Top 5 90s Telugu Trending Songs – You Need To Add To Your Music Playlist

Telugu songs and music is so famous from many years ago. In 1990, Telugu films had many legendary and great artists, and they give us many hits and best songs and movies too. If you come back to 90s Telugu songs, you can see many hit songs that was touch the heart of every people. So if you are a 90s Telugu songs lover, you have to visit Naa Songs to get the best-hit songs ever.

Balapam Patti

 Bobbili Raja has gifted many hits and romantic songs such as Balapam Patti, one of the most popular songs in the 90s. S.P.Balasubrahmanyam, Chitra sang the song and Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry wrote the lyric of this song. Ilayaraja was the music composer, and he is also a director.  This old song has achieved 112k views, but this song was a super hit in the year 1990.

Oho Laila O Charu Sheela

In the year 1990, Chaitanya movie was so hit that everyone gives positive feedback. Nagarjuna, Gauthami, Ilayaraja cast this movie and song too. At that time, this song was so hit, and it was a box office super hit. In 1991, the song was released and achieved 66k views, according to Youtube. S.P.Balasubrahmanyam also sang the song under the direction of Prathap Potan.

Edalo Laya

The song Edalo Laya from the best Telugu movie Anveshana. In 1985 the song was released, which was so hit that time, and 87% of people love these songs. S. Janaki, who is an Indian playback singer, sang the song with the direction of Vamsi. According to Google, Karthik, Bhanupriya cast this song, and the song was a super hit at that time.

Vaana Vaana

This song is from Gang Leader movie, which was a box office flop. In 1991, this song was released and gained massive hit for the best performance of Chiranjeevi, vijayashanti, which song was sung by S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, Chitra. From the source of Google, Bappi Lahiri was the director of this songs. Lahari Music Youtube channel publishes the song.

Naa Hrudayamlo Nidurinche Cheli

The song is collected from Aradhana movie. In the 90s, this movie was a box office super hit and earned colossal money with the help of this song and film. Ghantasala sang the song, and Laila, Naveen, cast the song. This movie has captured the heart of every viewer and listener. The rate of IMBD is 7.6, and the box office collection was 17.85 crores. That means this movie and song was so popular.

In the past Telugu, songs are most famous that now anyone can know about Telugu 90s songs past, which is also Called evergreen songs. Now evergreen Telugu songs download is simple that anyone, especially those who love evergreen songs, can get original songs.