Top 5 Hiring Tips for Every New Manager

The thoughts of hiring for new talents alone can be so scary that you develop some strange feelings about your job. This is quite normal; we all feel the same when about to commence a tedious task, but what can one do? You need to use it as a learning curve and grow with it to become a better manager.

Hiring the right person at a first trial is rare but not impossible if you fulfil all the obligations required of you as a manager. Studies have shown that the average cost of recruiting employees cost around $4,000, so not getting it right might be doomsday for you and your organization.

To prevent this, we’ve come up with 5 great tips to help you hire the right candidate, even as a new manager.

Hiring Tips For Every New Manager

1. Strategize

Even a mighty warrior will lose a battle woefully if he fails to strategize. The very first step you should consider is to understand the position you’re hiring for; is it an entry-level position or a senior member? Failing to strategize and just hope to do things as they come will end badly. You will end up with unhappy candidates who suck at their job.

The first plan is to develop a strong and well-detailed job advert with your HR. This will spell out the desired candidates, criteria for qualifications, remunerations, mission and vision of your company etc. The job adverts should be distributed evenly on all social media, media outlets, and billboards to attract the preferred candidates.

Hiring is meant for the HR, but not the HR manager alone. With the publicity you have for your job adverts, there is a tendency that your company will receive lots of applications, and in order to move things quickly, your HR manager will need helping hands.

2. Be Organized

The importance of setting a goal is to stick to it till the end; your job as a manager is to oversee the organization’ affairs, including the hiring department. You must have hired an experienced hiring manager or most likely trained him to discharge his duties in the best possible ways.

The training and experience will help the hiring manager stick to the plan and remain organized through the hiring process. The candidates, irrespective of their experience, will be nervous, but the goal is to get the best candidate out of all the applicants, so remaining organized won’t make you and your hiring team act nervous in the presence of your applicants.

3. Consider Your Candidates’ Experience

In all your plans, put your candidates at the back of your mind. Not all the applicants will be offered the role, so how well do you want other rejected applicants to remember your organization? If you don’t make your applicants feel wanted and valued, your competitors will, which means your retention rate will suffer.

Value and treat your applicants as customers patronizing your business while remaining official to the best of your capacity.

4. Pay Attention To Your Interview Questions And Tests

The test doesn’t necessarily have to be aptitude tests, but an aptitude test is not a bad idea either; you can test their patience and social interaction skills.

Take them out to eat and watch their attitude, pay attention to how they treat the waiter, the gatekeeper, and those rendering services to them.

Watch how concerned they are when others don’t get food; are they the type willing to share or those that only think about themselves?

Are they the type that rushes into a restaurant or waits for others to step out first; this is essential for a calm candidate.

5. Do Not Make Quick Decision

After a well planned hiring strategy, you must have gotten your shortlisted candidate, but do not rush to make the final decision. Make sure to finish interviewing all applicants; you might find another capable applicant. Also, the fact that an applicant got a question wrong doesn’t mean he can’t redeem himself later with other questions; give all candidates an equal chance.

Additionally, to ease the pressure on yourself as a new manager, you can outsource the hiring process to an external organization like PEO. What is PEO, you ask? PEO is an organization that offers a joint employment relationship with your company to hire on your behalf and also manage the employees’ responsibilities and liabilities.


Hitting the bull’s eye with your hiring strategy as a new manager should be your utmost priority, even though this might look impossible. Your role as a manager is open to continuous learning, but when it comes to recruitment, there is very little chance for error.

Adhering strictly to your hiring strategy and other tips explained in the article will definitely set you on the right track in making a good hire.