Top Facts About Facility Management

Top Facts About Facility Management

Facility management is a difficult task no matter what type of facility it is. Those in facility management need to handle all types of tasks like the temperature of the building, working equipment, security, bathrooms, and more. Look into these facts to take into mind to become a successful facility manager.

Operational Costs

Just like any other part of a business, the goal of a facility is to make a business as much money as possible. Since a facility is generally not the product a business is looking to sell but rather the place people get work done, facility managers have the goal of ensuring that operational costs are as low as possible. This means constantly looking for cheaper ways to maintain the place whether it’s getting a better contract with a lawn care provider or contracting your food supplier out to somewhere else rather than making it all in-house. Businesses will always be happy with facility managers who are constantly looking for ways to lower operational costs.

Employee Happiness

To make more money, businesses need to ensure that their employees are happy with the way they are being treated so productivity stays up. The facility manager is responsible for some of this role by making a facility as comfortable as possible for employees whether it be better air conditioning, better quality food, or bathrooms that are cleaned regularly. To ensure that employees are always happy, facility managers should send out regular surveys so the most problematic parts of the facility can get worked on. Always ensure that employees working in your facility are as happy as they can be with it.

First Impression

Whether you have guests coming by or new employees applying, you’re going to want to make a good first impression. While regular employees might be happy with the job you are doing, you’re going to want to think about what people see when they first come in like making sure that the floors are clean. Make sure that you ask any visitors what they like about the facility so that you can emphasize those parts more in the future. Creating a good first impression is an important role for any facility manager.


While you’re mainly going to have to think about the actual building you’re looking over, facility managers have a role in looking over the parking lot as well. Facility managers should be looking for ways to make parking easier regularly such as creating reserved spots for employees so they don’t have to go around for minutes hunting for the perfect opening. Another role in parking is ensuring that you have enough handicapped parking spots in the front of the parking lot so those that need help can get in your facility just fine. Handling parking right is just another way that you can make your employees and visitors happier.

Planning a Schedule

Running a facility entails building a schedule for workers to come in and help out on different parts of that facility. Workers need to be set for different times of the day as it can look a bit daunting if you have parts of the facility all worked on at once like janitors cleaning the bathrooms while someone is fixing something in the hallway. To ensure the best planning as possible, have people who work on your facility come in during the highest peak of off-time like in the middle of the night. Planning the right schedule of work for your facility is just another way to make employees happier with the way your facility management is going.

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