Top 5 types of animation videos to have created for your business

Animated videos have become an incredibly important part of digital marketing. In fact, research has shown that audiences spend an average of 19 hours a week watching videos online meaning that businesses can no longer afford to ignore video marketing if they want their business to thrive.

Why create animation videos for your business?

You might be wondering whether or not you need animated videos for your business, but the answer is incredibly simple – of course you do! Without them, you might be missing out on leads and conversions.

If you are on the fence, let us talk to you about the statistics:

  • Over 85% of users say that videos are helpful in their decision-making process
  • Three quarters of social media users are more likely to follow a brand on social media when they post video content
  • Animated videos have been proven to help businesses boost their conversions and sales

With a variety of video options available on the market, it can be hard to know which one will work best for your marketing efforts and consumer demographics. In this article, we will explore the top 5 types of animation videos for you to consider for your business. 

Explainer Video

Animation explainer videos are a brilliant tool to have in your marketing arsenal as they can help you attract consumers to your website by highlighting your product, service, or company to your audience. The great thing about them is that they can be used on your website or across your social media channels and they give you the perfect opportunity to explain your business, service, or product by using engaging content. 

Animated explainer videos are incredibly popular with consumers, with research showing that conversion rates have been boosted by up to 200% after businesses have posted one on their social media and website. 

Because explainer videos are clear and concise, they can communicate your points effectively making them the perfect option for those wanting to use them on social media where attention spans are limited. 

Animated Social Media Ads

Animated social media ads are a fun way to grab the attention of your customers on social media. The great thing about animation is that it can break down a complex topic into small digestible chunks and use components such as voice overs to help explain it to the audience. 

Because social media users have a short attention span (of around 90 seconds), you need to have engaging content and animated ads are much more engaging to watch than a person talking directly to camera.

Customer Testimonial Video

Customer testimonial videos make a huge difference to your business. Think about it – how many times have you read a review for a company before purchasing? The difference with customer testimonial videos is that they are more in-depth than a written review. 

Because they involve real customers talking to camera about your products and services, it makes other customers relate to them and trust them. In fact, research has shown that visitors are two times more likely to commit to purchasing something from you after watching a customer testimonial video.

Company Story Video

Company story videos are an incredibly effective tool as they help you to highlight your brand’s values with your potential customers. This allows you to build a strong connection with your customers as you share the same values and therefore it makes them more likely to purchase from you in the future. 

When you share what makes your brand tick, it enables you to form deeper connections with your target demographic and studies have shown that brands who connect with their consumers are 10x more likely to make a purchase from them than from any other brand. 

Company Culture Video

How do potential clients, hires and customers see your brand? Are you at the forefront of technology? Do you promote women in business? Does your company have an incredibly complex hiring process? Company culture matters, and so do company culture videos. 

Company culture videos are different to company story videos as they highlight who you are and your values. It sets expectations from the get-go and allows you to decide whether or not you are the right fit. 

According to research, over 40% of potential hires stated that company culture and values is what swayed them when deciding whether or not to take a job role, and since video is the perfect medium to communicate with people it’s hard to ignore the power a company culture video can have for your marketing strategy.

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