Top 5 Android App Development Companies in 2022

Android app development has emerged as one of the most profitable mobile app industries over the years.

With over 50% of the entire global population using the android operating system, there is a significant revenue share in the market.

And with a lucrative market comes prominent key players in the market that are known for providing stellar services and assistance.

Today, we are going to talk about the top 5 android app development company that are the key players in the global android app development market.

But before that, we will have a look at why android app development is a lucrative and highly-preferred market in 2022.

So, let’s get started.

Why Android App Development Market

There’s no doubt that mobile apps have become part and parcel of our lives.

From day-to-day communication to everyday business transactions and management, mobile apps are playing a vital role in every niche.

In the midst of this, the android market is growing significantly for several reasons.

For instance, one of the noticeable reasons is that a plethora of devices leverages android OS. There is a significant amount of smartphone manufacturers in the world; a majority of these device manufacturers prefer Android over iOS.

Secondly, android devices span overall price ranges; android devices are available over a variety of price ranges and are easily available to smartphone users.

Whereas iPhones, based on their exclusivity-based marketing, are not easily affordable in developing countries specifically, android devices have a prominent advantage.

Next, Android offers wide device compatibility to other devices as compared to iPhone devices, which is a relatively closed mobile platform spreading to iOS devices only.

This wide ecosystem particularly attracts users who do not want to get locked into certain hardware brands – which iOS devices lack significantly.  

Moreover, Google and other major app developers have increased the overall quality and feature-set of android devices considerably. This has ultimately made Android a more sophisticated mobile OS over time.

Overall, Android offers a plethora of features and performance metrics, enabling high-quality services and massive market penetration.

Top 5 Android App Development Companies

Moving on, let’s now have a look at the top 5 android app development companies as the key industry players.

1.     Softeq

An all-in-one solution provider company that delivers high-quality mobile app development services, soften is tops our list of best android app development companies.

They are known for their high-end skill set to understand, perceive, and improvise clients’ requirements and specifications.

Softeq offers a team of professional app developers and engineers that ensure efficient on-budget service deliveries.

The company consists of more than 100 employees and is known for providing services like;

  • Web-based applications and mobile application development services.
  • Understanding and acquiring client brief
  • Expertise in developing apps for Android, iOS, windows, and blackberry platform
  • Cross-platform app development with expertise in technologies like Xamarin.

2.     Big Drop Inc

Next in the line is Big Drop Inc., a well-known web application development service provider in the world.

The company is known for providing full-cycle digital marketing services with expert-level skills in web designing and development.

Their services are widely ranged over web designing, content development, animated video production, content marketing, and more.

The company has a skilled team of professionals and is known for offering competitive services as any other top-tier web designing firm in the industry.

Big Drop Inc. has, over the years, earned a reputable image and name in the market, and that too, for all the right reasons.

Their prominent services include;

  • Android app development services
  • Web designing and development
  • Digital marketing and branding services
  • Video animation services

3.     Tekrevol

Full-cycle mobile app development and digital transformation company, Tekrevol is known for its stellar solutions and round-the-clock services in the USA, UK, Dubai, and Mena Region.

With one of the coolest, most skilled, and most highly-professional tech workers, Tekrevol is on a mission to help SMEs and startup businesses to disrupt their market domains.

Being recognized as the top mobile app development company over the years by tech magazines like Clutch and Forbes, Tekrevol is continuously expanding its services in several industries.

At the moment, Tekrevol offers app development and automation services in industries like healthcare, eCommerce, real estate, game development, automotive, and more.

The key services of Tekrevol include;

  • Mobile and web-based app development
  • App prototyping
  • Business and growth consultancy
  • Staff augmentation services
  • IP protection and App Patency

4.     Fueled

Founded in 2008, Fueled is now ranked as one of the top mobile app development companies in the industry.

Having a fresh and innovative approach to catering to marketing tactics and strategic capabilities, the company has been offering stellar solutions to businesses.

The professional teams at Fueled consider themselves strong believers in data-driven approaches to app development, prototyping, and strategic development for businesses.

The team excels at understanding the requirements of clients and delivering the best services; they excel at understanding the business requirements and meeting the market expectations as a leading player in the industry.

The stellar services at Fueled include;

  • Mobile app design and development
  • Offering stellar feature-set
  • Providing enterprise-based solutions
  • Business scalability and full-service engagement

5.     Fuzz

Fuzz is a well-known name in the app development industry, offering innovative design and development business solutions to businesses.

The company is known for its commitment to best-in-class product and development services to its clientele with well-ensured products and services.

Fuzz has offered stellar customized solutions for SMB and enterprise-level businesses for industries like eCommerce, enterprise apps, lifestyle apps, and more.

The company is known for having a thoughtful development methodology, including full-time engagement and detailed product development life cycles to offer quality and expertise.

The primary services at Fuzz include;

  • iPhone, iPad, Android, and tablet app development
  • Building stellar user experiences
  • Harnessing technology to deliver powerful hybrid and cross-platform apps

Wrap Up

Android app development is a highly saturated market that has been growing with every passing day.

With entrepreneurs and app development companies heavily investing in the industry are moving towards tech innovation in the industry.

The above mentioned is the list of top 5 android app development companies that are the key industry players in driving noticeable change in the industry.

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