Top rated retail and store security for malls, shopping centers, and public venues

What are the top rated security guard company providers in South Texas is known for offering the most dependable and reliable retail store Security. Jim and security, serving the South Texas area, is regarded as one of the top performing security guard companies of the year.


With a professional team of license and dedicated security guards who were always taking the latest training, courses, and up-to-date on the news and regulations, it is no wonder that Genuine Security is considered one of the best retail store security in McAllen companies in South Texas.


With millions and millions of lost inventory every year reported by stores, shopping malls, and insurance claims, it is imperative  to have the best performing security guard company protecting your venue, staff, and inventory.


With a constant evolving array of techniques, strategies, and implementations to ensure the least minimal loss,  the security guard officers from Jen and Security will take every measure to ensure your day-to-day operations are smooth and successful.


Having a reliable security guard company protecting your interest is one of the most important factors  that determines your success. By having reliable security guard protecting your area, you can rest assured nobody will steal, cause any trouble, or scare off potential shoppers.


Shopping Malls and security guards

Genuine Security Guard Services offers effective, professional, and reliable security guard solutions for shopping malls and shopping venues of all sizes. With an ever-growing team of license security guards, you can rest assured we will properly assess, evaluate, and determine the best team for your Venue.


Security Guards may be armed or unarmed, plain clothes or uniform, as well as offer vehicle patrols and high visibility to ensure we can deter any Potential threats before they begin. Our highly trained security guard team maintains constant communication with each other as well as with your staff to ensure we always know what’s going on and if there’s any potential threats they may be deterred or addressed  in one way or another in most cases before they begin.


 contact genuine Security today at 956-529-5582 to see how we can help you with your  retail store Security in McAllen and surrounding area needs. We offer a free evaluation and if needed we will go to your location to properly assess and determine the best services for your needs and budget.


Licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety,   Genuine Security maintains and keeps up with the latest rule laws and regulations regarding the latest  Trends and use for licensed security guards, with a strict enforcement of all policies you can rest assured that security guard team with General Security will be  professional, courteous, and respectful when it comes to protecting your assets and securing your retail space. Short or long-term contracts are available as well as day to day single operations. Call us today to see how we can serve your needs the best and provide you with Peace of Mind by protecting your retail environment


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