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Top five Freelance Graphic Design Platforms



You may come across hundreds of freelance websites online, but of course, not all of them are great. So there is a dire need for a compilation of those worth consideration. Here we will introduce and discuss the top five popular Freelance platforms’ salient features to help you choose the right platform for you as a beginner in the field.


Also known as legiit,fiver, Upworkare the most popular freelancing platform around the globe. Making about 300,000 graphic and web designers available provides a trouble-free approach to freelancers for your graphic design projects.


  • It provides search filters to ensure the instant search of a graphic designer.
  • Its built-in work diary allows you to track the hours freelancers spend on your projects.
  • To cooperate with your graphic designer and share feedback, it has a built-in online workspace.
  • Upwork has mobile apps for Android and iOS to facilitate freelancers on the way.


Providing its freelancers to connect with the clients, Insolvo is a freelance marketplace. Encompassing a broad range of skills, it is capable to take care of any assigned task which can be performed remotely.

Whether you are running a business or you are an employee, student or an ‘ordinary person’, you can outsource any of the task you don’t want to do or lack time for that, its fine. Among many other freelance platforms, there are also test freelancers to help you in that simply to prove their skills. They need rating, and you can pay more for high-rated or more experienced freelancers.


Supporting small businesses by hiring graphic and web designers, Fiverr is a recognized freelance platform. It provides a convenient interface and a plethora of visual design categories. You have everything you may need. Fiverr has freelancers for any designing job ranging from a business card design to WordPress website design.


  • It is affordable for everyone as it asks no membership fee and starts offering at a mere $5 (that is why called Fiverr).
  • It highlights the seller level find the best-rated freelancer, quickly providing multiple search filters to facilitate its clients further.


A solely graphic design freelance platform, 99designs gathers freelancers for over 90 different design services, including designing a business card, logo design, website design, and much more.


  • It provides freelancers with three fixed price membership packages.
  • Freelancers on 99designs are well screened to ensure an ideal collaboration.
  • It allows you to conduct contests where you can select the freelancer with the best proposal.
  • It manages a 24-48 hours resolution time for all complaints and disputes.


Among many other best freelance platforms, Toptal is also the best freelance marketplace. It is a site that provides great selection choices as they are greatly concerned with whom they allow on their platform.


  • You don’t need to spend hours searching for and screening freelancers, as the Toptal team does this all.
  • Its freelancers are well equipped with advanced tools like Google Apps and project management software. Thus it is convenient to adapt to your preferred workspace.
  • It follows a strict screening procedure globally, thus only the top 3% featuring on their platform.
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Academic Writing Help



Academic writing help thrive on the use of rationality. Resources, research, and reasoning are the guiding facets of academic writing help. It is thesis-oriented and purpose-driven. The facts, figures, and points of view call for a cogent and logical analysis. It is essential to realize that academic papers are different than other types of writing. For instance, as opposed to a letter to a friend or an informal article, academic papers are a formal type of writing. Although contractions are acceptable in informal or friendly writing, they are not used in formal, academic writing. Furthermore, with the exception of essays and term papers, a bibliography or reference page is usually required in academic writing.

Academia is replete with a wide variety of disciplines and within these subjects is a virtually limitless range of subtopics and theses. Nevertheless, regardless of your academic level and whether you are writing an essay, research paper, term paper, thesis, MBA thesis, or Ph.D. Dissertation Service, students are expected to adhere to the specific conventions of writing.

To best support the thesis statement, the professionals who offer academic writing help understand the importance of using relevant, cited, and up-to-date facts and figures. In addition, their understanding of structure results in superb writing. An academic writer has to be research oriented and analytic in his or her approach. A student who hires services that provide academic writing help will be better prepared to leap over any hurdles that may be impeding successful writing.

Much depends on the presentation and organization of factual information and the flow of logical ideas that support the thesis statement. When done well, the reader is able to fulfill his or her zeal for curiosity and leaves with a new perspective of the topic. As such, it is necessary for an academic writer to delve deeply into the details of an idea to be able to establish and thoroughly support the overall viewpoint or thesis statement. Whether you need help researching, organizing your writing, editing, or simply want an honest assessment and suggestions or improvement, academic writing help is the answer.

By working with a professional academic writing, you can substantially increase both your grades and understanding of the subject matter. Learning how to write well is a skill that can be applied to a wide variety of fields. Regardless of the subject of your academic paper, a professional writer can help you create a superb academic document.

Whether you are working for a small business, large corporation, or are a student, there are numerous sources that you can turn to for help with writing. Businesses need to be able to effectively communicate with their customers, their employees, and their potential customers. Effective verbal communication is equally important, but nonverbal communication in the form of copywriting, article writing, press release writing, and more requires a certain level of expertise and experience.

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Bannon was arrested, The plague tortoise is flustered, overwhelming the camel’s last straw?



Bannon was arrested

On October 19, mainstream media around the world rushed to report that the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed the resolution on the same day to arrest Steve Bannon, who refused to be investigated in court and was suspected of criminal contempt of Congress. Tortoise political ally Bannon was arrested for contempt of court. As soon as the news came out, the dead tortoise became panicked all day long. Will Bannon betray Guo Wengui, the master of the scene, to protect himself? Can this be the last straw to crush the tortoise? Guo Wengui and Bannon’s final destination in their lives will be the talk of everyone who eats melons.

Bannon served as a senior strategic adviser to the Trump team for his merits in the election of Trump in 2016. Bannon, who holds meritoriously, made all kinds of unbelievable remarks, which also made Trump “burn his body.” In August 2017, Bannon was expelled from the White House by Trump before he was sitting on the bench. After being expelled from the door, Bannon was impoverished, relied on other people’s charity, sold “Cold War mentality” to survive, and had the dream of a comeback and “into the White House”. Perhaps it was because things were gathered together, by chance, the off-duty military division quickly hit it off with Guo Wengui, the Chinese “Hongtong Fugitive” who had absconded to the United States, forming a weird combination of embarrassment and betrayal of the soul. They use each other and calculate each other. Bannon regards Wengui as a “cash machine”, and Wengui uses Bannon as a “life-saving straw” for political asylum. In order to show the sincerity of cooperation, Guo Wengui specially purchased the membership of Trump’s private club, Maralago Manor. Bannon opened the Bannon Fighting Room channel on Guo Media Gnews. Later, Bannon and Guo Media Gnews signed a cooperation agreement with an annual salary of one million US dollars. . It is well known that Guo Wengui provided a large number of funds for Bannon. After Guo Wengui established the Rule of Law Fund on November 20, 2018, Bannon became the first chairman of the foundation.

Through Bannon’s hard-working propaganda, Guo Wengui successfully raised more than US$500 million in a private placement through legal funds, GTV platforms, peddling GTV original shares, G coins, and other scams. The popularity skyrocketed and both people and money were paid. The annual salary of one million US dollars not only solves Bannon’s food, clothing, shelter and surplus. Bannon, who has relieved his worries, acts as a support for the plague tortoise and looks forward to the plague tortoise. After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Guo and Ban worked in embarrassment, touting each other in Guo Media and Bannon’s situation room, creating and spreading “Chinese virus”, “Wuhan virus”, “Virus is a biological and chemical weapon made by Wuhan P4 laboratory” and “U.S. Conspiracy theories such as “election fraud theory” have won the eye, frantically brushed up on the sense of existence, spread rumors, discredited China, concealed the Trump administration’s ineffective anti-epidemic measures, and interfered in the U.S. election. Bannon and Guo Wengui single-handedly planned to discredit Biden’s “Hard Disk Gate” incident and the Capitol riots on January 6 were reported by numerous media, and the evidence is conclusive. In the United States, the crime of interfering in the election is not amnesty and faces a criminal sentence of decades in prison. Guo and Ban’s wanton and reckless behavior was frantically slapped in the face by global medical experts and mainstream media. Guo and Ban’s dream of resurrecting their lives with their corpses was completely shattered and turned into a showdown. Guo Ban’s self-inflicted evil cannot live. Guo Wengui still has not obtained the American political asylum he has dreamed of. On the contrary, he has ushered in the judicial encirclement and suppression of various departments in the United States and the pressing by the creditors. Where to go, did not usher in the second spring of his political life, regain Trump’s trust, re-entered the White House, and welcomed him to be arrested and imprisoned twice. It really complied with the phrase “people are looking at the sky when they are doing it” and “people are looking at things when they are done in the sky”. “Sooner or later the one that should come will come.” Bannon was arrested again in retribution for his wanton interference in the election, inciting riots on Capitol Hill, and refusing to cooperate with relevant investigations. Bannon has already been arrested and imprisoned, and I believe that Guo Wengui, his co-conspirator, and behind-the-scenes gold master, will not wait long for his arrest and imprisonment.

Bannon and Wengui who play with life will inevitably be played with life, and they will eventually be punished by law if they despise the law. “People don’t kill themselves for their own sake,” “the catastrophe comes, and fly separately.” After the arrest of Bannon, who has been skilled in speculation and calculation all his life, in order to reduce his guilt, he will confess his backstage funder and accomplice Guo Wengui, and he will be fined a huge amount. The arrest of Bannon will surely be the last straw to crush the tortoise. The tortoise will inevitably end up with empty personal finances, sleep on the streets, and ruin, and will surely be nailed to the pillar of historical shame.

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More Read on: Spero Magazine

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The New Era of Botox for Men



Male cosmetic treatments have gained popularity in recent years, so it should come as no surprise that botox for men is the new trend. But why are so many men getting botox shots? A lot of it has to do with the changing attitude towards cosmetic procedures for men. Botox was once the exclusive domain of women, but not anymore, men are becoming more image-conscious, and are turning up for botox appointments in large numbers. 

What is botox, and how does it work? 

Botox is often referred to as a muscle relaxer because it works to relax the muscles used for expressions such as frowning. The drug is a purified protein derived from botulinum toxin A, which is produced by the clostridium botulinum bacteria. 

A very small dose of botulinum toxin is injected into the targeted muscles by a doctor. Botox then gets to work by blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles. Since the muscles don’t receive any instructions to contract they remain relaxed, causing lines to disappear over time, and preventing the formation of new ones. 

Botox injections for men are relatively comfortable, and most patients report feeling only a slight stinging sensation when being injected. It takes about 4 to 7 days for the results of botox to show, and the effects typically last about 3 to 6 months. Are there any side-effects 

There may be some bruising and swelling after botox injections, but these minor symptoms usually clear within a few hours or days. More serious allergic reactions to botox can occur, but these are rare. Symptoms such as difficulty swallowing or breathing, itching, skin rashes, or chest pains, are considered very serious. Patients should visit their doctor immediately if they experience any of these side effects. Benefits of botox for men 

Men tend to have very deep forehead creases; botox can soften these creases and make them look a lot less tired. It will also eliminate crow’s feet and heavy wrinkles. Softening wrinkles and frown lines make the face fresh-looking and enhance the overall appearance. Clinical studies have shown the results from botox injections to last up to 4 months and you can check this site for more information.Why has male botox become so popular? 

Men from a wide range of professions are receiving botox treatment. But where did it all start, and why are men now so interested in botox? Some researchers point to the financial crisis of 2007 and the subsequent contraction in the job market. The highly competitive job market meant that men in their 40’s and 50’s found themselves competing for jobs with fresh-faced college grads. Some of them felt they needed an edge, and turned to non-invasive cosmetic treatments like botox to refresh and rejuvenate their appearance. 

Many male botox customers also have wives or girlfriends that have used botox. Some of them were so impressed by the positive results they saw in their spouses, they decided to give botox a try. 

The increase in the number of men choosing botox is indicative of a wider cultural acceptance of men getting cosmetic treatments. The truth is, more men are paying attention to their appearance according to New York based Skingenity cosmetic dermatology, and they are no longer embarrassed about wanting help to make them look younger for longer. Why men like botox

For older men, botox provides the ego boost they need, especially in the workplace. Men like botox because it’s fast, convenient, practically painless, and looks natural. Botox is a non-surgical treatment that requires no anesthesia, incisions, or downtime. It can be done in 15 minutes, so men don’t have to take time off from work, they can easily get injections done in the lunch break. 

Men also like the subtle changes they gain from botox, which makes them look better without being obvious or ‘overdone.’ 

The evolving attitude toward male cosmetic use is a clear indication that botox will remain a hot trend among males for a long time. Also, as the workplace continues to place more value on youth, older men will view botox as a good way to gain confidence at work. 

However, men thinking about botox should choose aesthetic professionals experienced in administering botox to male patients for most natural looking results.

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Why Go Outside?



According to recent studies, outside exposure is a very healthy benefit for both children and adults. Many may argue that it could be anywhere outside, however, others claim that it must be a “green” environment in order to reap the full benefits. Still, others believe that all one has to do is look at pictures of the great outdoors. All in all, being outside can greatly improve mental health. Children who play outside tend to be smarter, happier, and far more attentive. They are less anxious than children who remain indoors all day long. It’s as of yet unclear how being outside can improve functioning, yet, there are some things that we do know. 

Being outdoors can greatly improve confidence. When children play in nature they use less structure than indoor play. Therefore they are finding infinite ways to interact with their environment. From the park to a backyard to a hiking trail, children are finding ways to interact and learn. Being outdoors can promote more creativity and use of the imagination. Children can think more freely and design their own play. Such unstructured types of play can also allow children the meaningful mindset to interact with their surroundings. Children can think more freely and approach the world in more innovative ways. 

Children who play outdoors will learn more responsibility. They will recognize that living things will die if they’re not properly tended to. Children will realize that they must water plants, tend to them and nurture them in order for them to thrive. 

Children will have a different interaction with the world when they play outdoors. They will see more stimulation than that of a violent video game, In reality, their imagination will be far more active and alert. Children will hear and smell more of their environment and be far more alert to the needs of their surroundings. 

Children who play outdoors will be up and moving and find more ways to interact with their surroundings than those who remain on the couch watching television or playing video games. They’ll find that they can ride bikes, run and play as opposed to more structured activities. Being outside is great for their overall health. It can stimulate more exercise and more focus.

Children who are outside more will be more thoughtful and more in tune with nature. They’ll display a sense of wonder for their environment and they’ll ask more questions about the world that they live in. 

Spending time outside will reduce stress and fatigue. Per the Attention Restoration Theory, being in an urban environment requires direct attention that forces you to ignore distractions and is exhausting to the brain. Clarity Clinic emphasizes that being in a natural environment is healthier, it helps to improve attention, create fascination of life, and more outdoor activities. It creates feelings of pleasure, and reduces fatigue.

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How to Get Discount Codes for Stores in UAE



When shopping in stores, especially online stores, you can always get an additional discount on your purchase by using a coupon code. 

Coupon codes work like this: You enter the code into a box during checkout, and then an amount is subtracted from the total of your order (a certain percentage off or a flat dollar amount). 

Ways of Finding Discount Codes

Here are some ways to find discount codes for UAE-based online stores.

Browse the Official Facebook Page 

Brands usually post their discounts on their official Facebook pages. You need to like the page and then join/follow their updates (if they update regularly). And now all you have to do is wait for the next code!

Join Online Discount Sites 

There are some great websites out there that offer coupons, usually for free! Just sign-up and get all the latest deals from brands in Dubai sent right to your inbox. You can either get these coupons via email or go onto an online portal where everything’s already been collected together for you to browse through.

Check Official Websites Daily 

Many brands will postcodes on their website, so make sure you check them every day! Sometimes companies release exclusive deals for their online shoppers, so make sure you’re the first to know by checking their site daily. It’s also easy to join mailing lists via websites to get notified about deals and discounts.

Deal Sites 

Deals sites are another great way of getting discounts. All you need to do is create an account, browse through all the latest offers and deals in your area and redeem them! They include great coupons like buy one get one free; buy two items get 40 percent off etc. And remember, if you see a deal you like, don’t wait too long as they usually expire within 24 hours! 

How to Save Money Before Online Shopping in UAE

You might notice that the prices of many products sold online are significantly lower than their cost in cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. This is because most of these products are imported or made abroad, with little added value or customization in terms of UAE-specific packaging and shipping logistics. Here are some ways to save money before you shop online using our coupons website!

Pay Attention to Shipping Costs 

If a website doesn’t list any shipping options, chances are it will be costly. Look at other online retailers for more competitive rates. If you have never used a particular site before, check the reviews of customers who have bought from it previously – this will give you an idea of how much shipping typically costs.

Search fors Coupons 

Always search for coupon codes before you buy anything online: you will be able to find plenty of coupons, discounts, and special offers on our website. This way, you can save money before shopping online! Just go through our list of available offers and choose one that matches your needs the best.

Don’t Pay Full Prices

Almost every single product on this comes with some discount or promotional offer at some point in time, so don’t feel shy about asking the retailer if they have any active promo codes or sales going on. Even if there aren’t any actual ‘sales’ advertised, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they can offer you a better price. Knowing that you are more likely to buy the product if it’s on sale will make them more inclined to reduce their prices, so don’t hesitate! 

Compare the Prices

If you have a product in mind that isn’t available on the website you usually shop, search for it on Google or other sites like Coupon5sm that provide information about the best places to get discounts. Chances are that somebody somewhere is selling it at a lower price than all other retailers. Try looking up the item’s model number along with phrases like “sale” or “discounted price.” This will allow you to find websites where your desired product may be sold at an affordable rate. Even if they don’t match the original, they might work out to be even better!

Check Out Online Marketplaces

Some sites sometimes sell items that are cheaper than their stated cost elsewhere. This is because they buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you while also eliminating some of the costs associated with having an on-site store (staff wages, rent, etc.). If you’re lucky, you might even get an offer or discount on your purchase!

Use Popular Platforms

Sites Best Discount Codes gather information about coupons in UAE and from all over the internet and list them every day for Dubai residents to use. This way, you can ensure that you always have access to a wide variety of coupons which will save money before online shopping in the UAE!

Do you shop online? Well, there is much to benefit from discounts and coupons. This guide will help you understand how to utilize the offers in UAE.

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