Jasmine Tea

Top Benefits of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine green tea is a type of tea enriched with the aroma of blossoms extracted from the jasmine plant. Since it is primarily made from green tea leaves, jasmine tea has lots of benefits. Here are the top reasons why drinking jasmine tea can be highly beneficial for your health.

It is full of antioxidants

Jasmine green tea is enriched with plant-based compounds, commonly known as polyphenols. These compounds act as natural antioxidants and protect your body from harm. Your body’s cells will stay protected against radical damage and you’ll also, make your heart stronger. It is true that several studies have linked jasmine green tea to a lower risk of heart disease.

It boosts brain function

Jasmine green tea contains several ingredients that can enhance brain function. To start with, it contains large quantities of caffeine. Caffeine, also contained in coffee, stimulates the nervous system, and increases the production of other mood-enhancing compounds, like dopamine. By consuming jasmine tea regularly, you’ll feel more energetic. Your short-term memory will improve and you’ll not have to worry about forgetting important things anymore.

It can reduce the risk of developing cancer

Among jasmine tea benefits, it’s impressive that jasmine green tea possesses some impressive anti-cancer properties. Its high content in polyphenols may prevent tumors from developing. Prostate and breast cancer are also, two major targets of jasmine green tea.

It promotes good oral health

Jasmine tea contains sufficient quantities of catechins. Those natural ingredients can protect our teeth from decaying. How do they achieve that? By killing a specific type of bacteria that can easily invade our mouth. Jasmine tea can make hour breath smell better, since it can also, kill odor-causing bacteria.

When should I drink jasmine green tea?

During the day, you can drink jasmine green tea at different times. Since it contains a bit of caffeine, you can drink a cup of jasmine tea before you exercise. That will make you more energetic and ready to workout. Another good time of the day to drink jasmine tea is 1-2 hours before bedtime. At that time, your body is at its lowest metabolism moment and therefore, green tea can increase your metabolic rate. You could also, drink your tea between meals. A cup of jasmine tea 2 hours after your lunch meal can increase iron absorption and make you feel more focused and energetic.

Does jasmine green tea make you sleepy?

Jasmine is frequently being used in aromatherapy. That actually means that the scent of jasmine is relaxing on its own. So, when you combine the relaxing nature of green tea with the scent of jasmine, the result is quite sedative. That’s why many of us prefer to drink a cup of hot jasmine green tea about 1 hour before we get into bed. Sleepiness is indeed a common effect of jasmine tea and that’s why this type of tea is frequently used by those suffering from an inability to sleep.

Overall, the benefits of jasmine tea are a lot, and they can positively impact our bodies and minds. That’s why jasmine green tea is a great choice of drink for both men and women of all ages. Contribute By https://www.nutritionalspirit.com/

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