Top 5 Benefits Trade Show Exhibits

Top 5 Benefits Trade Show Exhibits

Are you looking for ways to spread the word about your brand? Do you want to find different ways to connect with your target buyers one-on-one? If so, then you need to prioritize trade show exhibits for your company moving forward.

Trade shows offer all kinds of ROI for your business. They can help expedite the customer journey map, give you honest, personal feedback, and help you hear the voice of the people (to improve your products and/or services). 

See below for an in-depth list of benefits that you will receive when you and your company invest in custom trade show exhibits. 

1. Strong Offline Marketing

So many companies are focusing all of their marketing strategies on building their online presence. In their minds, it’s offering the highest ROI, so they’re pouring all their time and money into that marketing tactic. But what does history tell us about pouring all your eggs into one basket?

Why can’t you have the best of both worlds? Why can’t your offline marketing complement your online marketing (and vice versa)? 

At the end of the day, all of those brands are spending thousands of dollars on digital marketing to do one thing: make their brand more personable. Do you know what the best method is for showing customers your personable side? To get out in front of them in person. Don’t overthink it!

By investing in a custom tradeshow booth one time, you can have a makeshift booth for any expos and trade shows moving forward. Rockway Exhibits + Events does a tremendous job of creating trade show booths that convert.

The trade show will lure your target clients in so that you can work your magic. The booth will bring them in, but your personality and products will get them to build customer loyalty.

Your brand is special, you just need a chance to show people that side of it. Trade shows can offer you that opportunity!

2. Build Brand Recall

When you read the word “Target”, what do you initially think of? We’re willing to bet that the first thing you envisioned was the international superstore’s bright red target logo! 

That’s the power and importance of building brand recall in your customer’s head. They may not need your products/services today, but they’ll need them eventually. When they do, it’s the company with the strongest brand recall that will win their business.

How do customers build brand recall with a company? By building a connection with it; by seeing your logo seemingly everywhere that they turn.

Trade shows are an excellent way to either expose target customers to your brand for the first time or double down on what they already know about you. 

For example, let’s say that Sally has never heard of your HVAC company before. She sees your logo and table at a trade show and stops by your table to get her hands on one of your free promotional t-shirts. 

A few weeks later, Sally’s air conditioning unit starts to make weird, concerning sounds. Who’s the first person she’s calling? You! Why? Because she made a connection with you, no matter how quickly that may have been.

Even that brief connection is strong enough to boost Sally’s brand recall with your company and make her feel like you can be trusted.

3. B2B Connections

Of course, establishing personal clients is great, but the real money lies in establishing a business to business (B2B) connections. 

Depending on the services that you offer, even a handful of B2B clients can help your company a whole new level of profit. That all starts by getting out to where those companies are.

Trade shows are a great place to build business connections because they get you in the same room with like-minded, action-oriented entrepreneurs. They’re hands down the best way to connect with small business owners!

At the very least, you’re building B2B connections that can benefit both you and your business partner in the long run. At the very best, you’re able to gain a customer who will build loyalty with your brand.

4. Expedites the Customer Journey Map

Whether you realize it or not, every customer of yours (both present or future) undergoes some variation of the customer journey map.

Each customer journey map includes five essential stages: awareness, consideration, decision, service, and loyalty.

No matter what stage a customer is currently on with your brand, a trade show can help them move into the next stage. It can move them from the awareness stage to the consideration stage. It can move them from the decision stage to the service and loyalty stage.

5. New Leads to Pursue

If you’re looking for ways to make your marketing plan more all-encompassing, then trade shows are the missing piece you need to explore.

Simply put, trade shows will give you different leads that you can pursue. Leads that you won’t find anywhere else.

Make no mistake about it, you’ll have to work for them. You have to entice them with things like free giveaways, but once they’re at your booth, they’re all ears. That alone will build a connection and increase the chances that they convert.

Invest in Trade Show Exhibits for Your Brand Today

Now that you have seen all of the wide variety of benefits that trade show exhibits can offer, be sure to invest in them for your business today.

Take the time to browse our website and read more articles about trade shows, as well as many other topics that we think you’ll find helpful.

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