethos. The choices the brand face in context of design form the foundations to boost sales through online global sales.

Ongoing misunderstanding of sustainability and ethical design leaves a fog over the terms. Sustainability ensures that the productions doesn’t harm the environment, whether that is through toxic gasses, waste or pollution. The garment production process is liable to many issues regarding sustainability. Ethical design focusses on the people who work to produce the product, whether work directly or indirectly to the process.

Manufacturing locally is somewhat impossible. With sourcing different raw materials, manufacturing to take place, it is difficult to do this “local” to you. The term “local” should be said as a new term. “Local” meaning sourcing raw materials and manufacturing close to each other. This is likely to reduce the carbon footprint which is difficult to fully eliminate. The idea of working local to your manufacturers enforces a sustainable and an ethical process the designer can liaise with the , pattern cutter more easily to ensure their designs are excited with as minimum waste possible.

Sourcing locally to your manufacturer reduces the carbon footprint whilst increasing employment in the area. With the addition of fair pay and benefit schemes, this builds foundations for a prosperous community. We spoke to a pattern cutter, grader and sewing machinist based in London and they all agreed sourcing locally has boosted job opportunities in the their local areas. This process of sourcing locally to the manufacturer is a fairly small task which has a large positive impact on many.

It is undoubtedly difficult to have this thought process when working in the fashion industry. The process relies on a new way of thinking with a strong long-term vision. The ability to create opportunities in communities whilst reducing the negative environmental impact is a step which the fashion industry is yet to take. This step is possible with the reprogramming of the term local and with the consideration of our planet.

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