The giant shopping days are around the corner: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As an online wholesaler, you must use these shopping festivals to boost your sale. We are going to guide you on how to join Black Friday 2020 mania and increase your sales effortlessly. We have designed a few tips to generate more traffic for your eCommerce business. Start implementing these tips now so you can secure your profit. 

Why is Black Friday Marketing Important?

According to a recent report by Sale Cycle, Black Friday online sales outstripped all other previous records, reaching $7.4 billion in 2019. Isn’t it huge? This shopping festival is a blessing for every business with online or brick or mortar stores. Our tips will help you ensure a share of this $90.14 billion market. Settle in for a prosperous festive season.

Key Black Friday eCommerce insights:

  • People are more likely to shop online on Black Friday than other sales. 
  • With revenue up 240%, Black Friday sales have become the center of attention for many businesses, regardless of their medium.
  • Nearly 220% increase in online traffic was recorded in 2019 during Black Friday.

Black Friday Marketing Ideas

Here are some Black Friday ideas to activate your creativity for your business growth. 

  • Act Early

Customers receive messages minutely from different merchants which exhausts them. The best way is to contact them before they get exhausted and take your message as another promotional spam.

  • Launch New Products

During Black Friday sales, consumers love browsing through new products. This forced retailers to offer them new products. Use this opportunity to launch your new product on the market. Retailers will pay more attention to your product than usual. Use their curiosity to your advantage.

  • Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tools to boost your sales. It is reported that for every $1 you spend on your email marketing; you have the possibility to earn $42 within a week. 

You can use this tool in two ways, one you can contact your current customers by sending them your deal offers and gifts coupon along with your business booklets. This way you not only engage them by offering something attractive, but also provide them with your business information for the post-sale period. 

You have another option to use cold emailing like many other online wholesale businesses

In case you are promoting any specific product, send clear images with a detailed description of your item. Keep the tone neutral. Too much promotional tone may end you up in junk mails.

  • A day A Deal

The customer loves surprises. Use this element to keep them engaged. Do not open all cards in one day. Make it a day promotion. This way they can find your hidden boxes. Keep going to your business.

The best way to offer different deals on different days is to keep the deals in the same tone. For example, your goal is to offer a deal of up to 40% on two or three products. Start with 70% on the first day of the deal. Choose another product the next day and make it 60%. On the third day, promote your third product by offering a discount. This way you can promote three different products until you reach 40% off the deal.

Every day it inspires customers to get new products and new deals. Feed their enthusiasm to increase your sales.

  • Offer Discounts from Black Friday Until Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are attractions to shoppers. Extend your sales from Black Friday until Cyber Monday. This helps you to get more traffic in your online store. During this season, retailers grab all the opportunities to get discounts. Give them an extended discount to retain your customers. Do not allow them to go to another business by missing Cyber Monday deals. 

  • Use Wholesale Marketplace

Using an online wholesale marketplace will help you increase your online wholesales. There are many online wholesale platforms available in the market. They offer you their existed audience and connect you with other businesses. You can contact other businesses directly to build new business relations by using an online wholesale platform.

  • Use Dead Stock as Free Gifts

Deadstock can pay you well as an offer to your customer. You can offer your old products as a gift or BOGOF. This way you not only attract viewers for free products, but you can revive your forgotten products by bringing them to the forefront. As a wholesaler, you deal in bulk, so offering one piece with hundreds of others is not an expensive deal.  Use this even to promote your inactive items. 

In a Nut Shell

We suggested a few marketing tips for your sales. Hoping that these will help you generate maximum traffic. Try all or any of these and let us know which one works for you.

We wish you a profitable Black Friday this year and the years ahead. In case you have any question, comment below as it is free.

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