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Top Fashion Trends In 2020

The year 2020 has been one of the craziest years with a pandemic going on all over the world. But now it’s time to take back our lives and focus on ourselves and our look and not on the safety measures we are all taking and the social distancing going on.

In this article, I’ll share with you the top fashion trends from this year so you can update your style. Make the changes in your style and you are going to feel so good about yourself, that you will almost forget about Covid.

#1: Silk Hair Scrunchies

Did I just say scrunchies? Yes, I did! Scrunchies are back from the 80s and they are all the rage.

Everyone is wearing them these days, even celebrities like Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande. Here are a few ways to make the scrunchie look amazing with such little effort:

  • Wear your hair in a messy bun
  • Go for the messy ponytail look
  • Make a braid and tie it with a scrunchie
  • The topknot is very popular these days

There are so many ways of wearing the scrunchie and so many different kinds out there. Silk hair scrunchies are very fashionable and comfortable because of the softness that silk provides. It can be matched with anything you choose to wear, making it a very versatile choice for hair accessories. Get a bunch to have around your house, in your purse or in your car so that you’ll never be without one.

#2:  Clothing

Clothing styles are always changing. It’s hard to know what is in style and what looks good. I’ll share with you the top clothing trends for this year so you won’t have any confusion:

  1. Oversized sleeves
  2. Shoes worn over the pants
  3. Oversized boots while wearing a beautiful dress
  4. Faux leather coats
  5. Faux leather jumpsuits
  6. Bucket hats

While this may not be your first choice when you go shopping, if you want to be in style with everyone else, consider this list. You never know, it might be something you really will enjoy wearing. Try it and see!

#3:  Jewelry

2020 is all about making a statement with what you wear and how you wear it. Adding jewelry  to your look will definitely do just that. Get some tubular shaped necklaces, earrings or bracelets. If those don’t suit what you are looking for, try getting some heavy chains that you can wear around your neck or wrist. Pearls, costume jewelry and charm bracelets are very popular as well.

If you still haven’t found any of these options appealing, try the look of mismatched earrings or long and oversized necklaces and if you really want to go crazy, put on a choker. Big hoop earrings or even wearing a single earring can be a great choice. And if you are very bold, make it all very colorful.


The look of the year 2020 is to go all out, go crazy and make a splash. Choose clothing and jewelry and accessories that are bold and will make a statement. 

Written by Ester K. She is writing content about SEO for Pearl Lemon Property. You’ll find me playing with my dog Gizmo in between copious cups of coffee and even the odd donut or three :).

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