Top 5 Benefits of Gabion Retaining Walls

Top 5 Benefits of Gabion Retaining Walls

Whether it’s preventing erosion or enhancing the look of your landscape, gabion retaining walls can get the job done. There are tons of options when it comes to retaining walls for residential and commercial use. We’re going to share with you the many benefits that gabion retaining walls can provide you over other types of retaining walls.

They’re Easily Constructed

Gabion walls are very easily constructed on-site or can be pre-assembled and brought to the site via a truck. Since their construction is very simple, installation is a breeze. Gabions are distinct for their hexagonal baskets and densely-packed rocks. They can very simply be packed one on top of the other to create a retaining wall as big as you desire. Unlike other forms of retaining walls, this is one of the quickest building methods. In a matter of an hour or two, you can have a finely constructed retaining wall that will last for a long time.

Their Fill Is Very Versatile

Gabion retaining walls come in all different looks. The main component that can be easily changed is the rock compound inside of each block. As long as the rock that is chosen is bigger in size than the mesh fence that encases it, you’ll be fine. This gives a lot of versatility in the look of the wall. You can opt for quartz, granite, sandstone, or another rock species. This really allows you to pick a stone color that flows perfectly with your landscape. You can pick smaller rocks to give a softer look. Or, you can opt for larger rocks to create a more defined area.

The Price Can Vary Greatly

When it comes to pricing out a retaining wall, it can be as expensive as you would like with a gabion wall. Since the material inside of this type of wall can be whatever rock you like, it can drastically change the overall price of the retaining wall. This can make your wall as cheap as $3 or as much as $40 per square foot, depending on your individual preference for fill.

They Move With Stress

Due to the unique construct of gabion walls, they’re very flexible. Unlike concrete and other materials, gabion walls move with the earth. This is especially important for areas that go through a yearly freeze and thaw cycle. The wall will rise and sink with the natural process of the earth. There’s no worry of the gabion wall breaking or cracking under the early’s pressure. This makes gabion walls last much longer than other types of retaining walls.

They Provide Excellent Drainage

One look at the construct of gabion walls, and it’s very easy to realize that they offer excellent water drainage. You won’t have to ever worry about water building up behind the wall and pooling. Rainwater and snowmelt can easily permeate through the rock material and into the soil beneath the wall. This completely eliminates the need to install a drainage system as would be required with other types of retaining wall materials.

As you’ve likely discovered from the information presented above, gabion walls provide many awesome benefits that other types of retaining walls don’t. Not only do they present better drainage, but they also move with the earth so that you don’t have to worry about unwanted cracking in your newly built wall. If you’re considering installing a retaining wall on your property, then you should really consider using a gabion style wall. Both residential and commercial customers can enjoy the many benefits that this style of retaining wall offers.

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