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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Hydraulic Press Machine



Press machines have been used in the industry for a long time. Initially, there existed a Brahma press that worked on a mechanical level, and over time it was developed into an automatic hydraulic press machine. Now the hydraulic press machine has many applications in the industry and may be used occasionally for personal use too. We shall explore, in this article, why you should buy a hydraulic press machine.

Reasons to buy a Hydraulic Press Machine

Some of the reasons you should buy a hydraulic press machine include:

Your industry becomes versatile

Without a hydraulic press machine, your industry may not have a lot of versatile manufacturing options. This, in turn, significantly reduces the chances of growth. However, given the diverse range of applications of the hydraulic press machine, you can explore more horizons and try new things to expand your business further. Potentially, your business may have an entirely new form or shape with an automatic hydraulic press.

Manufacturing costs are reduced significantly

Various manufacturing industries have benefited a lot because of the cost efficiency that resulted from renting or buying a hydraulic press machine. You can reduce your manufacturing costs significantly too buy acquiring the hydraulic press machine for your factory. It will do the molding, crushing, and punching at rates much lower than other methods.

The bulk of money saved over time can be invested elsewhere for further developments in your business.

They save space

Most Hydraulic press machines, especially the Dekuma Hydraulic press, are compact and saves much space. One of the major problems in almost all industries is not having a place for certain machinery, which costs them a lot in the long run. On the contrary, even if some space is found, it becomes extremely unsustainable because the machinery cannot be moved or placed at a place where it is needed the most.

However, you can move the hydraulic press machine according to your changing requirements and have it in places where it is needed the most. This also helps save manufacturing costs and manufacturing time.

Can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements

The automatic hydraulic press is not a random machine that will do a particular type of work at a standard rate and force. In other words, the customer does not necessarily have to adjust himself or herself according to the machine. Rather, the machine can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements. What that means is you can change the rate at which it presses or the force it exerts, or many other features depending upon the material you are using or the market demand. This significantly enhances the customer’s feasibility.

They have a considerably long life

Various hydraulic pressors and Dekuma hydraulic press, in particular, have a considerably long life. This is because the hydraulic press has some unique features that make it more durable and significantly reduce the impact on the machine during its working. Some of the features include:

  • Cast steel is used to make the body
  • The inner surface is finely grinded
  • A two-way cartridge valve is used

Finite element analysis has been used to determine the quality of the hydraulic press machine and to ensure they are durable. Durability, on the other hand, makes the machine long-living.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get an ideal hydraulic press machine, go for Dekuma hydraulic press. The company has collaborated with industries in Germany and uses its advanced technology to make the best products is very cheap rates. Dekuma has different types of hydraulic press machines for options: four column hydraulic press, frame type hydraulic press, servo hydraulic press for powder forming, and so on.  With the advanced core technology, Dekuma hydraulic press has a strict command of the machine’s performance: position accuracy (±2mm), pressing accuracy (±3%), energy-saving (up to 30-50%), and low noise. These unique characteristics of the Dekuma hydraulic press make the famous around the world and give their products a high prestige.

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Pink WhatsApp: beware of this fake update that downloads a Trojan. Report By Alessandro Bazzoni



ESET, a leading company in proactive threat detection, warns that Android users should be careful with a message that is circulating through WhatsApp and other important messaging platforms and that promises the possibility of changing the color of WhatsApp to pink, Alessandro Bazzoni reported recently.

Pretending to be an official update for the popular chat app, the file that is invited to download to access WhatsApp Pink is actually a variant of the same malware that was distributed through WhatsApp messages and it was also analyzed by the expert Lukas Stefanko.

In this new version of the malware, it does not send automatic responses only to messages that arrive from WhatsApp, but also to messages received in other instant messaging applications, which could be the reason for its apparent wider spread, said the specialist.

Apparently, the malware sends these automatic responses to any message the user receives in applications such as WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Signal, Skype, Viber, Telegram, he added.

WhatsApp Pink pink is a version of the popular messaging application that offers a new look to users who install it, but by clicking on the link it shares, it infects the mobile to gain complete control.

The supposed premium or special versions of WhatsApp have been tempting users for years with modifications, such as new functions and another color for the interface, that aren’t present in the legitimate application, with the aim of tricking them into obtaining a profit in return, as all the common malwares in this app.

In this sense, cybersecurity researcher RajshekharRajaharia has warned through his Twitter profile of a new threat, the so-called WhatsApp Pink.

In 2015 he highlighted another malicious version, WhatsApp Azul, which promised to change the color of the interface to adopt the one indicated by its name, but instead issued questionnaires and subscribed victims to paid services.

Another scam application is WhatsApp Gold, which does not exist as such. It is a hoax that urges you to download an application with which cybercriminals can steal your device’s data.

Although the new version of this malware does not go any further, Stefanko warned that this could only be a trial version and a more dangerous version may appear in the future. Also, the website from which it is downloaded could in the future be used to host various types of payloads (malicious payloads).

What is a malware?

‘Malware’ is an increasingly familiar computing term for the common user. It refers to the malicious code that, usually disguised as a mobile application, infects our devices to provide revenue to its creators. In simple terms, we are talking about a virus that takes control of smartphones, electronic tablets or computers without the owner being aware.

Not long ago we talked aboutFlubot, associated with false notices from courier companies; ‘System Update’, a remote access Trojan that promised to keep our phone updated; and FlixOnline, which posed as a Netflix app to spread uncontrollably among our WhatsApp contacts. Now it is the turn of ‘WhatsApp Pink’, an application that takes advantage of this latest modus operandi and in whose networks not a few users have fallen.

As its name suggests, Pink promises to dye WhatsApp pink and modify its icon accordingly, that is, to apply aesthetic touches to the instant messaging service. Needless to say, these never occur.

This new Android Trojan was first reported by a Twitter user in India, where it was shared in several massive chat groups of popular instant messaging services. The hoax does not ask users to download and install the malicious app from a place other than the official Google Play store, however, the malware does request permission to access user notifications.

Once the installation process is complete and the user clicks on WhatsApp Pink, the application is hidden and a message is displayed indicating that it was never installed. So, when the victim receives a message, they will respond to it without knowing it and will cause it to spread further.

In case that you downloaded WhatsApp Pink you can remove it through the settings option and the application manager submenu or by installing an Android security solution that will scan your device and automatically remove the malware.

By way of prevention, ESET shares several precautions that can be taken and that will reduce the chances of becoming a victim of similar schemes in the future:

• Always use a trusted mobile security solution

• Be careful with the permissions you grant to applications

WhatsApp has long been the most popular messaging application in much of the world. So much so, that it has become the most used means when we want to contact someone from our mobile phone, even more than the calls themselves.

But like everything that takes on great prominence and popularity, it has also become the focus of all those who try to take advantage of this success to try to distribute all kinds of viruses or malware and reach many victims with less effort. This is why we must be very careful with all those we receive through the messaging app owned by Facebook. These are the most dangerous viruses that we can receive through the chatting app on our mobile phone.

Alessandro Bazzoni explains that WhatsApp is usually one of the places from where we receive more viruses or scams. A friend sends us a message (or an acquaintance or a relative) and we open it without thinking. A message with a link, a video or any other file that automatically introduces viruses to our mobile phone. Cyber ​​attackers take advantage of the trust we have in our contacts or the memes that circulate through the app to introduce viruses that attack our phone or even steal our data. That is why it is convenient that we be careful with what we open, that we always distrust links that promise us gifts or raffles, that we make sure what we are opening.

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What you need to know about Bosch jigsaw in Kenya



Jigsaws are power tools that are portable and are used to cut curves. They cut can cut curves both in wood and metals. Bosch is one of the suppliers of jigsaws in Kenya and it deals with a variety of jigsaws.  This article focuses on all that you need to know about Bosch jigsaw in Kenya.

Bosch jigsaws are affordable and of good quality. Bosch jigsaw price in Kenya is pocket-friendly to the builders.

Uses of Bosch jigsaw

Cutting wood. Bosch jigsaw is used to cut wood. They can cut both thick wood and construction timbers. It can cut stencils and also add ornamental patterns to pieces ofhousehold goods.

Making holes on metals. It can also be used to cut curves in a metal so that it can fit on a wall. It can make holes on a piece of metal so that a pipe can fit.

It can also be used to cut carpet.  It cuts a carpet accurately as compared to a knife or a pair of scissors.

Bosch Jigsaw is also used in electrical work and plumbing.  It can be used to cut PVC tubing, plastic and plexiglass.

Advantages of using Bosch jigsaw

Bosch jigsaw is efficient in cutting. It makes cuts that are angled up to 45 degrees.  It is also useful in creating a variety of complicated shapes.

The jigsaws are portable. There are cordless bosch jigsaws that make it possible for builders to freely turn to put up with complex curves when making cuts on boards.

The jigsaw can cut through woods of diverse thickness.  It can also cut through hard surfaces.

The jigsaw is also comfortable andsafe. It rests on the surface of the material being cut and therefore the strength of the user is not needed to clasp it in site.

Bosch Jigsaw machine in Kenya is affordable to the users. They can be able to get it at a pocket friendly price.

Disadvantages of Bosch jigsaws

They are not flexible when it comes to angles. They are restricted to 45 degrees.

They do not have built in LED light.

Features of Bosch jigsaw

Speed Bosch jigsaw has a high speed of 500-3100SPM. This speed enables it to cut through thick materials very easily.  It also has electric circuitry which ensures thatblades steadily flowfrom the motor and this prevents it from stalling.

Power. Bosch jigsaw has powerful inductive motors. It has enough power to cut through any material whether soft or hard. It can also be used incutting thin sheets of metal or steel.

Dust collection. Bosch jigsaw has a dust blower. The dust blower helps one to cut lines clean from sawdust and other dirt.

Blade. Bosch jigsaw works with T-shank blades. These blades have superior grip and they are accurate on the job.

In conclusion Bosch jigsaw price in Kenya is varies from one jigsaw to another. Regardless of this they areavailable to the users and they come in varieties depending on the needs of end users.

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How To Buy Views For Your YouTube Videos




When buying views for your YouTube videos, you need to take into consideration the quality of the chosen audience in terms of viewer engagement, turnaround time, efficiency, and even money-back guarantees. The easiest way to check all these is to read reviews written by those who have tested all these programs and can share their experience.

Bonus Tip: Always seek for “high retention views” – these are views with relatively longer duration and they can help boost your search engine rankings.

1. The Marketing Heaven is a user-friendly seller of YouTube views. You simply need to add the link to your video, pick the number of views you want to get and choose whether or not you also want likes and how many of them. Even though it is the easiest to use, the Marketing Heaven has the drawback of being more expensive than the other two options, however what it offers is vastly superior.

However, when you weight up the quality of what is on offer when compared to the others you really do get what you pay for and this makes it the best available option in our opinion.

2. BuyViews

BuyViews is the second-best option for those who need YouTube views. They offer standard packages, as well as cool promotions every now and then. Their retention rate is quite good and their services also come with a money-back guarantee. The reasons why we consider DEVUMI to be better are the relatively worse turnaround time of BuyViews and the fact that they don’t guarantee the retention rate.

3. 500Views

500Views provides a wide range of services such as YouTube views, likes, subscribers and comments. Their ad-ons system is extremely intuitive. Nevertheless, they fall behind the top three choices when it comes to quality, engagement, retention and customer support. You should expect to wait at least one week to see noticeable results.

4. Social Shop

Social Shop has an interesting array of packages. Their micro package allows you to buy 1000 views for only $2. Their largest package delivers you one million views for $999. They have a turnaround time of two days, which is not too shabby when you consider their wide range of options. Their biggest drawback is the lack of proper customer support. Also, they don’t deliver likes, comments or subscribers.

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Hiring an Electrician: the Checklist



Hiring an Electrician

Owning your own home is probably one of the largest investments that you are ever likely to make. As well as being your sanctuary (or your renovators paradise depending on your reasons for owning a home), it’s also somewhere that you and your family depend on for safety and security, so when you need electrical work carrying out, rather than risking a botch job yourself, do you and the other people that share your home a favour and get a qualified electrician round to do the work.

Of course, that’s often easier said than done. Finding the right person for the job often takes a bit of sleuth work to establish how suitable they are to the work you need doing.

When they are looking for a professional electrician, Paddington residents follow a simple list of ‘must haves’ to help identify a suitable electrical contractor to carry out their work:

Firstly, seek referrals. By talking to friends, neighbors, and other members of the family, it’s often possible to find out about trusted operators; electricians that have done work for other people that you know, and who have been satisfied with the outcome. Electricians aren’t in short supply, but good ones are useful to know, and with it being such an oft used service, you should very quickly be able to locate a handful of recommended names.

Are they licensed?

Once you’ve tracked down a few likely options, be sure to do a bit of homework to make sure that they are fully licensed to carry out work on your home or property. It is a fundamental requirement in Australia, and especially in Queensland, that anyone purporting to be a qualified Indooroopilly electrician is able to show their valid license. Make sure they’re insured to carry out work on your property too, in case of damages.

Are they local?

Most tradespersons will factor in the time it takes to get to and from a job. So, if you think you’ve found the right spark to install your new lighting, make sure that they won’t need to add two hours of travel to the resulting invoice. Of course, if you have a rather large project that’s going to take up most of the day, or even a few days then calling in the right mob or individual from further afield is going to be more practical and financially workable.

Are they right for your job?

It goes without saying that electrical businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Some are suited to small work with homes and offices, whilst others are geared up to larger projects like construction and industrial fitting and maintenance. If you have a list of potentials and they all specialize in work different to the job you need doing, then you are wasting both your time and theirs, so try to get some idea of the sort of work they spend the majority of their time carrying out.

Check their online reviews:

Once you have a number of options to choose from, it is advisable to do an extra bit of homework. Most experienced businesses nowadays have some sort of online trail that can be cross-referenced. From online crowdsourcing sites for tradies to Google and Facebook reviews, anyone that’s been carrying out electrical work for the past few years should have a trail of evidence, positive or otherwise, so it’s worth reading what the most recent past clients have said about the services they received before you decide to give them a call.

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How to Recover My PC after Malware Infection



When your system gets affected by a malware infection, you may experience a different kind of problem. Malware can harm your system programs, files, and hard drive. Some malware can even affect your system performance, cause frequent system crashes, or even lead your system to BSOD errors, eventually causing data loss. Hence, you should always have a backup of your system for such situations. But, how would you recover your PC data after malware infection if you’re out of backup? 

Many people have raised queries about recovering data from Windows PC after a malware infection. In this post, we’ve mentioned a few effective and tested DIY methods to help you restore system data. Let’s get started!

Methods to Recover PC Data after Malware Infection

  • Enter Safe Mode
  • Delete temporary files
  • Scan your PC with an antivirus tool
  • Check your web browser
  • Use a live antivirus rescue disk
  • Disable suspicious startup items

Method 1: Enter Safe Mode

The easiest solution is through Safe Mode to recover your PC. This way, you’ll be able to run your PC with minimum programs and services needed. If any malware loads automatically when your system starts, entering SAFE MODE will prevent this from happening. 

  1. Go to the Start menu, click the Power button, hold the Shift key on your keyboard and click Restart. (See Image 1)

Image 1: Choose to restart your system

  1. Next, follow Troubleshooting > Advanced Options > Startup Settings. (See Image 2)

Image 2: Choose Startup Settings on the Advanced Options window

  1. Click Restart, and once the system restarts, press F4 to Enable Safe Mode. (See Image 3)
nable the Safe Mode by pressing F4 on the Startup Settings screen

Image 3: Enable Safe Mode by pressing F4

  1. Once done, your system will restart with the basic applications and services.

Method 2: Delete Temporary Files

Now that you’ve booted into the Safe Mode, you may want to run a malware scan. However, before that, delete all the temporary files on your system. It will free up some space on your system and run a little faster to run a malware scan. To delete temporary files, follow the given steps:

  1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing Windows + E and then go to This PC. 
  2. Then right-click on the C: drive and go to Properties > General > Disk Cleanup. (See Image 4 )
C drive Cleanup

Image 4: Open Disk Cleanup

  1. Next, select Clean up system files and then select choose the temporary files and click OK. (See Image 5)
cleanup system files

Image 5: Clean up system files

  1. Once done, start performing the following method.

Method 3: Scan your PC for malware

Now that the temporary files are deleted, run the anti-malware tool to perform a detailed scan for any virus. Windows 10 come with a built-in anti-malware program, Windows Defender Antivirus. The program thoroughly scans your PC and wipes it to protect your system. To run a malware scan, follow the given steps:

  1. Press Windows + I to open Settings.
  2. Now, navigate to Update & Security > Windows Security. (See Image 6)
Open Windows Security

Image 6: Open Windows Security by following Update & Security in the Settings app

  1. Next, go to Virus & threat protection and follow the instructions given on the page. 
  2. If there will be any malware, the program will show you on the screen. You’ll have to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process to recover the PC. 

Method 4: Check your Web Browser

Malware can modify your Web browser’s homepage or connection settings to infect your system. It can also display multiple pop-ups, advertisements, causing problems in browsing. You can check the home page of your Web browser and connection settings as well before launching it. Follow the given steps: 

  1. In Google Chrome, navigate to Menu and go to Settings. (See Image 7)

Image 7: Open Settings in Google Chrome Menu

  1. Now, scroll down to Search Engine > Manage search engines. (See Image 8)

Image 8: Select Manage search engines 

  1. All the searches will show in the result. Check if any suspicious entry is there. If you see any such entry, select it, and click ‘Remove from list.’ (See Image 9)

Image 9: Remove the suspicious entry from the list

  1. Once done, restart your browser, and check if the problem is resolved.

Method 5: Disable Suspicious Startup Items

Sometimes, malware may act as a desktop application and start automatically with your system’s basic startup programs. You need to disable the malware from running automatically, spreading through your system, and causing harm. Follow the given steps:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager. 
  2. Once open, navigate to Startup, and select the application you find malicious. Then click Disable. (See Image 10)

Image 10: Disable selected application/program

  1. Once done, reboot your system and check if the problem is fixed. 

Method 6: Uninstall Malicious Application from PC

 We’d also recommend you uninstall any suspicious program or software installed on your system to recover your PC. Follow the given instructions:

  1. Open System Settings and follow Apps > Apps & Features.
  2. Select the suspicious application or software, right-click on it, and click Uninstall. (See Image 11)

Image 11: Uninstall selected app/software

Method 7: Reset Windows 10 

If you still face problems with your PC after a malware attack, you’d need to reset Windows 10. However, this process asks you to remove everything to work out, take backup of your important data first, and then perform this method. To reset Windows 10, follow the given steps:

  1. Open Settings and follow Update & Security > Recovery Reset this PC > Get Started. (See Image 12)

Image 12: Select get started under Reset this PC.

  1. Choose to ‘Remove everything’ to remove all faulty or corrupt system settings, drivers, apps, software, etc. (See Image 13)

Image 13: Choose ‘Remove everything.’

  1. Click Just remove your files > Next > Reset > Continue. (See Image 14)

Image 14: Click Reset > Continue

  1. Once done, reboot your PC, and check if the PC is working fine. 
I forgot to take a backup of your system. How do I recover my PC data?
If you forgot to take a backup of your data before resetting Windows 10, don’t worry! You can use reliable professional data recovery software, such as Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows. This DIY tool can retrieve all types of data lost due to deletion, formatting, or even corruption from Windows PC and external storage devices, such as HDD, SSD, USB drives, etc. You can download the software and recover your data after resetting Windows 10. 


A malware infection can cause serious problems, such as system malfunctioning, freezing, or even blue screen errors. It may even change your web browser’s home page or connection settings. Hence, if you find your system affected by a malware attack, try all the solutions mentioned in this article. However, a few methods, such as Resetting Windows and Deleting Temporary Files, may cause data loss. Fortunately, you can recover any lost data using a powerful data recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery for Windows. 

If you are looking for free data recovery software, then download free license version of Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition.

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