Top 5 Tips for Selling on Amazon

If you’re new to selling on Amazon, the site can seem kind of confusing with so many different sections and selling options available to you. Although Amazon has made great strides in simplifying the selling process, there are still a few areas where newcomers may get tripped up as they learn how to sell on Amazon. 

The following are five of the most common mistakes that new sellers make when it comes to selling on Amazon and how you can avoid them altogether.

1) Choose a niche

Deciding what type of product you’ll sell is one of the most important things you can do when creating a successful business. Many people start selling on Amazon by picking a category that already has solid demand, such as electronics or toys.

Other people prefer to buck convention and sell products that are only loosely related to their main niche—just look at sellers who have been wildly successful selling products like hoverboards, mattresses, and live crickets.

Whatever niche you decide to pursue, make sure it’s something you know about and something you enjoy. If your heart isn’t in it, neither will be your customers! To help you get started, we recommend browsing our list of top-selling items in each category.

2) Avoid keywords with high competition

An inventory of products doesn’t make a sale. Customers want to see your product! Provide high-quality photos and even videos of your product to help customers get a true sense of what they’re buying.

You don’t have to hire a professional photographer or producer, but customers appreciate the attention to detail in the presentation. Just remember that Amazon has an option that allows potential buyers to search only within specific seller offerings.

Taking advantage of appropriate keywords will help ensure your product is found by those who are specifically looking for it. In fact, with Prime Day less than three weeks away, it may be worthwhile thinking about ways you can drive more sales during peak shopping season! Keep it simple:

Listing something too complicated will only deter shoppers from finding your products quickly (not to mention taking time and resources). Be sure you describe items clearly and concisely when listing them so that when someone searches for something on Amazon, they immediately find you and are able to read through all details as quickly as possible without wasting time searching online elsewhere.

3) Don’t just say it – show it

I will tell you exactly how to use these tools in my full-length video training doesn’t sound as strong as Watch me use these tools in my full-length video training. If you have a webinar, add a slide where your audience can click and be taken directly to it.

If you are giving a speech or presentation, show them how your product will work by using it yourself. Before we had clickable slideshows, I would walk up and down through each one to demonstrate and engage my audience.

Now I have an evergreen way of teaching people about what I offer without having to plan another event! If there is no reason for people to come back to your site, then you should also include opt-in forms with reminders at certain points throughout your posts – such as offering a free cheatsheet or other valuable content that they can download when they enter their email address.

This is important if they read something interesting but don’t have time right then because they know that option is there waiting when needed. Then collect their emails – so many more ways beyond just sales pages!! When it comes to selling our goods and services online, we tend to rely solely on sales pages; however, that is not always going to be enough.

4) Price your products right

As we’ve previously covered, pricing your products right is one of the most important things you can do to make sure that you get a lot of traction. The key idea is to decide how much you want to earn per sale and then price your product at a level where it will be sold as many times as possible.

This generally means that if you have more than one item, charge slightly more than what you paid for each individual item. Your goal here is to turn 1 sale into multiple sales because when someone buys from you once, they are far more likely to buy again in the future.

Being competitively priced doesn’t just mean selling quickly; it also means creating satisfied customers who trust you enough to come back later. One great way to help generate high-profit margins is by offering bundles of items or add-ons that enhance your customer experience (and thus their willingness to pay).

Think about: Which two (or three) items might complement your main offering? Will anyone really complain about getting something extra for free? You bet! When done correctly, these kinds of offers create lasting value within a customer experience. They build loyalty while increasing purchases overall…not bad!

5) Have great quality photos

The best way to maximize your sales is by having great-quality photos. Pictures are worth a thousand words and you will sell many products because of them. In fact, customers often buy solely based on what they see in their online shopping cart before adding anything to it.

At least one photo should be a picture of a person actually wearing your item, so don’t just slap your model in some cheap clothes that aren’t yours; find an actual customer or model who already owns something similar to what you’re selling and use their imagination! An iPhone shot won’t cut it here. Be sure that all photos are high resolution, professionally done (no selfies or blurry shots!), and have great lighting.


Write a brief concluding statement or recommendation. The introduction and conclusion are often referred to as the wrap. The wrap can be just a paragraph, or it can take up a few pages. It’s totally your call; typically, people do not read all of an e-book but rather scan it for particular pieces of information.

Keep in mind that your readers’ attention spans are short and that they may have been drawn in by a juicy tidbit you presented earlier. So make sure you give them what they’re looking for! If you promised actionable advice throughout your work, summarize it here—what did they learn? What should they do with their new knowledge? If applicable, remind them of any big action steps they need to take.

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