Biggest Fears

Top 6 Traveler’s Biggest Fears

Living in a culturally rich city might make you hesitate to leave the comfort of your couch, your cherished beach and your favorite wine. After all, why go anywhere when every corner of the world has found its place under the sunny Sydney skies?

All the versed travelers will unanimously tell you that traveling is an invaluable adventure that will reshape your perception of the world, and awake new appreciation for life in you. But this bold endeavor comes with risks, and instead of giving up, explore all the ways to mitigate your fears and ensure a memorable journey.

  1. Safety First

It’s curious how the primal fear of physical danger becomes exaggerated once we leave our cozy homes. It has never crossed my mind to watch out for potential pick-pocketing here in Randwick, for example. Although it’s always advisable to stay cautious while traveling and prepared to deal with unpleasant situations, isn’t this something we should keep in mind even in our beloved hometowns?

The truth is, keeping out of harm’s way is our first priority no matter where we are, so adapting your mindset is crucial in order to enjoy your travels without blowing every situation out of proportion.

  1. Home Sweet Home

Another common fear is wondering what to do with your valuables that stay behind, along with worrying about your friends and family, and their wellbeing. All the “what ifs” might torture you so much that you actually miss out on the beauty of the places you visit, because you’re so stuck on what might be going wrong back home. 

To keep your fear at bay, there are perfectly safe options for house sitting for apartments, houses, or even your pets, which come at a very reasonable price for you to have a peace of mind. If you are bringing your phone (and let’s face it, everyone is), you can use Wi-Fi to stay in touch with your loved ones every once in a while, without depriving yourself of new experiences.

  1. Unexpected situations

If you’re an avid enthusiast when it comes to traveling and exploring nature, you must be prepared that not always things will go as planned. This means you need to be prepared that anything could happen, especially if you go camping. Many campers say that their biggest fear is being in nature and not able to do things as they would sometimes want. To avoid this, make sure you know basic things like first aid, how to start a fire, and have all the right equipment that could help you manage all the possible situations. Items like a practical switch blade knife can help you with many things – from cutting your food to preparing a sleeping tent.

  1. Staying Healthy

As tempting as exotic destinations might be, traveling will often include dealing with compromised immunity, allergies you never knew you had, and the wonders of getting seriously ill. In all fairness, it doesn’t get much more exotic than our wonderful Australia, but if you’ve never experienced anything other than city life, you’re in for a treat.

Yes, the risk of getting sick is real, so make sure to educate yourself on how you should protect yourself with vaccines, what you can eat in the regions you’re visiting, get the right protective gear, and always have your first aid kid only a zipper away. 

  1. Financial Stability

Referring both to the amount of money available while traveling, and the savings that will wait for you upon your return, it seems that most people are reluctant to set out on a journey for the sake of protecting their income. 

The simplest way to shut up your mind is – prepare. Take a few months, or even longer if you want a full-blown world tour, make your estimations of what you’ll need, always ensure you have a safety fund to use in case of emergencies and prepare your terrain for when you come back.

  1. Level of Comfort

Not everyone is in love with the idea of sleeping in a tent, getting soaking wet in the rain or spending sleepless nights looking out for bears and wolves. While you will definitely have to adapt to a certain lack of comfort, planning out your travels is what will help you form your expectations. Make sure to always have insurance in order to stay safe and comfortable during your trip.

Enjoy the absence of material things, open your mind to observe the cultural heritage of the visited places and enjoy the diverse nature of the world, and you will instantly forget about your sore feet, greasy hair or chapped lips.

No matter what you do, there will always be another uncertainty lurking around the corner, but no great adventure is fully predictable. On that note, there is no concern worthy of abandoning your wanderlust, so get ready to conquer your fears and experience the world like never before!

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