Top 5 Reasons Why Moocs Are So Popular And Growing

Top 5 Reasons Why Moocs Are So Popular And Growing

With enormous popularity among learners, MOOCs are international, the biggest distributor of online programs today, especially the Computer Science &Engineering stream, with a credible proctored certification exam that is socially acclaimed and differentiates you from other learners by serving you with a chance of better and higher employability.

If you think you need to compromise your educational careers facing the Global Pandemic then with the substitution to traditional learning, the upheaval of MOOCs is launched to help you understand the global and accessible learning program.

This indicated initiative has come to your rescue with an enormous range of online programs. Internationally, the governing body aims to provide for all the student community, sustaining the quality of teaching, examination, and research comparable to education in higher institutions. Giving you the exclusive opportunity to learn easily through adaptable free online courses with certificates of completion authorized by leading MOOCs platforms and earn a highly recognized, beneficent award of certification from your location.

The important reason behind taking this revolutionary step is to make every kind of learning possible for all the learners from different places to get admitted to higher educational courses, including engineering, hotel management, and architecture, and all that available through free online courses. Upon completion of your program and after passing all your assessments, you gain an internationally recognized qualification from top universities or E-learning sites with just minimum hard work. This is what makes MOOCs a worldwide popular global star among all the seekers of knowledge!

Why chose MOOCs?

 Through these online learning opportunities which are offered these days, amid the pandemic from the comfort of your location and it’s absolutely appeasing for all of you to process your road to qualification officially, you can easily pursue your desired subject of interest through MOOCs online programs with, fortunately, no hindrances in your journey to have a successful career while you’re at home.

With MOOC courses, a new insinuation for learners of asynchronous programs – they are not held through traditional learning methods and the work can be done at a time that suits you – quality education as well as an improved home-life balance, elimination of a daily commute, reducing daily stress and awarding you certificates upon successful completion of your course, definitely explains that you must choose this operating system when you have the chance. Let’s explore the specific objectives to understand the realities of MOOCs!

1) Online Learning and higher success rate

Massive Open Online Courses offers you higher success rates as compared to typical and average grades you receive after spending hours on your academic studies! They provide you the simplest methods and basic online courses, easy enough for you to adapt and achieve without putting much of your brain work into the process.

From beginners to advanced experts of every field are introduced to the basics of online learning. Hence, this opportunity is an ideal option for learners who wish to enroll themselves in a program that is less hard work and more smart work rather than intensive, demanding, and hectic learning programs. Significantly, the essential paradigm of MOOCs is that they are somewhat superior in delivering learning to a wider audience, speaks to a larger community and that’s why the acceptance rate and success rate are inevitably higher.

2)No demands

 Open Online Courses are open to literally everyone without any demands, restrictions or exceptions. You don’t have to mention any of your prior experience, qualifications, educational journey, locality, personal details, nothing at all except what do you need from your instructor.

MOOCs are innovative, open, and accessible, and ultimately a great alternative to conventional educational programs. These online courses with certificates are available with no regional restrictions or admittance obligation but only an internet connection will improve your skills and guarantee a bright career.

3)Completely flexible, self-paced

This e-Learning platform is ideal for those looking to explore the possibilities of distance learning, can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world providing maximum convenience, without the need to commit to a paid &full-time course having no exams and no deadlines. The association provides all students free courses with the same level of priority, management and effective lessons as compared to paid students.

 Massive learning provides you the freedom to study in your own time, space at your own pace. Whether you want to create your own study schedule, in accordance with your lifestyle- it’s purely your call.

4)Speaks to a larger audience

The reason why the governing platform continues to grow is that these learning opportunities tend to overcome the big challenge of limited capacity and strives to create more capacity. Awareness of the MOOCs is highly important because they offer you distance learning through committed tutor support for every one of you who’s taking any sort of courses –MOOCs are developing economies!

Be mentored, inspired by experienced and qualified professionals, without having to fight the war of privilege and favoritism. This operating system is serving a reasonably large fraction of the population. Think about what learners are getting out of MOOCs, no limitation as to how many Massive Open Online Courses you can take, whether one course, a handful of courses, or as many courses as you can find – you are a part of blended learning.

5)Inexpensive and at times free

Another objective of this bundled software is to provide you with courses and learning material that are available cost-efficient, highly affordable, and sometimes available at no cost at all. The key advantage of all when it comes to Massive Open Online Courses is that they are freely available for everyone.

You can pay only if you wish to validate your learning and earn a shareable certificate. While many learners may be drawn towards well-curated MOOC programs, other than that you can eventually pursue any course free also, depending on your learning requirements.


This initiative serves to be a remarkable opportunity for every section of the population, acquiring program certification, being recognized by various platforms, this will greatly empower the teaching community. As the world of scholars among you continues to grow every single day, sincerely hoping this embarking acknowledgment will encourage more learners across the world to even upgrade and boost their knowledge in an efficient manner.

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