Top Instagram Tips and Tricks for Music Professional to Grow their Following

Did you know that Instagram is now the recent addition to music professionals’ social networking toolkit? Instagram since its inception and existence for seven years has grown popular and better over time. When it comes to music experts, the photo-sharing social media platform has done wonders to them as far as the promotion of music is concerned.

Just as other social sites, there are best practices to follow if you would like to make the most out of Instagram to grow your following as a musician. According to an article published on INC, there are many Instagram profiles to help you boost your creativity.

Instagram is no longer a place where beginners try their photography skills by slapping some filter onto the images. Today, IG has become a platform for professionals such as musicians and innovative creators to garner millions of likes, follows, and shares.

In this article, we will share some useful tips and tricks to help musicians to promote their talent on Instagram. Here is how:

Focus on research

Before you begin sharing Instagram photos and videos of musical performance, take some time out of your busy schedule to research bands that are similar to your music genre. You need to figure what content types are working for them and why. Research the hashtags they use for their posts and what are their engagement rates?

You need to take inspiration from similar profiles and not directly copy them. On Instagram, you cannot use someone’s photos without seeking their permission. If they permit, it is not a good practice to use other’s content. You need to share original unique photos and videos that you create. Always do your research before starting to share your posts to stay afloat in the game of social media marketing.

Make sure your Instagram handle is secure

After you create your Instagram handle, make sure you secure the same. It means you need to create a name for your musical band, which is your IG handle. When you are contemplating promoting your musical band via Instagram, you will have to secure its name first. Think of a unique name before someone else uses the name for his or her Instagram handle. You need to read up on the trademark policy of Instagram if you have questions or doubts about creating unique Instagram handles.

Focus on the content breakdown

When it comes to your Instagram content, there two unique ways to figure out what you should post on the platform. Bigger acts are ideal for professional Instagram shots such as you performing on the stage.

If you are looking for increased engagement, and like to buy real Instagram followers, share a mix and match of relevant music and other posts related to the entertainment industry for enhanced results.

Add more character and persona to your Instagram feed to help you improve your following and engagement. You need to spend some time researching what posts work best for the music industry and professionals associated with the same.

Decide whether to synchronize Facebook, Twitter with Instagram

There are two basic rules when it comes to synchronization. First is convenience, which is simpler to bring into line your IG page with Twitter and Facebook pages so that your music-related photos and videos are posted on all three social media platforms simultaneously.

Again, you can also treat each of the social sites separately and differently. For instance, when it comes to Instagram, it is normal to integrate several hashtags for your posts. Instagram allows you to include 30 hashtags. Then, Facebook hashtags mean somewhat of innovation.

Consider the frequency of your Instagram posts

Though the frequency of posting photos or videos on Instagram does not make much of a difference, you need to share content no doubt. When it comes to Twitter, the content lives for a very short time and disappears in loads of news feed.

As far as Instagram is concerned, the quality of photos and videos matters much more than quantity. You can post 2-3 times on Instagram every week, but posting too many times, a day might annoy your followers. That is why post in moderation without looking spammy. Then, that does not mean that you share Instagram content every three months! All you need to do is focus on photo quality and maintain a balance when it comes to posting frequency.

Reply to comments

After sharing photos and videos of your musical performances, you may see people commenting on your posts. Reply to such comments quickly and even like their Instagram posts. The more interaction you build on this platform more is your engagement and followers.


Keep these tips in mind if you want to increase your follower count on the social media app. Share the best-quality photos, videos, and relevant hashtags to build engagement. Follow some great musicians and take inspiration from them.

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