Top 5 Health Benefits for Adult Best Shoes Aging from 30 to 64 Under $60

  1. Non-slip soles – these reduce your risk of falling.
  2. Flat or low heels – provide increased stability and improved balance.
  3. No laces – no need to bend down to tie your shoes, and fewer obstacles to trip over.
  4. 14 Traction Good blocks – absorb the shock impact of walking, which is excellent for the feet, hips, back, and knees.
  5. High-back – 1-inch lift provides extra support for the ankles.

Highlight: The VIVIDMax Grip shoe pays attention to adults aging from 30-64 specific requirements in relation to shoes. 

Can you remember the last time you tried to walk around for a whole day in unstable slippery shoes that didn’t fit quite right? – and they hurt, and you had to take and watch each of your step very carefully to not slip and fall, and to be honest, it felt like you were wearing someone else’s shoes. This is way too risky behavior and it can lead to discomfort and reduced mobility.  

And probably, well, walking around the house was likely much harder, and by the end of the day, your feet and joints ached with pain.  It’s time for a change! That’s when looking at a good pair of shoes to prevent falls and increase stability and comfort is certainly a healthy benefit.


  • Foot morphology changes with ageing.
  • Older people frequently wear ill-fitting shoes.
  • By 2050, the world’s population aged ≥60 is expected to total 2 billion, up from 900 million in 2015, and the population aged ≥80 is projected to triple from 137 million in 2017 to 425 million in 2050. Source; Science Direct
  • Many older adults are confronted with foot pain when wearing shoes. This may be due to an increased prevalence of foot deformities, such as hallux valgus, mallet toes, hammer toes and claw toes. Hallux valgus is related to the wearing of shoes with small toe boxes at age 20–39 years. Source; Science Direct
  •  Bevelled heel and bevelled nose of the shoe
    A bevelled heel may reduce the risk of slipping, because at heel strike a flatter shoe-floor angle improves grip; therefore a bevelled heel has been advised for older people. A posterior 10-degree heel bevel is optimal. To enhance toe clearance during the swing phase of the leg, a bevelled nose of 10–15 degrees (this is called a rocker angle) is advised [42]. See Source

It’s time to prioritize your health and make your feet happy! They are many options, studies and benefits that present a good pair of shoes for seniors out there but they a few unique ones like we offer that does it all. We present you the VIVIDMax Grip  Model 01 manufactured by Vivid Footwear. The overpowering MAX Footwear MIND BLOWING go-to comfort slip on rubber shoe that you’re sure to feel miraculously protected and supported with day after day.

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As we get older, the risk of falls is much greater. The right clogs, our VIVIDMax Grio can keep you healthier. A pair of clogs that either doesn’t fit properly or is in a style that doesn’t offer much in the way of stability can throw off your balance and make it harder to catch yourself after a stumble. If shoes are too big or too loose, you could trip over them as you walk. Or if they’re too tight or too small, you could experience issues as well. When adults between the ages of 30 to 64 wear shoes that fit properly, they can dramatically reduce the likelihood of experiencing a fall by giving their feet better support and stability when they walk and stand.

  • VIVIDMax Grip Clog Enhances Walking Stability

As we get older, our feet naturally change. It’s common for adults to experience a decrease in the fat padding on the bottom of the feet, which means the bones in your feet experience more impact as you walk. Feet often become weaker, as joints become stiff, arches flatten, and tendons & ligaments lose strength. These changes mean the feet don’t have as much natural support, and therefore need to get that support from shoes and slippers.

  • MAX Footwear increased 1 inch outsole support for your feet, ankles, and joints

It’s super important for adults to stay active as they age. For seniors, a good pair of shoes is undeniably mandatory. It goes beyond style and comfort – for seniors, a sturdy pair of shoes is important for both health and safety reasons.

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Shoes for elderly to prevent falls

As we get older, the risk of falling becomes much greater. This is because our joints become weaker, our balance is slightly off, our reactions aren’t as good, and vision is likely no longer 20/20.

A good pair of shoes goes beyond the latest pair of Nikes’ for seniors.

Finding a pair of shoes that fit properly

When we get older, our feet naturally change over time—for example, the fat padding on the bottom of the feet decreases. Therefore, there is less protection from the impact of walking.

Your feet become weaker, and your joints become stiff, arches flatten, and your tendons and ligaments begin to lose strength.

And while this is part of becoming older, if you don’t protect your feet with a pair of stable and well-fitting shoes, then you’ll encounter a whole host of other problems.

Adult Best Shoes Aging from 30 to 64 Under $60

If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, then we recommend the VIVIDMax grip.

With fourteen traction blocks, twenty-six water pannels, and a thick and grippy outsole, you’re guaranteed comfort and mobility. 

The Tale of the Unrivaled All Terrain Shoes: the VIVIDMax Grip Shoe 

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Enhance walking stability with VIVIDMax grip shoes – shop yours today.

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