Top 8 Most Practical Link Building Strategies

Links serve as an important tool in the field of marketing. They give a business a better chance to make sales. Not only do links build strong referral traffic, but they also boost the website ranking on search engines. The way a business builds its links determines its performance.

There are different link-building strategies a business can adopt to help it outrank its competitors. They determine the quality of business content and its relevance to different searches. 

Content writing

Every marketer can become an SEO expert if they learn to write detailed and relevant content. Detailed content means posts that give value to readers and one that will be convincing. Relevance means the targeted audience will find the content applicable to them and thus take the time to read it. 

For example, if your target audience is students, create content that revolves around education. Within the content, strategically insert your backlinks and you will drive high student traffic to your website. 

Send marketing emails

According to SEO experts for EssayWritingLand, email marketing is one of the oldest but still relevant methods of online marketing. It is one of the most applicable ways to help build links to your business. You should be careful with this method because audiences receive a lot of emails daily. Some go to spam folders and are never read. 

Personalize your emails and be audience-specific using perfectly designed emails with backlinks. This is a better way to create strong relationships with your audiences and you can use it to build a large pool of email lists. 

Reach out to people

This link-building strategy is called outreach and it works perfectly for most businesses. The advertiser or marketer writes to people in their niche and introduces themselves and their products. 

The SEO manager at best cv writing service uk says that this method doesn’t require you to write any content but only something that will look relevant to your link. Just write a mention of your brand, a specific product, or a personality and include your link there. Mention a tool, post, or infographic that your audience might find relevant. 

Use guest posts

Usually, a guest writes a blog for another website within their niche and puts their link in the content. When the host website receives traffic, the guest website receives traffic too.

You must first research to know which websites accept guest posting and the guest posting conditions they have. Follow the rules to avoid your content being rejected by the host website. Do research to write quality content that will perform well on the host website for your benefit. 

Build broken links

Broken links are links that were once active but at some point, they became dead links. When you click on such a link, the search engine tells you the page cannot be found. Check the kind of content that was on the page and create fresh content that is closely related to the original content. 

Check the websites that had links to that page and ask them to swap the link with your link. The process might be tedious but if you get 50 websites that had linked to the page and they agree to link your backlink, that could translate to a lot of traffic. 

Be active on social media

Social media is the latest trend marketers are using to build links to their websites. Open an account with every major social media platform and build an active audience by posting something relevant daily. Anytime you create social media content, add your links to it and post on every social media platform. 

Social media do not just rely on text content but you can also post images and include links. You may also create videos that explain your product/s and add links to your page. 

Get ideas from your competitors’ links

Search your competitor’s websites and check their links to see the keywords they are using and the sites they are directing traffic to. You will not plagiarize their content, but you will only spy to see their links rankings and how they have placed them. Use the ideas you generate to build your links. 

Link to unlinked mentions

Sometimes another website might publish content that mentions your company but doesn’t link to it. It could be they failed to link because it could not be relevant to their content. The fact that the website mentioned you is a good sign of goodwill. Reach out to them and request them to turn the mention into a link. 


Links help to build your brand and attract more traffic. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to use links and thus rank poorly on search engines and get poor ROI. There are many strategies for building links, such as guest posting, writing content, using social media, and getting links to resource pages.

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