Top Reasons Why People Don’t Reach to Fitness or their Business Goals

Dreaming of becoming successful and actually becoming successful are two different things. In your childhood days, you also must have dreamed of becoming a doctor, teacher, scientist but how many of you stuck to those dreams till now and even if you stuck to your dreams, how many were able to achieve those. Business goals and fitness goals are also like those childhood dreams that most people crave but only a few of them are able to fulfill. Rohit Reddy, a great business tycoon successfully achieved both these goals: business goals as well as fitness goals.

Rohit Reddy – A Business Tycoon & Fitness Enthusiast 

Rohit Reddy is a famous personality. People know him as a leading entrepreneur, banker, marketing strategist, and fashion icon. If you check Rohit Reddy Instagram profile you will see that he has about 1 million followers and as per research they envy his lifestyle. However, they do not know his lifestyle is not god-gifted, behind this success lies his hard work, his strategies, his passion, and his dedication. 

There are millions and billions of people all over the world who want to achieve their fitness goals or who want to achieve their business goals but they are not able to achieve them. There may be different reasons that cause this failure of success. You need to overcome those reasons. Let’s see what those different reasons may be:-

#1 Let the time come!

Are you the one who is waiting to begin work towards your goal at the right time? It’s a trap! Right time never comes. Just go ahead and do it now. This is one of the most foolish reasons for the non-accomplishment of your goals. Just start doing it and your hard work and dedication will make your time perfect.

#2 I’m busy today, I’ll do it tomorrow!

If you are the one who knows how to make excuses for your unsuccess then congratulations! You will never be able to get what you want. No, no don’t take it otherwise. You can get successful but only if you give up on this habit of making excuses. If you really want to fulfill your goals then you will find a way to overcome all the problems that are stopping you to achieve them. It is just, you have to make your mind and have to show some courage. 

#3 He is the topper & I am not!

Do you have a habit of comparing yourself? See, different people have different habits, have different positives and negatives. You know your talent, strengths, and weaknesses. Maybe the one you are comparing yourself with seems to be very happy, very successful but you never know what he or she is going through in real life. You take your own ways to achieve success. According to Rohit Reddy, if you really want to compare then compare yourself with past you. Compete with yourself and one day you will realize how this competition has made you successful.


You may become like Rohit Reddy or you may become whatever you want but for that, you have to work hard, you have to start working for it, you have to give up on excuses and the main thing is before competing with others you have to compete with yourself. 

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