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Top 5 Add Ons to be Considered While Purchasing Bike insurance online

Getting bike insurance online in India is very easy. There are plenty of good plans available from the top insurance companies. However, to make sure you have the most comprehensive and well-rounded bike insurance coverage, you need to buy some add-on covers. Add-on covers, or riders, as they are better known, are extra bike insurance covers that you can purchase along with the base two-wheeler insurance policy. The riders are available at an extra cost, so you need to choose wisely. Take a look at this article to know more about the best bike insurance riders available and how you should choose the best ones for yourself.

The best bike insurance riders:

Here is a list of the best bike insurance riders available in India currently:

  1. Zero depreciation rider –
    The zero depreciation rider is one of the best-selling bike insurance add-on covers. The zero-depreciation cover protects the bike against the depreciation value. With age, there is wear and tear and the value of the bike keeps falling. This is why you need to get a zero depreciation bike insurance rider. If you make a claim thereafter, you will get the claim based on the original value of the bike. This is very helpful as it helps you to lower your own burden of expenses when you have an accident and need to pay money for repairs.
  2. NCB protection rider –
    The next handy bike insurance rider is the NCB protection rider. This is a very good rider to have because the no claim bonus is a very handy bonus to have in motor insurance. The NVB, or the no-claim bonus, is a discount you get when you do not make any claim in the policy period. This accumulates and increases for every claim-free year. It goes up to as much as 50%. The NCB is then deducted from your premium and you get to pay a lower bike insurance premium as a result. However, if you make even a small claim, the entire NCB gets nullified. To protect the NCB against some claims, you can get the NCB protection rider and keep the NCB intact at all times.
  3. Engine cover rider –
    Most bike insurance online plans don’t cover the bike’s engine in the scope of cover. This means that if the engine of the bike gets damaged after an accident or due to a natural calamity such as a flood, you won’t get any financial assistance from your insurer to get it repaired. However, if you get the engine cover rider, the engine of your bike will also come under the coverage umbrella and you can make claims for any repairs needed. This is essential as the engine is a very important component of the bike it needs to be in perfect condition at all times.
  4. Roadside assistance rider –
    The roadside assistance rider is a very handy rider. If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, you can simply call the insurance provider. They will then arrange for a mechanic to come and fix the bike. If it is not fixable, the vehicle will be towed and taken to the nearest garage. This will happen if you buy the roadside assistance rider. As you can see, this is a handy cover and proves to be very beneficial. 
  5. Consumables cover –
    There are some components of the bike which are classified as consumables. These include the nuts, bolts, lubricants, fuel filter, brake oil, screws, etc. The combustibles are not covered under any bike plan. So if there is damage or any wear and tear to the consumables, you have to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket. But if you have a consumable cover rider, the insurance provider will pay for these repairs. This is another very good and popular bike insurance add-on cover.

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, there are some excellent riders that you can buy along with your plan when you buy bike insurance online. Choose the one you need and make your two-wheeler insurance plan more effective and tailor-made for yourself.

In conclusion

If you choose a higher number of riders, the cumulative cost of the two-wheeler insurance plan will go up and you will pay a higher premium. This is why you need to carefully assess all the riders and determine which ones are of the best use to you. While all riders are helpful, you may not find them catering to your exact needs. This is why you analyze your needs, read over the clauses of each rider and then find the suitable ones that match your needs perfectly. You can also add or remove riders when you renew your plan, so keep assessing your requirements and update your cover each year. You can get bike insurance on Turtlemint, so make use of this facility and get a wonderful two-wheeler insurance policy.

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