Top 5 Alternatives To Course Hero 2021

In this article, we’re presenting the best & top 5 alternatives to Course Hero, but first of all, we need to find out the use of the Course Hero website. The Course Hero website is a study website, and you get unlimited books, textbook solutions, and much more. Its usage has been increased since 2020 due to the recent pandemic.

Course Hero is the vastest website which contains 60 million studying content of different subjects. The service remains active 24/7 a day, and no holiday is expected for the service, and that’s why it’s a trusted platform. This platform is developed in the USA, and it is operating from California, USA.

Most of the high-brand study websites are operating from the USA because the people there are very productive, and that’s why we see the compelling stuff coming from the USA. But, unfortunately, most of the alternatives are also operating in the USA, and there is tough competition among them.

This brand is most famous for study-related content. Still, the only concern is that the service is paid, and we can say that this service is the most expensive service available on the internet, and that’s also a reason why we’re trying to check the alternatives to Course Hero. The pricing plan is costly for this website so, it’s better if we choose any other options.

No doubt, the quality content is stunning because the management is charging too much money for the service. So most people avoid using the Course hero, but it does not mean that its usage is not existing. Still, it has enormous usage in American countries because they can afford a premium service and the rest of the progressing countries don’t. So this article is for those who want quality stuff at a reasonable price.

Does Course Hero Provide Free Service?

Yes, the course hero provides the free service, but this service is for special people, and they only provide free service to those who help the customers on Course Hero. For example, suppose, If I have expertise in any subject, I upload the solution of any unsolved problem. Suppose, if five people unlock your uploaded, you get the option to open one document of another tutor.

Course hero follows the referring policy as well l, and if you invite your friends to join this service and get paid service, you get a bonus on each referral. So the more refers you have, the more revenue you get, and that’s how the system works; moreover, if you don’t want the money but want to use the earned bonus on Course hero, you can unlock some links on available credit.

The third option is to become a tutor and teach the students online, and the Course Hero will organize the online class for you, and the payment will be made through the service so, no worry about receiving the payment. But, suppose, if you’re a tutor, and you don’t give proper time to the student so the student can report to the service provider, there will be consequences.

Chegg Service

The Chegg website is has taken the first spot because this service deserves the first place. We’ve used this service, and believe us, and this service is much better than Course Hero in every aspect, pricing, quality, and everything. This service is on very reasonable pricing, and that’s why we’ve added it to the first spot.

The rest of the alternatives are also good, but the problem is that the rest of the sites don’t provide the quality content available on the Chegg website. The pricing for the Study pack subscription is only $25, and the pricing of the course hero is also the same, but you don’t get unlimited links access on Course Hero. Still, the Chegg service is offering unlimited unlocking requests.

Chegg offers only two device usage per account, and you can use only one device at a time, and that’s the only shortcoming of Chegg service because it does not support more than one active device at a time. If you try to breach the security and violate the rules, you get a penalty in the shape of 48 hours suspension. If the break is imposed, you can never get rid of it before 48 hours.

Even the service is affordable, it’s still paid, and you need to pay $25 per month. Now people always try to find ways to avoid spending money, and if you’re thinking so, we have a plan for you. We’ve used a website that offers free unlocking Chegg answers to unsolved problems, textbook solutions, and renting books. So we are providing a trustworthy source to avoid paid subscriptions and get the Chegg answers for free.

OneClass Service

OneClass is the second alternative to Course hero after Chegg service. This service provides all the features of the Course hero platform, but the only difference is the pricing. Three types of plans are available on the OneClass platform. The cheapest package is the Homework+ plan, and it costs around $9 per month, but if you get the yearly package for this plan, you get the same for $2 only, and you’re saving $7 in the annual package.

It does not matter how challenging the questions are. You get the answer within no time, and OneClass offers unlimited unlocking links, so don’t worry about the opening because you get infinite solutions access. Class+ package is costing $8 monthly, but if you prefer the yearly package, you get a lot of discount on the annual offer, you get the class+ for $96 yearly, which is better than monthly, but if you go for the yearly package, you need to make the annual payment in the beginning.

Grade+ is the most expensive package available on the website, and it has access to all the features available on the website. This includes the solutions unlocking and get textbook notes. In addition, grade+ contains 40 questions to publish on the website, and you can post 40 questions if you own a Grade+ subscription.

Grade+ offers the unlimited downloading of textbook notes, class notes, and study guide notes. This platform is one of the platforms which allows the users to download the notes because if we talk about Chegg, we can only view the notes, but those textbook notes are not downloadable. Grade+ costs $10 monthly and offers the yearly subscription; the yearly charges are $120 so, the amounts are exact for monthly and yearly subscriptions, but if you go for the yearly subscription, you can make a one-time payment and get rid of paying monthly.

Quizlet Service

Quizlet website is the upgraded version of Slader because the service was hosted on Slader before, but now it’s known as Quizlet, and this website also provides all the services you expect from Course Hero. You get step-by-step solutions to unsolved problems of textbooks. The website offers the complete textbook notes of thousands of books and the full explanation of every topic available in the textbook.

You can explore all the textbooks available on the website, and when you explore the textbook section, you get two features. The first feature is to unlock all the notes of textbooks available on the service, and the second feature is to get a complete explanation of any desired topic. The website does not show any advertisement since you’re already a premium subscriber of the service.

Quizlet is also available for offline mode, but the usage for offline mode is minimal. When you go online, all the features are unlocked, but all the downloaded files are accessible in offline mode so, if you found any document necessary, you can save it on your account or Quizlet app for later use.

PaperHelp Service

PaperHelp is the most recommended website because its rating is much better than others, and its rating is 4.9 so, it’s almost 5.0, which is the maximum rating limit. The usage of this service is increasing day-by-day because it’s not only an alternative to Course hero, but we can say that it’s a tremendous competitive to Course hero.

People judge everything by the rating provided by any service user, and luckily, this service has a good user response. This service satisfies the users, and the users are getting what they wanted to get. We’ve never used a platform yet, but many people have suggested this platform, which is why we’ve included it.

This service is not only for low-level students but also helpful for higher education students. So even if you’re a Ph.D. student, you will get a lot of help on this website. This service is also providing the solutions unlocking service, and you get unlimited unlocking on this platform. If you’re using this service for the first time, you get a special discount because they offer an excellent deal to the new users.

Writers per Hour Service

Writers per Hour service is good because they offer to write any high-level essays and much more. This service also offers to solve your custom questions like Course Hero because we’ve forgotten to mention that Course Hero contributes to solving custom questions related to any subject.

A writer per Hour is an open platform for every tutor because if you have skills on any topic, you can guide the users or complete the task of the needy person, and the person will pay you an amount of money for doing the job.

Are you joining the service for the first time? Then, don’t hesitate to join and get a 15% discount on the first arrival on the service.

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