Top Reasons You Must Become A Commercial Pilot


If you are set to choose flying as a career but are still a little confused to actually make that final choice—here is why you must be in no doubt. Flying as a commercial pilot is a responsible job that has lots of perks and good money involved. However, besides that there also are a number of reasons why becoming a commercial pilot could mean you have more than just a rewarding career.

Travel (A Lot!)

If you have the travel bug hidden in you, you might be in love with your job after pilot training! This is because you get to travel to destinations seen and unseen over your working career.  Travelling is a big perk associated with being a commercial pilot. Moreover, you get to travel while being paid at a job. The travel routes you take as a pilot are so interesting and varied that you might never keep track of where you land up within a week’s time!

Amazing Photo-Ops

Jokes apart, not many careers offer the spunk of flying high in the sky while being witness to amazing views. Having a workspace in the clouds—this attains true meaning for a pilot. Of course, the risks you take are well-acknowledged but the views you get to enjoy are unmatchable.

Discounts for Family

If you are a pilot on a commercial airline, you get a lot of amazing deals on tickets for family members and sometimes even for friends. Lounge access, airline miles as well as upgrades to a higher class—there are a lot of things your family gets to access thanks to you being a pilot!

Focused Career

A commercial pilot has a stable job that might never wane in demand. Even the pandemic drove home the point that despite a temporary lull, flying will never truly take a backseat. A large number of commercial pilots state that flying is a very satisfying feeling and when you have this as a career it gives you immense confidence. Job satisfaction and related happiness matter as much as stability and good pay after all!

Healthy Work Life Balance

While a commercial pilot has stress and needs to fly long hours, there are ample breaks and off-days too. This is because a well-rested pilot is a dependable flier. This leaves ample time for you to balance your family life nicely. The work flexibility is a huge advantage of being a commercial pilot. Of course you get to enjoy the usual leaves and holidays too but these mostly work on a mutual understanding with your airline. Moreover, you do not have any spill-ons from work that you have to complete at home. While commercial flying is an intensely focused profession, you get to leave work at the workplace.

Newer Avenues

There are a lot of avenues in the field of aviation that a commercial pilot can venture into when there is an urge to quit active flying on a roster. There would be no dearth of options once you gain good experience as a pilot, in your kitty!

Summing Up

As a pilot, you constantly keep meeting a string of new people.  you keep exploring new places and this enlightens you more than you imagine. Since you get a lot of cultural exposure, you also get to gain a lot more knowledge than a non-pilot. Besides these perks, there are health incentives and good pay on offer too. The most important bit you realize after you make it big as a pilot is that you get to enjoy what you love. If you always love flying—go get trained to become a professional pilot now!

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