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Top 6 Benefits of Trading In Forex Market



Traders aim for the best selling opportunities and the best chance of benefit before deciding which market to sell. There are a variety of reasons why millions of traders around the world believe the forex market meets these conditions, so we’ll concentrate on the top nine advantages of forex trading

1. Extra Liquidity

Compared with any other financial market, the forex market has the most significant amount of market participants. This guarantees the highest degree of liquidity, allowing even massive orders for currency transactions to be filled rapidly and with limited price volatility. This reduces the risk of market manipulation and anomalies, allowing for narrower spreads and more competitive pricing. High uncertainty at the opening and closing hours and stagnant trading spread in the afternoons are not issued to be concerned with within financial markets.

2. Forex is a Good Way to Hedge

Hedging is a strategy for reducing the possibility of unfavorable movements in the forex market by taking several competitive positions. Hedging may be a good way of minimizing loss or restricting it to a known number, even though uncertainty is part of what makes forex so exciting.

There are a lot of ways that can be used to hedge forex, but one of the most frequent is hedging with numerous currency pairs. You will limit the downside risk by trading forex pairs that are positively correlated, such as GBP/USD and EUR/USD, but in opposite directions.

3. For the Majority of Accounts, There are no Commissions

For high-volume trades, there are either no or minimal exchange commissions. Additionally, there are no clearance or trading fees. The “spread,” or the disparity between the offer and ask price, is how most retail brokers make money. The forex market still has very tight spreads (more on that later), making forex trading one of the most cost-effective investment options. Equity sells forex trading accounts with no commissions and premiums as narrow as 0.4 pips**.

4. Low Expenditure Requirements

Because of the tight pips spreads, one can quickly begin forex trading with a small amount of initial cash. It could not be easy to exchange in other markets without more money (like equity, futures, or options). The addition of margin trading with a high leverage ratio (up to 50-to-1) to forex trades is the icing on the cake. Although trading on such high margins has its own set of risks, it also allows for more excellent profit opportunities with less cash.

5. There is No Central Exchange or Regulatory Authority

The forex sector has no central exchange or regulator because it is an over-the-counter market that operates globally. The central banks of different countries sometimes intervene where appropriate, although these are unusual instances and only occur under exceptional circumstances. The majority of these innovations have already been anticipated and priced into the market. A decentralized and unregulated economy like this tends to prevent any surprises. In contrast, in the stock market, a firm can declare a dividend or record massive losses at any time, causing significant price swings.

Deregulation like this also tends to hold taxes down. Orders are put exclusively with the dealer, who performs the execution on their own. Another benefit in deregulated economies is the right to take short positions prohibited in most markets except a few security classes.

6. A 24-Hour Market

The forex market never rests. You should sell you anytime like, not what the economy demands, and the market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week. There’s no need to wait for the opening bell or rush to get your order filled by the end of the day. Trading begins with the beginning of the Sydney session and ends with the closing of the New York session, after which it starts all over again, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means you can be as aggressive or as passive as you want, and you can trade anytime you want – morning, noon, or night.

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3 Things You Need To Know About What Is APR



What Is APR

APR, also called Annual Percentage Rate, is basically the expense charged for acquiring the cash. It considers the financing cost just as different charges that may be referenced in wording and conditions. In any case, is that all to know or there is something different about what is APR? We will discover it here! 

1. Banks Define Clearly How Their APRs Work 

At the point when you are looking at changed charge cards or credit terms, you would persistently run over this term. It is significant in light of the fact that it gives a smart thought of how cards are distinctive regarding additional charges included. On the off chance that you are searching for Good Visas, you should consider the mail offer by

APR incorporates the necessary charges as it were. Once in a while extra costs, for example, card assurance expenses may be considered yet that isn’t in every case valid. It likewise doesn’t cover the late installment expense or the punishment charges when you cross as far as possible. 

2. There Are Different Kinds of APRs 

APR is an expansive term. As referenced previously, it could be an amount of many charges brought about on the card or credit. A portion of the usually realized APR expenses are the buy APR that is charged on the things you purchase utilizing the Visa. 

Another is the loan APR. This is applied on the off chance that you acquire money utilizing your Visa. These shifts start with one card then onto the next however quite often no beauty time frame is dispensed. Like For Capital One Visa loan APR would be unique in relation to the primary chief bank. 

At that point comes the punishment APR. This is added to your costs in the event that you are late with an installment. It might likewise be pertinent when you disregard certain terms and conditions engaged with the card’s utilization. 

The last one is the early on APR. A few clients may likewise know it as a special APR. This is a somewhat low sum application on a specific exchange just, for example, loans, unfamiliar exchanges, and so forth 

3. You Can Calculate The APR Yourself 

In the event that you at any point want to sort out how APR functions yourself, it is a help to realize that you can compute it all alone. The banks additionally utilize a characterized form for computing APR. 

This figuring considers the month to month occasional rate applied by the bank. This term is basically increased by the quantity of days in a year to ascertain the yearly rate. 

Is The Annual Percentage Rate Really Important? 

The response to this inquiry is that.. 

APR is SUPER significant! 

It is fundamental that you know about the expense you are paying on any obligation or card that you convey. It is the cash you are paying as a trade-off for the cash acquired from the bank! 

In this way we generally propose the clients avoid card offers that apply high APRs. This may end up being overpowering for your spending plan. 

Wrap Up 

That is it! We think this is all you need to think about what is APR. Remember that prior to getting a Mastercard, the yearly rate can help you know the general worth of offers and advancements that the card offers. 

Additionally, note that the bank ordinarily doesn’t change the APR referenced in your endorsement letter before a time of card’s utilization. Regardless of whether they wish to present any adjustments, they should tell you 45 days ahead of time. In any case, you ought to consistently survey these terms prior to accepting the card.

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What Can You Do With Cryptocurrency?



What Can You Do With Cryptocurrency?

Buy Goods:

It has been exceedingly challenging, if not impossible, in the past to try to locate a retailer who embraces cryptocurrency. The scenario is very changed these days although. There are a variety of retailers who embrace Bitcoin as a means of payment – both online and offline They vary from major internet stores such as Overstock and Newegg to independent shops, pubs, and cafes in the local region. For accommodation, flights, watches, software, computer pieces, and even a college degree, Bitcoins may be used to pay.

Other digital coins, such as Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and so forth, have not yet been generally adopted. However, trends are shifting for the better, with Apple now approved the App Store as a functional means of transactions for at least 10 separate cryptocurrencies. Users of other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin will, of course, still swap their tokens for BTCs. In addition, such as Gift Off, which embraces over 20 separate cryptocurrencies, there are Gift Card sales websites. You can literally purchase something with a cryptocurrency by gift cards. Markets including Bitify and OpenBazaar which just embrace cryptocurrency. And what’s the perfect mining cryptocurrency visit:, a perfect guide for you.


Many individuals agree that cryptocurrencies are the hottest potential for investment presently accessible. Indeed, through their Bitcoin deposits, there are numerous accounts of individuals becoming millionaires. To date, Bitcoin is the most identifiable digital asset, and one BTC was priced at $800 only last year. The price of one Bitcoin surpassed $ 7,000 in November 2017. The fastest growth a digital currency has ever shown has been reported by Ethereum, possibly the second most valuable cryptocurrency. After May 2016, its worth has risen around a minimum of 2,700 percent. Since mid-2013, their market value has risen by more than 10,000 % as it comes to all cryptocurrencies together.

It should be remembered, though, that crypto currencies are high-risk assets. Their valuation in the market fluctuates like no other commodity. In addition, it is partially uncontrolled, there is still a possibility that in some countries they would be banned and every trading of cryptocurrencies – possibly be hacked. Obviously, should you want to participate in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is always the dominant one. Though in 2017 its stake in the crypto marketplace fell from 90 percent to 40 percent very significantly. Currently, there are several alternatives available, including some coins relying on anonymity, others being less accessible and decentralized than Bitcoin and others copying it outright.

While purchasing Bitcoins is very simple – there are multiple exchanges in operation that trade in BTC – other cryptocurrencies are not as easy to obtain. But, with large markets such as Kraken, BitFinex, BitStamp, and several others beginning to offer Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, and so on, this condition is changing steadily. For eg, you can exchange face-to-face with a trader or use a Bitcoin ATM, there are a lot of other common forms of becoming coin. You need a place to store it after you acquired the cryptocurrency. Wallet applications are accessible on all big exchanges. But, while it may seem simple, it’s best if you put your resources in offline wallets on your USB disk, or perhaps even invest in hardware wallets. This is the best place to store your money, and it allows you total power of your wealth.

You ought to pay careful attention, as with any other investment, to the market valuation of cryptocurrencies and any news relevant to them. Coinmarketcap is a one-stop solution for the stock, value, availability in distribution, and market cap monitoring of most current cryptocurrencies. Depending on the state in which you work, you might need to mention that in the tax return once you have earned a benefit or a loss trading in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are handled quite differentially from country to country in terms of taxes. In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service decided that as property, not money, Bitcoins and other digital assets could be charged. For buyers, this ensures that accumulated long-term profits and losses from investing in cryptocurrencies are charged at the applicable capital gains rate of each investor, which is not higher than 15 percent.

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Trading – practical tips and answers

If you are thinking of investing some money in stocks, cryptos, or maybe commodities,here are some tips that will help you in your trades




The world of trading has for a long time been the activity for a privileged circle of people. But not anymore. Thanks to the internet and widely accessible trading platforms, anyone can trade. If you are thinking of investing some money in stocks, cryptocurrencies, or maybe commodities, here are some tips that will help you with whatever asset you choose.

Make a trading plan

Would a businessman think of starting a business without establishing a business plan first? Of course not!  Your trading plan should allow you to set achievable goals. To begin with, a new trader should set only one goal: not to lose. Then, if you can do it, try aiming for a small goal. If you can achieve it, then you can try to aim for a bigger performance.

Be careful with leverage

Leverage is indeed a double-edged sword. You will often tend to think only of the gains when taking a position. Remember that if you can make, for example, $ 8,000 by taking a position in the market, you could just as quickly see them go up in smoke.

To avoid mistakes, a newbie should never exceed leverage of 2 or 3, and a seasoned trader should limit himself to 5. Try to take a small position. Then double it if you are in the right trend.

Also, beware that the best brokers are not those who offer you the highest leverage. Many other factors are determining their quality. That’s why for instance, if you wish to trade foreign currencies selecting the right forex broker according to certain criteria is of utmost importance for the success of your trades.

Apply the rules of money management

Some beginners are not shocked by putting 15 or 20% of the capital at risk on a trade. The crucial rule of money management is simple. You should never risk more than 1 or 2% of your account on a transaction.

Know how to cut losses

Before you can learn to win, learn not to lose. It is essential to always protect your capital with a so-called “stop-loss” order. You must also use a stop loss to protect your capital.

Common mistake: accumulating losing positions without wanting to cut them. As long as the position is open, there is no loss (the famous saying “not sold, not lost”). Yet a latent loss is very much a very real loss at time T.

It is therefore preferable to quickly cut a losing position. And the sooner, the better, because the larger the loss, the harder it will be to close the trade.

To become a good trader, keep your cool

Be patient to look for the right opportunity and to be able to wait for market conditions to be favorable to the applied strategy.

You shouldn’t let your emotions take over, but you shouldn’t ignore them either.

Have confidence in your judgment. Many traders do not analyze the markets and have no opinion. They just read reports and analyses published by professionals. Is this the right way to learn to trade? No, obviously. And by copying the advice of others, you will be vulnerable because you will not be able to spot potential mistakes. Trust your reasoning.

Trade with money that you don’t need immediately

Whenever possible, trade with money that you don’t need to make a living. On the one hand, because it is not excluded that you can lose it and, on the other hand, because by trading with the money that you need to live, you will not be able to properly manage your emotions, and they will necessarily take power over your rational reasoning.

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Where to Post Classified Ads for Free?



Do you want to earn some money with little effort? Do you need to free up space in the storage room? These are the best websites to place ads for free.

The Best Websites to Place Ads for Free

It doesn’t matter how big your house is. In the end you will end up accumulating a lot of junk, many of which you have barely used a couple of times.

In this technologically crazy world in which we live, it is quite common to renew the smartphone, the tablet, the computer, the TV, even several times a year. You end up accumulating very attractive devices, with little use, that can be easily sold on the web to put ads for free. Unlike auction or direct sales pages, these types of services are free and there is no commission to pay. You simply post your ad, and wait for offers. Haggling is accepted until an agreement is reached.

They are focused on local sales, in the area where you live. For this reason, instead of sending the package, they usually stay with the buyer in a public place, and deliver the merchandise and the payment by hand. It is an attractive system for many people because it is fast and direct, you do not have to wait to collect or receive the merchandise. And sometimes relationships are fostered that lead to more sales.

In some cases, platforms such as “Adposta classfieds” allow both buyers and sellers to score. But the normal thing is that they behave like simple online bulletin boards: you hang your ad, if you sell it, remove it, and voila … As we have said, they are free, although some offer additional paid services to better position the ads in searches , or to include more photos or data.

One of the problems with free ad sites is repeated ads. Even worse are the irritating advertisements from trustworthy tarot experts, or those who are willing to lend you money.

Since they are free, many bullies post the same ad in many sections, or republish it as new every day. claims to have eliminated repeated ads, a far from easy task. You can post free classified ads with up to 20 photos and one video. An interesting option is the chat, which allows you to contact the visitors of your ads in real time without having to give them your WhatsApp. It is also possible to create your own virtual store with your logo, offers and links to your website.

Otherwise its organization is very classic, with a search engine, a directory that shows dozens of categories and subcategories, and the map to filter by provinces. There is also a guide to avoiding scams. In the tabs, in addition to the product description, photos and videos, the contact information and the location appear. is a very interesting sales website, which does not abuse advertising and does not send spam. It is comfortable to use and, indeed, at least in the time that we have been exploring it, we have not seen repeated ads.

Vibbo was, for many years, the reference website for free sales ads. Some time ago he changed his name to Vibbo, and with it also his way of working, emulating many things from Wallapop.

Vibbo stands out for its design, more dynamic and direct than Wallapop when publishing ads or applying filters to searches. The ads appear with photos and the area where it is sold. You can search within a certain range, chat with the seller for more information, or haggle. The whole process is free, there is no commission to pay for placing the ad or selling.

In recent months it has been adding improvements, such as the possibility of uploading up to 10 photos in each ad, sending additional photos in the chat, option to follow a buyer or seller, etc. Some accept payments with PayPal or bank transfer, as well as postage.


Who does not know Wallapop? It is one of the most popular buying and selling services in Spain. But in recent months it has released new tools, so it is worth spending a few minutes to discover its possibilities.

The great success of Wallapop is based on two concepts: there are no sales commissions (it is free), and it works with geolocated ads, that is, it is designed to sell in your neighborhood or city. You simply put your ad, and it appears automatically in the searches of users who live near you, in the radius that you choose (1 km, 5 km, etc.).

When a sale is agreed, the buyer and seller meet in a public place (a square, a park, a bar) and the deal is closed, paying in cash at the same time the merchandise is delivered. This system has many advantages: it is free, there are no shipping costs, and the collection or enjoyment of the merchandise is immediate. But also some annoyances: sometimes the buyer tries to haggle or renegotiate, and it is always a bit embarrassing to exchange money with a stranger.


Another classic of free online advertisements in is Contains more than 10 million ads.

Unlike the other websites that we analyzed in the list, it maintains a completely traditional design and philosophy, in the style of the old newspaper advertisements, but through the Internet.

A directory gives you access to the different categories: Motor, IT, Telephony, Real Estate, Home and Garden, Pets, Babies, etc., each with dozens of subcategories. You can also use the search engine to locate something specific, throughout Spain. If you want to search by province, there is an interactive map. The ads contain photos and basic data, and can be contacted by email or phone.

Of course, you can also post your own photo ads for free, without registering. But there is a payment option for them to position themselves in the first places during searches.

Bulletin Board

Surely in your school, work or university there is a cork notice board where someone leaves a message or a request. There are fewer and fewer left, but they still resist.

Notice Board is just that, but in digital format. Free classified ads, and also job vacancies. The difference is that here you do not publish individual requests, but you create your own virtual Notice Board, and there you put all your announcements. It is a good option if you have to sell several things of the same category, or if you manage to earn a good reputation.

Placing ads is as simple as filling out a form and uploading some photos. You can also add your location on an interactive map. Searches are quite comfortable, because in addition to the search engine and the map of provinces, the subcategories and the most searched are always kept on the screen, on one side.

Every day more than 10,000 ads are published. This is a double-edged sword; because that means that it is easy to go unnoticed, if you put something up for sale. But Bulletin Board strives to maintain visibility by displaying the latest published announcements on the category covers, and by keeping the aforementioned supporting links in the side column during searches.

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Breaking Crypto Currency News




Cryptocurrencies are continuously in the news these days with their volatile shifts in value and ground-breaking formulas to make sure transactions online are kept completely secure. The online casino scene also regularly features in the world of crypto news, but it is not often that we hear of land-based casinos dabbling in the blockchain.

However, a recent report on has brought to light a new company on the blockchain that is making a move to use a custom cryptocurrency for high stakes casino games. Some of the newer forms of blockchain casino entertainment offer crypto enthusiasts the chance to earn free bitcoin along with other method out there seen on sites like Coin Airdrops which is a website dedicated to helping people get their hands on free BTC.

Macau Crypto Solutions

High stakes games can be found all over Macau as billionaires in the region regularly visit the former Portuguese colony to blow off some steam and lose a couple of million US$. Other obvious destinations for wealthy foreigners to visit and gamble include Monaco, Las Vegas, New Jersey, and London.

In places like Macau, commonly, private rooms are organized for high rollers. These rooms or areas are known as junkets and can charge 5% to 7% for services provided, which includes the handling of cash. This is not so common in places like Las Vegas or London because casinos in these areas are always on the lookout for whales because the profits to be made from the single session are huge – if the house wins – as the casino comes out on top more often than not.

One of the problems involved with having large sums of cash is being able to quickly and efficiently transfer to a land-based casino abroad. Also, there is a question raised in regards to the privacy of these transactions.

Although privacy isn’t the major concern here, the blockchain does also offer the added bonus of the ability to be able to provide untraceable and completely private transactions.

The Blockchain is the Obvious Solution in Both Cases

Cryptocurrencies can be transferred almost instantly from one wallet to another using the blockchain because there is no middle man; such as a bank, holding up the transaction by taking the cash from A and then holding it for a while before passing it to B.

As long as the person that owns the wallet (in this case the ‘whale’ that wants to play high stakes games in Macau) can transfer fiat currency too the wallet, then that person will be able to quickly send the digital currency to any casino abroad that accepts it.

Dragon Inc

Dragon Inc is one such company that is looking into tech that will allow whales to quickly transfer cash to a specialized cryptocurrency. The new crypto will be specifically designed for high stakes casino players that want to play abroad. If the company is successful, this new revolutionary idea will change the face of land-based gambling.

Dragon Global Chips

The way the cryptocurrency will work is quite simple. High rollers will need to acquire tokens. Once they have the tokens, they will be transferred to the casino abroad that he/she wants to play in.

In the casino, the high roller can exchange tokens for what are predicted to be ‘Dragon Global Chips’. This can be done via a smartphone with a wallet app installed. At this stage, the high roller is free to use chips to play at their personal table or junket.

For both the player and the junket, the process of getting cash to the table is markedly simplified. Instead of incurring costs of around 7%, the cost will be lowered to around 1%. If you consider a player that is taking between $1 million and $10 million to the tables, a 6% cost saving is around $60,000 and up to $600,000.

Another advantage could be the privacy of transactions or even the traceability of transactions. The latter helping to cut down on activities such as money laundering that has plagued the casino industry since the beginning of time.

What is Next?

Currently, Dragon Coin is targeting just the Macau casino scene. Since Macau took over in 2017 as the gambling capital of the world despite being 1/10th of the size of Vegas, Dragon Inc is targeting the most likely place o find high rollers as well as a place that attracts a large number of player from abroad.

It is hardly surprising this has happened because Asia has a larger population than the continents of Europe, South America, and North America combined.  $28 billion flows into the gambling industry in Macau annually; while, Vegas boasts $6.4 billion annually.

Another issue for Dragon Inc is the rules in the US in regards to gambling. It could come under fire from remote gambling laws that come with several complex financial laws that may negatively affect or slow down the process of introducing a virtual currency being used for the purpose of gambling.

However, Paul Maunan, Dragon Inc’s Co-Founder, has said that Dragon Inc plans to take the entertainment industry by storm, which could be the gateway to the US gambling market.

Dragon Inc First Land-Based Crypto on the Blockchain

With all that being said, it is surprising that this is the first time we are hearing of this. With the innovative thinking and some of the most intelligent people on earth working on the blockchain, we would have thought that an idea such as this may have come into the limelight much earlier than 2018.

Adding to this, high-stakes gaming is a multi-billion US$ industry – with so many brain tanks also working in the casino industry with the sole purpose of coming up with new ways to attract high rollers into their casinos. Once again, it is quite surprising to think that no one in this sector has looked into cryptocurrencies either.

This goes for Macau, Las Vegas and New Jersey; all of which are the largest land-based casino areas in the world all known to attract their fair share of wealthy Asian, Saudi Arabian, and Russian billionaires.

Nonetheless, the solution is now being touted by Dragon Inc and with casinos having so much money involved in high-stakes games, you can expect this to be a well-thought and quickly developed project.

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