Top 4 Telugu Movie Songs That Were Blockbuster Hits

In our whole life, we listen to songs which belong to many industries. The Telugu music industry is the best industry, which gives us numerous hit and blockbuster songs. There are many hit and viral songs in the Telugu music industry, but we do not listen to most of the pieces correctly. That’s why we came here for compromising your listening quality and give you the 4 songs.

Those are blockbuster hit also most viewed Telugu songs on YouTube. You can get the songs from naa songs, one of the free mp3 Telugu songs download websites. AT this moment, it is the bests and accessible website. So listen to these blockbuster hits songs and modify your desirable moment. Check out the article and scroll down for other information.

Idhe Kadha Nee Katha – The Soul of Rishi

The song is from the movie Maharshi which is one of the best motivational movies. The story of the film was so excellent, and the music is also the hit song, which breaks the record of the inspirational tune. The song has crossed 11 million views on Youtube, and the song was directed by the best musician Devi Sri Prasad. Vijay Prakash was the singer, and Shree Mani was the songwriter of the music.

Bujji Bujji Bangaram

It is also the number two blockbuster hit song of Telugu song. Guna 369 is the movie of the song, which has crossed 39 million views on Youtube. Chaitan Bharadwaj was the music composer of the songs, which singer were Nakash Aziz and Deepthi Parthasarathy and Ananth Sriram was the songwriter of the song. Karthikeya and Anagha cast this romantic song, which is also hit at the box office.

Nee  Kannulu

Savaari movie release the song, which is one of the most viewed Telugu songs at this time. On this time basis, it is the best song, and Rahul Sipligunj was the singer of the song. Nandu and Priyanka Sharma cast the piece, which crossed 17 million views on Youtube. Shekar Chandra was the song’s music composer, and Kasarla Shyam was the lyrics writer of the song. Later the pieces have become the number 3 songs in the telugu songs download list.

Oh Baby

The song and the movie’s name are the same, and the name is Oh Baby. The piece is showing that a girl is busy with her fashion. But she doesn’t know the style in city areas. Samantha Akkineni cast the songs which singer was Anurag Kulkarni. The song also crosses 19 million views. Mickey J Meyer was the music supervisor of the songs which lyric writer was Lakshmi Bhupala. Later the song has been marked as the number 4 romantic and drama type songs, which become the blockbuster songs.


After the short discussion in this passage, we can say that the included 4 songs are the best and viral song, including the blockbuster Telugu songs. You can hear the songs and feel the music of the songs. Indeed, these are the best song for who feel very lonely and remove the loneliness.

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