Top 6 Tips for Planning an Event in 2021

Top 6 Tips for Planning an Event in 2022

2020 has been a difficult year for event planning. The covid-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdowns have made in-person events nearly impossible. Organizers have had to scramble, re-scheduling events or reimagining them as virtual affairs. In 2021, we might well see the world slowly return to normal. All the same, event organizers will have to enter the new year with a unique mindset. Here are six ideas to remember as you plan events for the coming year.

Flexibility Is Key

While we all hope the speedy distribution of vaccines will bring a return to normal life in the coming months, there’s really no way to be sure of the future. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s not to underestimate the potential for uncertainty. You won’t be able to count on large scale, in-person events at any point in 2021. Even when things seem to be getting back to normal, an unexpected outbreak or a problem with vaccines could force an event to suddenly go virtual. Any events in the coming year should be planned with flexibility in mind. Never forget that a change in format or venue might be necessary.

Virtual Events Will Remain Popular

In order to avoid the unpredictability of in-person events, lots of organizers will choose to go virtual from the start. We’ve all spent the past year adjusting to a brave new world of contactless events. In 2021, organizers will capitalize on all the experience they’ve gained to produce even better virtual platforms and agendas.

Master The Art Of Hybrid Events

Lots of events will benefit from using a hybrid (mix of in-person and virtual) format. Having a certain number of people on-site can help create the proper atmosphere for an event, while having too many people could be dangerous or even illegal. A hybrid event, much like a professional sports league, is designed in equal measure for physical attendees and at-home viewers

Consider Live Entertainment Options

While events in 2021 will have smaller crowds or fully virtual audiences, organizers will still have more options than they did in 2020. When travel was heavily restricted and everyone was quarantining at home, bringing in live performers was nearly impossible. In the coming months, live acts will be possible as long as the in-person audiences are kept sufficiently small. Musicians and comedians are among the best entertainment options. Just make sure that you carefully consider your audience before choosing an act.

Invest In Virtual Technologies And Strategies

Virtual events have taken off because of the pandemic, but it also looks as if they’re here to stay. Audiences and organizers alike enjoy the flexibility and dynamism of virtual events. The problem is that virtual affairs are only ever as good as the technologies used to produce them. If you’re an event organizer and intent on organizing events in 2022 and beyond, you should invest in the proper lighting, cameras, microphones, and online rental booking software to produce professional digital effects that will delight and dazzle audiences.

Focus On Smaller, Local Events (Or Go Global And Virtual)

The changes brought by the coronavirus pandemic provide a good opportunity to reconsider the size and scope of your events. Rather than having a medium-sized national or regional event, consider opting for a series of smaller, local get-togethers. This will allow you to include in-person audiences and interact fully with attendees. It will also give you a chance to create a greater sense of intimacy. Alternatively, you could go virtual and invite many more participants than you have in the past. Freed of the constraints of venue size and geography, virtual events can bring together hundreds or thousands of people from all around the globe.

2021 will be a truly unique year. Humanity will do its best to get over the pandemic and return to normal life, but there’s sure to be plenty of challenges along the way. Keep these tips in mind as your plan your events for the tumultuous months ahead.

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