Top 5 Reasons to Use Camouflage for Hunting


Hunting and a game of chess are not different in their principles. Both require patience, luck, and strategy to win. However, just like in chess you have to master your concentration skills to improve, a proper camouflage is important to be a good hunter. For example, bow hunters are a special kind of hunters, and bow hunting camo is the suit that makes them successful, without it they might find it difficult to even swat a fly. Following are some of the reasons for all of you who are still confused about the importance of a Camouflage suit.

1. Blending:

The basic purpose of camouflage is to blend with the natural environment and make the hunter less visible. Try and hunt a deer without a proper camo. You will eventually hunt it down but the effort it takes will diminish the rewards and the joy of the hunt. Try making your camouflage suit by using material from the area in which you are going to hunt. Sticking a few leaves and sticks to your hat does the trick each time.

2. Trapping:

Modern camo suits come with layers that will trap your body odor and absorb it. Since you will be hunting wild animals, these creatures can smell a change in their environment immediately. You might not even be too close to the prey but it can smell you if you are not wearing a camouflage suit. Give yourself good odds of a successful hunt and wear camouflage on your next game.

3. Confidence Booster:

Hunting is all about how confident are you in your tracking, stalking, and killing skills. If you ever get a chance, talk to a veteran sniper. They make their camouflage suits which are also known as ghillie suits. Ask, what makes them so confident that no one will spot them and the answer will always be the same; their Ghillie Suit. No matter how difficult the terrain or how tricky the animal is, if your camouflage is on point, you will remain confident of a successful kill.

4. Safety from Predators:

This might be the most convincing factor when it comes to the importance of a camouflaged suit. Predators such as big cats, coyotes, and wolves have their limits when it comes to identifying different colors. According to research data, during the day, they can only see blue but will not identify red. Similarly, the orange color to most predators looks like a yellowish-green. Their vision might get good at night but still identifying colors is difficult. A subtle and greyish camouflage is going to confuse these predators.

5. No outline:

This one is directly linked to the point just discussed. All the animals except birds cannot identify colors but they can detect shapes and outlines. Ever heard of the expression, act dead when a bear approaches, now you know why they say it. A camouflage not only traps your odor but also distorts your outline, making it difficult for the pray to spot you.

Many will argue on the importance of a camouflaged suit during a hunt. But the fact remains, a good camouflage can enhance the experience of the game.

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