Top 5 Styles of Nerf Bars For Your Pickup Truck

Top 5 Styles of Nerf Bars For Your Pickup Truck

Nerf bars can be a great addition to any truck. They provide a step into the cabin of your truck that would otherwise be too high. Plus, they can protect your vehicle against debris, branches and other hazards. However, there are a lot of nerf bars to choose from. Understanding the different styles will help you to find the right ones.

1) Individual Step Nerf Bars

Some nerf bars have individual steps next to each door. This is a popular option because it is relatively low-profile. The main structure of the bar runs flush with the truck body. Then, each door has a step that juts out. In many cases, this will include a grip pad for extra traction. This is a good option if you want the benefits of nerf bars without necessarily having the big, bulky look.

2) Box Bars

Some nerf bars are relatively box-shaped. They are similar to custom running boards for trucks in some ways. However, they tend to be meatier than running boards. Some people like this style because it is easier to stand on than some other shapes. After all, the purpose of nerf bars is to serve as a step. So, if your foot is always slipping off a round shape, you will not get a lot of use from them.

3) Oval Nerf Bars

Other nerf bars feature an ovular profile. This is a good compromise between the more box-shape style and the completely tubular style. Many people choose these because they offer a relatively pleasing aesthetic without being too difficult to stand on. They also tend to have divots at the steps with textured pads. This makes them relatively secure as a step.

4) Tubular Nerf Bars

The most traditional nerf bar style is almost completely round. This is not as effective as a step. However, it has the classic nerf bar look. It is great on off-road trucks. Many people love this style for that reason. It is also very popular for custom truck builds. These will often have divots on them to make standing easier. However, this is not always the case.

5) Heavy-Duty Nerf Bars

Finally, there are some special designs of nerf bars that are intended for very regular use. They may have the shape of any of the above styles. However, it is most common to see individual steps with heavy-duty construction. In this setup, everything is just a little beefier. For example, the supports for the steps may be solid pieces of metal rather than hollow tubes. This can look overbuilt to some people. However, when you need ultimate durability, you can’t go wrong with this style.

Find Your Ideal Nerf Bars TodayEach of these styles is usually available in a variety of colors and sizes. You may want black nerf bars to match your truck or get something contrasting. Whatever you choose, it will look great. Nerf bars tend to be a very cool and helpful accessory for any truck. If you plan to take your truck off-road, you can’t go wrong with a meaty set of nerf bars.

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