Top Apps for Horse Riding

Horse racing is a sport that attracts millions of fans worldwide. Most people become spectaculars and place bets at the races to try their luck. Yet, others decide to become professionals and achieve high results as jockeys. These apps will help such sportsmen make their training more effective.

CrossCountry App

If you are an avid spectator of this breathtaking sport, the CrossCountry App is exactly what you need to download. This high-quality program is approved by a well-known German rider Ingrid Klimke.

The app allows you to create routes using GPS, add photos, and calculate track times. It works offline and can be used to share triathlon trails. Also, you can create trails and train riders with the CrossCountry App.


Would you like to know if horses are using the whole pasture area? Then you should try Trackener.

This app tracks your horse and sends data to your smartphone. Another feature is that it records where your horse has been during the day, this allows you to optimize grazing and energy consumption.

Horse Rider SOS

If you enjoy taking long rides alone, think about what can happen if you are left unconnected and injured by a fall.

Horse Rider SOS is a unique app that tracks your movement activity. If you stop moving, it will send an alert to a pre-designated contact person and notify your location.

Horse Rider SOS is a perfect choice not only for outdoor enthusiasts but also for equestrian owners.


Aren’t sure if you should put a blanket on your horse or not? The Orscana app straps on to your horse’s blanket and sends information about the temperature and humidity of the horse under the cloth directly to your phone.

Orscana also sends weather forecasts based on your location and tells you if your horse is moving around a lot in the corral.


Nightwatch was designed to send data to owners concerned about how the horse is feeling when they are away.

The app is great for transportation. Nightwatch monitors your horse’s vital signs and behavior, alerting you via phone or email if there are changes that might indicate a problem.

You’ll know how often your horse gets up, when it’s lying down and how often its heart beats at any hour of the day or night.

Essential Apps for Horse Training

There are plenty of apps and programs to support training. Often, it’s a matter of choosing the right one for you specifically, according to your location.

Equilab allows you to track your training and progress. The app helps riders achieve their goals with their horses. 

Equisense offers similar technology and is endorsed by the French rider Simon Delestre. What’s more, you will get training exercises with this app. It provides more than 300 exercises and training programs.

The Horse Keeper app will, among other things, help you keep your horse’s weight under control, get his vaccinations done on time, remind him to get shod and visit the dentist.

After all, horse racing is a sport that takes much time and effort to achieve high results. Yet, it’s also engaging, and these apps will help you enjoy it even more.